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Ultimate flexibility – ACS800-04M variant with frame sizes R7 and R8 The ACS800-04M is similar in many respects to the frame size R7 and R8 ACS800-04, but it has even more variants available. For this reason the configuration rules are also different. In addition to the normal bookshelf mounting, the ACS800-04M also offers flat (sideways) mounting as an alternative for installations where the available depth inside the cabinet is limited. In frame size R7 the ACS800-04M also offers a version where the motor connections are from the bottom of the module. This makes it possible to use a narrower cabinet in some installations. In addition to the normal IP00 enclosure, the ACS800-04M offers also IP20 as an option for some mounting variants. Safe torque-off (complies with the European Union Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC) is also available as option.

Series Name: ACS800-04M
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