Schneider ATV71 AC Inverters ,Schneider Altivar 71 Series

Schneider ATV71 AC Inverters

The Altivar 71 inverter / variable speed drive series from Schneider Electric is a high-end AC drive for constant torque applications using three-phase motors from 0.37kW to 400kW at 380/460 VAC.

The Altivar 71 defines ease of use for variable speed AC drives and simplifies complex applications with customizable capability. Reliable, expandable and easy to control, it saves time and money for machine builders, panel builders and system inegrators.

Variable speed drives
synchronous motors
asynchronous motors

0.37 (0.5 HP) … 45 KW (60 HP)/200 – 240V
0.75 (1 HP) … 75 KW (100 HP)/380 – 480V
1.5 (2 HP) … 90 KW (100 HP)/500 – 690V

ATV71 AC Inver

Altivar 71  Variable speed drives for synchronous motors and asynchronous motors


1、 Receive and inspect the drive controller
Check that the catalog number printed on the label is the same as that on the purchase order  Remove the Altivar from its packaging and check that it has not been damaged in transit

Steps 1 to 4 must be performed with the power off.

2 、Check the line voltage
Check that the line voltage is compatible with the voltage range of the drive

3、 Mount the drive
Mount the drive in accordance with the instructions in this document Install any internal and external options

4 、Wire the drive
Connect the motor, ensuring that its connections correspond to the voltage
Connect the line supply, after making sure that the power is off
Connect the control
Connect the speed reference

Handling and storage


Schneider ATV71 AC Inverters

Variable Speed Drives for Synchronous and Asynchronous Motors

ATV71 AC Inver
Factory configuration

Drive factory settings
The Altivar® 71 is factory-set for the most common operating conditions:
• Macro configuration: Start/Stop
• Motor frequency: 50 Hz
• Constant torque application with asynchronous motor and sensorless flux vector control
• Normal stop mode on deceleration ramp
• Stop mode in the event of a fault: freewheel
• Linear, acceleration and deceleration ramps: 3 seconds
• Low speed: 0 Hz
• High speed: 50 Hz
• Motor thermal current = rated drive current
• Standstill injection braking current = 0.7 x rated drive current, for 0.5 seconds
• No automatic starts after a fault
• Switching frequency 2.5 kHz or 4 kHz depending on drive rating
• Logic inputs:
– LI1: forward, LI2: Forward (2 operating direction), 2-wire control on transition
– L13, L14, LI5, LI6: inactive (not assigned)
• Analog inputs:
– AI1: speed reference 0-+10 V
– AI2: 0-20 mA, inactive (not assigned)
• Relay R1: The contact opens in the event of a fault (or drive off).
• Relay R2: Inactive (not assigned)
• Analog output AO1: 0-20 mA, inactive (not assigned)
If the above values are compatible with the application, the drive can be used without changing the settings.

Application functions

• Hoisting: cranes, overhead cranes, gantries (vertical hoisting, translation, slewing), lifting platforms
• Elevators: elevators in retrofit up to 1.2 m/s
• Handling: palletizers/depalletizers, conveyors, roller tables
• Packing: carton packers, labeling machines
• Textiles: weaving looms, carding frames, washing machines, spinners, drawing frames
• Wood: automatic lathes, saws, milling
• High inertia: centrifuges, mixers, unbalanced machines (beam pumps, presses)

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