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ABB PLC-AC500 Series PLC ABB Programmable Logic Controller

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PLC Product selection guide (Programmable Logic Controller)

We can offer ABB AC500 AC700 AC800 PLC, DCS Systems. Big stock and Best price !

AC500 eCo-for small-and equipment control system of the economy PLC


  • Small/medium PLC system
  • Take the digital quantity and analogue I/O CPU
  • And CS31 Modbus and network compatibility
  • Optional SD card used for data records and software upgrades Without a PC
  • Fully compatible with the existing AC500 PLC, and PS501 (Control Builder AC500) engineering tools
  • Can be extended all the S500 I/O modules
S500-eCo I/O Module


  • Optional spring terminals or screws terminals
  • All the I/O modules terminals are removable
  • All can realize the concentrated all CPU I/O expansion
  • Use bus interface module and the I/O modules realize scattered expansion
  • Support for no reason/signal input
AC500-scalable flexible PLC solutions

  • In/high-end PLC solutions, integrated with multiple communication interface: Ethernet, RS485, RS232, and ABB general field bus plug FBP
  • Choose appropriate communication module, seamless access common open industrial network. As Ethernet, PROFINET, EtherCAT, ARCNET, Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, Modbus and CS31
  • Integrated with the back light, with the diagnosis function LCD display and keyboard operation
  • Optional SD card used for data records and software upgrades
S500 I/O Module and Bus interface module
I/O Module:


  • The digital quantity, analog quantities and multifunctional module
  • Dc and ac has two kinds of I/O modules
  • Independent terminals that connection is more convenient, can choose spring terminals or screws terminals

Bus interface module:

  • Focus on the unit can expand AC500 from standing as, modular access system bus
  • Use bus interface module and the I/O modules realize distribution expansion
  • Take integrated I/O, product that has PROFINET, EtherCAT, Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, CANsync and CS31 bus interface module
Engineering tools PS501 (Control Builder AC500):support AC500 AC500 PLC and eCo-series
Throughout the AC500 family engineering tools
PS501 (Control Builder AC500) engineering tools provide:


  • Many kinds of language interface-English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Chinese
  • Accord with international standard iec61131-3 five kinds of programming language-ladder diagram (LAD), function blocks (FBD), statements table (IL), text structure (ST), sequence control function diagram (SFC)
  • Free continuous function diagram language (CFC)
  • Through the PC realize the visualization of debugging and the operation of the machine
  • Include a wide range of programming library and configuration tool
CP400 Operation panel


  • The size of the more extensive touch screen products
  • Optional color or black and white
  • Fully integrated important alarm, trends and chart function
  • With USB, Ethernet and serial interface communication port
  • Provide support for all major PLC brand driver
DigiVis 500 PC monitoring software SCADA Software


  • Efficient management AC500 system
  • From 50 point to the infinite point of many choices
  • Fully integrated alarm, trend diagram, atlas and reports
  • Run on any Windows XP platform
  • Development function without a script


Product Manual


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