Rosemount 5300 Series radar level transmitter
Rosemount 5300 Series radar level transmitter

The Rosemount 5300 Series
High Performance Guided Wave Radar
Designed to Make The Difference

The Rosemount 5300 Series radar level transmitter, is our premium 2-wire Guided Wave Radar (GWR) for challenging level and interface measurements on liquids, slurries and solids. It leverages our 30 years of proven radar expertise and is designed to focus on your plant’s profitability. 5300 delivers everything you would expect from a best-in-class process radar – superior reliability, state-of-the-art safety features, effortless handling, and unlimited connectivity.
* Direct Switch Technology enables a stronger signal than other 2-wire GWR transmitters, providing better measurement capability and reliability.
* Probe End Projection allows for measurement on very low dielectric products over long ranges.
* Improved EMC performance with a Smart Galvanic Interface increases safety.
* Easy integration into new or existing plants with a choice of FOUNDATION ™ fieldbus with extensive support for PlantWeb® Alerts or 4-20 mA with superimposed HART®.
* Powerful and easy-to-use configuration tools.
* A wide range of probe styles to cover virtually any applications including high temperature and pressure probes for extremely demanding environments.
* Robust modular design and MultivariableTM transmitter resulting in low cost and increased safety.
* Virtually unaffected by application conditions such as dust, vapor and interfering obstacles.  

The Rosemount 3051S Series Pressure Transmitters
The Rosemount 3051S Series Pressure Transmitters

The Rosemount 3051S Series Pressure Transmitters

This scalable platform enables implementation of the best measurement practices from design and installation to maintenance and operations.

* Best-in-class performance with 0.04% accuracy 
* Industry's first 10-year stability under actual process conditions 
* Unprecedented reliability backed by a limited lifetime warranty 
* SuperModule design platform enables more cost-effective installation and maintenance practices 
* Scalable functionality to meet your expanding needs 

Complete Product Data Sheet (PDF @4.39Mb)
     Overview (PDF @140Kb)
     Rosemount 3051S Selection Guide (PDF @220Kb)
     Specifications (PDF @190Kb)
     Hazardous Locations Certifications (PDF @240Kb)
     Dimensional Drawings (PDF @3050Kb)
     Ordering Information (PDF @250Kb)
     Configuration Data Sheet (PDF @120Kb)
Translations – Product Data Sheet


The Rosemount 8721 Sanitary Magnetic Flow Transmitter

Ideal for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications that require a reliable, safe, and hygienic design.
The Rosemount 8721 features product contact surfaces constructed of FDA approved materials designed in accordance with 3A and EHEDG standards. The flowtube is CIP/SIP cleanable, and the flowtube I.D. matches the process piping to eliminate hard-to-clean step changes. The Rosemount 8721 is available with a variety of sanitary process connections with easily accessed process gaskets to facilitate inspection and maintenance. The compact, all stainless steel meter body is fully welded, and critical junctures are potted to provide a hermetic seal, protecting the internal components and wiring from pressurized steam, water and sanitation chemicals. 
* Designed for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications 
* Stainless Steel, all welded body 
* Available with a variety of process connections 
* Suitable for CIP/SIP 
* Flowtube Inside Diameter (ID) matches sanitary process pipe ID with no steps 

Product Data Sheet (PDF @615 kb)

Sanitary Gasket Material Selection Guide (PDF @ 85KB)

The Rosemount 5600 Series Radar Level Transmitter 

Ultrahigh sensitivity results in outstanding reliability, even under the toughest conditions.
An intelligent non-contacting radar level transmitter. Its high performance microprocessor allows for advanced signal processing and smart echo-tracking features. Together with its high sensitivity the radar transmitter can detect and evaluate all echoes within the tank or vessel. The 5600 Series support and assist the user to a successful configuration of the transmitter in process level applications, from easy to complex process situations.

* Handles a wide range of process conditions due to high sensitivity and unique signal processing features
* High repeatability ensuring an extremely reliable and accurate level transmitter even in the toughest conditions 
* Ultra-wide power supply, 24-240 V AC/DC, 0-60 Hz 
* FOUNDATION ™ fieldbus and analog 4-20 mA superimposed with HART® 
* High flexibility with interchangeable transmitter heads and antennas 
* No moving parts and no contact with the liquid
* Intelligent software support for easy configuration and setup 
* Wide selection of antennas and materials

Product Data Sheet(PDF @400kb)
Product Manual (PDF @ 5700kb)
Product Brochure – Rosemount 5601 Radar Level Transmitter (PDF @130kb)
Configuration Data Sheet(PDF @130Kb)
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The Rosemount 2110 Series
Compact Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch
Superior Reliability in a Compact Package

The Rosemount 2110 is based on vibrating short fork technology, making it suitable for most fluid applications. Features include a rugged stainless steel body and fork, economical threaded connections or hygienic connections, direct load switching or PNP output, and overfill approval. The 2110 withstands temperatures up to 300°F (150°C) and pressures to 1450 psig (100 barg) and is for use in safe areas. As a result, the 2110 is especially effective in helping improve your bottom line, while meeting food and beverage requirements.

