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Our Main Business on :SIEMENS PLC, SIEMENS LOGO! SIEMENS SOFTWARE, SIEMENS TOUCH PANEL, SIEMENS CNC, SIEMENS PCS7…All the Siemens PLC we sell Made in Germany! 100% Original!

Siemens PLC’s

S7-200 1200 300 400 Logo! PLC’s

Siemens HMI

Simatic MP/TP/OP/KP/KTP 6AV Serive Panels

Siemens AC Inverters

Siemens Micromaster 430, Micromaster 440, Micromaster 420

Siemens Industry Software

Simatic STEP7 WinCC WinAC Simatic TIA, Simatic PCS7, PDM NET, OPC dustry Software

Siemens Drives

Siemens MasterDvive MC Drives, Simovert VC Drives

Siemens PC

Simatic IPC427 547 577 647 847 industry computer’s

Siemens Servo system

Siemens Servo system: SINUMERIK , SINAMICS S120, SIMODRIVE 611

Siemens instrument

Siemens SITRANS Pressure instrument, SITRANS Level instrument, SIPART PS2 instrument


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