Bailey NET 90 / INFI 90 to the DeltaV System

Bailey NET 90 / INFI 90

When modernizing your plant automation system from a Bailey® NET 90/INFI 90® Distributed Control System (DCS) to a state-of-the-art DeltaV™ system, control and logic conversion accuracy is critical. Emerson offers migration services that will preserve your engineering investments and ensure that the new implementation functions as well as, or better than, the old. Applying conversion utilities, platform expertise and controls knowhow dramatically reduces data entry errors and minimizes the risks associated with switching automation suppliers.
The controls conversion yields a DeltaV database that is ready to take your process to a higher level of performance.

 Emerson preserves your valuable investments in logic design and proven functionality.
 Emerson quickly and efficiently upgrades a Bailey® NET 90/INFI 90® controls configuration to a DeltaV™ control database.
 Engineers with both Bailey and DeltaV systems experience ensure conversion accuracy and integrity.
 Use DeltaV loop standards or transfer your own plant standards for a smooth transition to the latest technology.

Emerson preserves your logic design and proven control system functionality. Emerson
understands that the engineering investment in your current automation system represents a huge intellectual asset that has evolved over many years. Protecting the value of that asset is a top priority. Your new technology then becomes a platform for
even higher levels of operational excellence.
Emerson quickly and efficiently migrates a Bailey NET 90/INFI 90 system control configuration. Emerson’s conversion utilities generate a set of standard DeltaV control modules directly from your configuration files, thus reducing the risk of errors associated with manual data entry. Conversion deliverables include auto-generated documentation highlighting details of configuration that requires manual configuration. This is highly valuable to application engineers completing the database. For example, user-defined sequence code requires analysis and design prior to implementing the appropriate DeltaV function blocks.
Experts with both Bailey DCS and DeltaV implementation experience ensure the accuracy and integrity of the conversion. Emerson has a wealth of experience in converting control databases from many platforms, including the Bailey NET 90/ INFI 90, to DeltaV systems.
Project teams adhere to global standard quality processes and each team includes domain experts who make certain the resulting control configuration meets or exceeds
Use DeltaV loop standards or transfer your own. Emerson provides a pre-configured set of library modules as standard. Optionally, existing plant loop standards can be integrated into the database to further reduce risk and training requirements.

Services Description
A typical controls conversion project includes the following steps:
 Analyze Inputs. Emerson engineers first assess I/O counts and types, NET 90/INFI 90 function blocks, and application complexity. They verify that proposed DeltaV hardware and software meet the project requirements.
 Project Kick-off. Emerson personnel participate in a project kick-off meeting to review project scope, deliverables and schedules.

 Agree on Standards. Develop project configuration standards; for example, module naming conventions and whether to use Emerson’s standard module library or specify modifications to certain modules.
 Convert Loop Structures. Applying pre-defined library module templates for common Bailey loop structures, engineers automatically generate new DeltaV control modules. They use graphical loop representations to generate modules for complex loop structures. The resulting DeltaV modules database is then ready to download.
 Develop Configuration Solutions. Applying NET 90/INFI 90 and DeltaV systems expertise, engineers convert user-defined code, ladder logic, batch controls and special purpose blocks to functional equivalents in the DeltaV system.
 Test. Download the complete DeltaV database and perform a functional test of each module type using simulation.

By having Emerson transition your configuration, you keep your own staff’s valuable attention focused on site priorities. The control conversion service expertly configures your new controllers, minimizes conversion risks, and maximizes engineering efficiency. The resulting DeltaV modules preserve the engineering of your Bailey system configuration and enable you to take advantage of the very latest in process automation technology with your DeltaV system.

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