* Function virtually unaffected by flow, turbulence, bubbles, foam, vibration, solids content, coating, properties of the liquid, and product variations
* No need for calibration and requires minimum installation procedures
* Polarity insensitive and short circuit protection
* Industry standard plug/socket connection
* No moving parts or crevices means virtually no maintenance
* Electronic, self-checking and condition monitoring – Visible heartbeat LED gives status and health information
* Local Magnetic Test Point makes functional test easy
* Compact design, small in size and weight, short forks
* “Fast Drip” Fork Design gives quicker response time especially with viscous liquids


Product Data Sheet (PDF @400kb) 
Product Manual (PDF @1150kb)
Application Data Sheet (MS Word @200kb) 

Application Notes (each PDF file apx. 125kb)


     Rosemount 2110 for Glue Level Control
     Rosemount 2110 High Level Detection
     Rosemount 2110 Hygienic Tank Overspill Measurement
     Rosemount 2110 in Coolant / Lubricating Oils (Filtration)
     Rosemount 2110 in Soft Drinks
     Rosemount 2110 Prevents Ink Spills

The 375 Hand Held Communicator – Rugged and Reliable

The only handheld communicator that supports all HART® and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus devices.

 Called indispensable by one customer, the rugged and reliable 375 Field Communicator meets the demands of your plant environment. 

Beyond the tough exterior, the onboard applications are equally robust. Emerson performs unparalleled testing of the 375 Field Communicator with supported devices … ALL devices, no matter who the manufacturer.

Data Sheet (.pdf)

The Rosemount Model 848T 8-Input Temperature Transmitter

With FOUNDATION fieldbus this will forever change temperature monitoring applications.
Traditional monitoring architectures including sensors wired direct and multiplexers will be forever changed with the introduction of this new revolutionary temperature transmitter.

* Communicates Eight Temperature Measurements per Transmitter
* Communicates up to 128 measurements per FOUNDATION fieldbus segment
* Mounts Anywhere – Field Hardened, Intrinsically Safe, Low Power
* Diagnostics and Calculation Capabilities
* Ideal for temperature monitoring on distillation columns, tanks, reactors, boilers, furnaces, turbines, and compressors

Product Data Sheet, Rev CA (PDF @530Kb, 00813-0100-4697)
Manual Supplement: Important Model 848T Installation Considerations, Rev CA (PDF @130Kb,  00809-0200-4697)
Product Manual, Rev BA (PDF @2800Kb, 00809-0100-4697)

The Rosemount Model 4600 Oil & Gas Panel Transmitter

A compact device specifically designed for your high density panel applications Legendary Rosemount Performance, Customized for Your Panel Applications 

When your process measurement is on an offshore platform miles from anywhere, you need a transmitter you can depend on. The legendary performance, reliability and measurement stability of Rosemount transmitters are available in a compact package specifically designed for your high density panel applications.
Model 4600
Your Most Reliable Panel Transmitter Solution

* Compact, lightweight design enables high density mounting 
* 30:1 rangeability increases flexibility and reduces inventory 
* 3-year stability reduces maintenance costs 
* Dual seal design improves offshore safety
* Easy calibrations & troubleshooting through HART® Smart functionality

Product Data Sheet (PDF @300Kb)
Configuration Data Sheet (PDF @110Kb)
Configuration Data Sheet – eCDS

The Rosemount 3300 Guided Wave Radar
Level and Interface transmitters

For reliable and accurate level measurement in process tanks, Guided Wave Radar technology is the perfect solution. And the new Rosemount 3300 Series is the perfect choice among Guided Wave Radar (GWR) level transmitters. 

The Rosemount 3300 provides reliable and cost effective measurement in a number of applications where other types of loop-powered transmitters cannot be used. GWR technology combined with advanced signal processing and sensitivity ensures that the Rosemount 3300 Series delivers both level and interface measurement data from the same transmitter.

* First loop-powered level and interface transmitter.
* Multivariable™ output from one device reduces process penetrations and installation costs.
* Direct level measurement means no compensation for changes in temperature, pressure, density, dielectric or conductivity.
* Virtually unaffected by dust, vapor, interfering obstacles and turbulence. Even suitable for small or odd shaped tanks.
* Intrinsically safe and Explosion proof makes it suitable for hazardous areas.
* PC setup software with installation wizard provides easy configuration.
* Dual compartment transmitter housing (electronics and cabling separated) which can
be removed without opening the tank, and cut-to-fit probes facilitate easy installation and minimize need for maintenance.
* Compatible with the Asset Management Solutions™ (AMS) plant management
software – cuts costs by streamlining maintenance tasks.

