Siemens Simatic S7 C7 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Parts

AoteWell automation has a large inventory of Siemens Simatic S7 C7 Parts. All of our Siemens Simatic S7 C7 parts come with a one-Year Warranty.SIEMENS C7 SYSTEMS Select the part number to go directly to our database for current inventory and additional information. If you do not see what you require, please search our database or Contact Us.

Product Variants

C7-633 P/ C7-633 DP

The C7 devices are available in the following variants:

  • C7-633 P, C7-633 DP
  • C7-634 P, C7-634-DP
The C7-633 and C7-633 DP control systems have a SIMATIC S7-300 CPU 315 or CPU 315-2 DP as the C7 CPU and an OP 7 with extended function keys as the C7 OP (see Section 3.1). The screen display comprises four lines of 20 characters with a character height of 8 mm. The C7-633 P is fitted with an integrated I/O module and has no DP interface 

C7-634 P/ C7-634 DP

The C7-634 P and C7-634 DP control systems have a SIMATIC S7-300 CPU 315 or CPU 315-2 DP as the C7 CPU and an OP 17    as the C7 OP. The screen display can be configured as follows: Four lines of 20 characters with 11 mm character height or Eight lines of 40 characters with 6 mm character height. The different character heights can also be combined with the basic configuration of 8*40 in a display. The C7-634 P is fitted with an integrated I/O module and has no DP interface.

Datasheet about C7 control system.

SIEMENS C7 623 624images images images images

Part number about C7 control system


Part #Alternate Part NumberPart TypeDescriptionInquiry Us
6ES7613-1CA00-0AE36ES7 613-1CA00-0AE3C7-613C7-613 Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7613-1CA01-0AE36ES7 613-1CA01-0AE3C7-613C7-613 Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7613-1CA02-0AE36ES7 613-1CA02-0AE3C7-613C7-613 Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7613-1SB02-0AC06ES7 613-1SB02-0AC0C7-613C7-613 Compact Unit - Westfalia OEM VersionCheck inventory
6ES7620-0AA00-4AA06ES7 620-0AA00-4AA0C7-620C7-620 SimulatorCheck inventory
6ES7621-1AD00-0AE36ES7 621-1AD00-0AE3C7-621C7-621 Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7621-1AD00-6AE36ES7 621-1AD00-6AE3IM 621IM621 S7-621 Interface ModuleCheck inventory
6ES7621-1AD01-0AE36ES7 621-1AD01-0AE3C7-621C7-621 Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7621-1AD02-0AE36ES7 621-1AD02-0AE3C7-621C7-621 Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7621-6BD00-0AE36ES7 621-6BD00-0AE3C7-621C7-621 Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7621-6BD01-0AE36ES7 621-6BD01-0AE3C7-621C7-621 Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7621-6BD02-0AE36ES7 621-6BD02-0AE3C7-621 ASIC7-621 Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7623-1AE00-0AE36ES7 623-1AE00-0AE3C7-623C7-623 Compact StationCheck inventory
6ES7623-1AE01-0AE36ES7 623-1AE01-0AE3C7-623C7-623 Compact StationCheck inventory
6ES7623-1CE01-0AE36ES7 623-1CE01-0AE3C7-623/AC7-623/A Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7623-1DE01-0AE36ES7 623-1DE01-0AE3C7-623/PC7-623/P Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7623-1SB01-0AC06ES7 623-1SB01-0AC0C7-623GEA Compact StationCheck inventory
6ES7624-1AE00-0AE36ES7 624-1AE00-0AE3C7-624C7-624 Compact StationCheck inventory
6ES7624-1AE01-0AE36ES7 624-1AE01-0AE3C7-624C7-624 Compact StationCheck inventory
6ES7626-1AG01-0AE36ES7 626-1AG01-0AE3C7-626C7-626 Compact StationCheck inventory
6ES7626-1CG01-0AE36ES7 626-1CG01-0AE3C7-626/AC7-626/A Compact StationCheck inventory
6ES7626-1DG03-0AE36ES7 626-1DG03-0AE3C7-626/PC7-626/P Compact StationCheck inventory
6ES7626-1DG04-0AE36ES7 626-1DG04-0AE3C7-626/PC7-626/P Compact StationCheck inventory
6ES7626-2AG00-0AE36ES7 626-2AG00-0AE3C7-626DPC7-626DP Compact StatioinCheck inventory
6ES7626-2AG01-0AE36ES7 626-2AG01-0AE3C7-626 DPSimatic C7-626 DP Compact StationCheck inventory
6ES7626-2DG03-0AE36ES7 626-2DG03-0AE3C7-626 P DPC7-626/P DP Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7626-2DG04-0AE36ES7 626-2DG04-0AE3C7-626 P DPC7-626/P DP Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7630-0DA00-0AB06ES7 630-0DA00-0AB0I/O MODULE FOR EXPANSIONI/O Module for Expansion of C7 UnitsCheck inventory
6ES7633-1DF00-0AE36ES7 633-1DF00-0AE3C7-633/PCompact Controller C7-633/PCheck inventory
6ES7633-1DF01-0AE36ES7 633-1DF01-0AE3C7-633/PCompact Controller C7-633/PCheck inventory
6ES7633-1DF02-0AE36ES7 633-1DF02-0AE3C7-633/PCompact Controller C7-633/PCheck inventory
6ES7633-2BF00-0AE36ES7 633-2BF00-0AE3C7-633DPC7-633DP Compact Dispay and Control UnitCheck inventory
6ES7633-2BF02-0AE36ES7 633-2BF02-0AE3C7-633DPC7-633DP Compact Dispay and Control UnitCheck inventory
6ES7634-1DF00-0AE36ES7 634-1DF00-0AE3C7-634/PC7-634/P Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7634-1DF02-0AE36ES7 634-1DF02-0AE3C7-634/PC7-634/P Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7634-2BF00-0AE36ES7 634-2BF00-0AE3C7-634 DPSimatic C7-634 DP Compact Panel UnitCheck inventory
6ES7634-2BF02-0AE36ES7 634-2BF02-0AE3C7-634DPSimatic C7-634DP Compact Panel UnitCheck inventory
6ES7635-0AA00-6AA06ES7 635-0AA00-6AA0C7-613/C7-635/C7-636C7 I/O SetCheck inventory
6ES7635-2EB00-0AE36ES7 635-2EB00-0AE3C7-635C7-635 Touch Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7635-2EB01-0AE36ES7 635-2EB01-0AE3C7-635C7-635 Touch Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7635-2EB02-0AE36ES7 635-2EB02-0AE3C7-635Operator Touch Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7635-2EC00-0AE36ES7 635-2EC00-0AE3C7-635C7-635 Keys Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7635-2EC01-0AE36ES7 635-2EC01-0AE3C7-635C7-635 Keys Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7635-2EC02-0AE36ES7 635-2EC02-0AE3C7-635C7-635 Keys Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7636-2EC00-0AE36ES7 636-2EC00-0AE3C7-636C7-636 Compact UnitCheck inventory
6ES7635-2SB02-0AC06ES7 635-2SB02-0AC0C7-635 KEYSSIMATIC C7-635 KEYS,Check inventory