ABB DCS | AC800F PLC – The Field Controller


The ABB DCS AC 800F controller distributes process and diagnostic data from four fieldbus gateways. If required, it can also work with various fieldbus types – and this
is, of course, in addition to the usual tasks of a “conventional” controller. Thanks to its compact and sturdy design, the AC 800F is suitable both for installation in the control room and for use in junction boxes directly in the field.


AC 800F – The Field Controller

AC 800F offers new possibilities, combining “easy engineering” with an open and modern system architecture:

  • Availability: Redundancy at all levels
  • Freedom of Choice: PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION Fieldbus or HART; or combinations of those protocols
  • Efficient Engineering: Support for FDT/DTM
  • Only one tool for engineering, commissioning and diagnositics
  • Asset Optimization and batch processing
  • System engineering covers fieldbus and device configuration
  • On-board web server for remote diagnostics
CPU32-bit super-scalar RISC processor
with high-speed bit processing
RAM4 Mbyte (SRAM) or 16 Mbyte (DRAM) with internal
or external battery backup 4 Mbyte Flash EPROM
Environmental conditionsAmbient temperature: 0…60 °C Degree of protection: IP 20
Dimensions239 x 202 x 164 mm (W x H x D) Mounting on DIN rail
Power supply120 / 230 V AC 24 V DC, redundant
Power consumption: 30 VA max.
ApprovalsCSA-UL, CE, NAMUR

Up to eight cyclic user tasks and one PLC mode task can be configured in a process station.

Functions and Function Blocks
Analog value processing


  • Input and output conversion
  • Linearization -Delay and dead-time filter
  • Average/extreme value determination in time
  • Setpoint adjustment
  • Counter with analog input
  • Time scheduler
Binary value processing
  • Binary output, monostable
  • Input and output delay
  • Pulse/time counter, pushbutton
Closed-loop control
  • Continuous controllers
  • Step controllers
  • On/off controller, three-position controller
  • Ratio controller
  • Basic functions
  • Auto-tuning
Open-loop control
  • Individual drive functions
  • Sequence control, dosing circuits
Logic functions
  • Logic processing
  • Average/extreme value determination
  • Comparator, binary switch
  • Multiplexer -Converter (data type & code)
  • Flip-flop, edge detection
  • String blocks
  • radio controlled adjustment of daylight-saving time
  • Analog and binary monitoring
  • Event monitoring
  • Audible alarm control
  • Connection monitoring
  • Sequence-of-Events (SOE)
Acquisition Arithmetic functions
  • Disturbance course acquisition, trend acquisition
  • Basic arithmetic functions, numerical functions
  • Logarithmic functions
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Analog value and time limitation
Modbus functions PROFIBUS
  • Master and slave functions
  • DPV1 master functions for AC 800F
FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF) Send/Receive
  • FF High Speed Ethernet (HSE/H1) for AC 800F
  • Send and receive blocks for inter-system communication
Phase logic processing
  • Interface module for batch applications

Digital communication has changed automation technology to the better. Fieldbus technology is nowadays proven and well accepted by the users to perform the tasks of transmitting process- as well as diagnostic data. This is an enabling technology for new applications such as asset optimization

ABB AC 800F collects and processes signals and diagnostic data from up to four fieldbus lines. If required, it can also simultaneously work with various fieldbus types – and this is, of course, in addition to the usual tasks of a “conventional” process station. Furthermore, the ABB DCS AC 800F has a compact and modular design which makes it a universal electronic component for virtually all types of applications. It is suitable for both: simple installation in the switch room and for direct use in the field. Take the advantage provided by this technology:

The ABB DCS AC 800F allows you to use the fieldbus type(s) which best meets your requirements:

  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • MODBUS protocol
  • Interbus
  • IEC 870-5 telecontrol protocol
  • CAN-Bus for connecting Input/Output modules
  • HART with PROFIBUS remote I/O

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