Product Data Sheet (PDF @ 1.4 MB)
(French) Product Data Sheet (PDF @ 1.4 MB)
(Czech) Product Data Sheet (PDF @ 730 KB)
(Chinese) Product Data Sheet (PDF @ 2.0 MB)
Product Brochure (PDF @ 1.7 MB)
Frequently Asked Questions
Application Guidelines (PDF @ 50 KB)

The Rosemount 248 Temperature Monitoring Assembly

Easy-to-order, ready-to-install Rosemount 248 Temperature 
Monitoring Assembly lowers purchasing, engineering and installation costs 

The Rosemount 248 Temperature Monitoring Assembly was designed to meet temperature monitoring application requirements. This head mount transmitter with HART® protocol can easily be ordered with a variety of sensors, connection heads, and thermowells. All of this comes in a Rosemount product design to provide an accurate, reliable readings.

Product Data Sheet, (PDF @860Kb, 16 pages, 00813-0100-4825)
Configuration Data Sheet, (PDF @100Kb, 1 page, extracted from 00813-0100-4825)
Configuration Data Sheet – eCDS
Product Manual, (PDF@2.2Mb, 72 pages, 00809-0100-4825)
Quick Installation Guide, (PDF@610 kb, 16 pages, 00825-0100-4825) 
Press Release     

Temperature Sensors, Thermowells, and Accessories

The Rosemount 8800CR Reducer™ Vortex Flow Transmitter

The World's first Vortex Flowmeter with the Advantage of Built-in Piping Reduction.
This new technology reduces the cost associated with applying vortex flowmeters by eliminating the need for field assembly of reduced piping. This innovative design builds the reducers into the flowmeter, resulting in a meter that can measure lower flows without the expense and complexity of field assembled pipe reductions. 

In addition to measuring lower flow rates and reducing the installation cost, Reducer Vortex also minimizes risks on projects. Historically, changes in estimated process conditions would require re-sizing the meter, which in turn could impact the pipe layout. The result was time and money spent changing drawings and potentially piping. The Rosemount Reducer Vortex design matches the face-to-face dimension of the standard Rosemount 8800C design. This allows the user to change the meter selection without the risk of impacting the piping layout or drawing 

* Doubles low flow range compared to standard vortex meters 
* Avoid costly field welding by using Reducer Vortex where downsized vortex meters were traditionally used 
* Reducer Vortex and Standard Vortex have the same Face-To-Face dimension, thus eliminating pip change costs and risk 
* Simplified installation with no field welding of reducers and expander 

Product Data Sheet (PDF @1.33 Mb)
Quick Installation Guide (PDF @1.33 Mb)
      Translated QIGs
Product Manual (PDF @6.38 Mb)
Configuration Data Sheet ( PDF, eCDS – Doc )
Product Manual–FOUNDATION fieldbus (PDF @1.18 Mb)


Product Data Sheet (PDF @2.07 Mb)
Quick Installation Guide (PDF @1.33 Mb)
      Translated QIGs
Product Manual (PDF @6.38 Mb)
Configuration Data Sheet (PDF @4.78 Kb)
      – SIL Capability (PDF @ 180 Kb)

Rosemount 3100 Series
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Rosemount 3100 Series
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

The Rosemount 3100 Series
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
 The Rosemount 3100 Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is the reliable and cost-effective, non-contacting measurement solution from Emerson. Time proven ultrasonic technology with advanced software and state-of-the-art electronics delivers high reliability in a wide variety of applications. The 3101 is the entry level model for simple level measurement. Choose the 3102 for local control functionality with 2 integral signal relays. For hazardous area applications, the 3105 is certified intrinsically safe.

* Continuous non-contacting measurement with no moving parts
* Standard Integral LCD and push buttons for simple setup and on-site programming
* 2 Integral signal relays for local control for Model 3102
* Aluminum housing and corrosion resistant PVDF wetted material
* Volume or open channel flow calculations with pre-programmed library
* Easy plant integration with 4-20mA / HART® output and PlantWeb support
* Automatic temperature compensation with integral or optional remote temperature sensor
* 2-wire dc loop powered
* Wide operating range to 36ft (11m)

Product Data Sheet  (PDF @ 400 KB)
Reference Manual  (PDF @ 2310 KB)
Product Brochure – English (PDF @ 1150 KB)
Product Brochure – French (PDF @ 1360 KB)
Quick Installation Guide  (PDF @ 1290 K

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