High Performance HMI– ABB HMI
As computers, software applications, and the demands on the average plant operator have evolved over the past 20 years, so has the industry. A paradigm shift is occurring in available technology solutions. Poor HMI practices are more common than one might think, and operators get accustomed to these inefficiencies. Unfortunately, the effects of these inefficiencies detract from the Operator’s ability to deal with plant upsets in an efficient manner. Using High Performance concepts, the ‘Operator Experience’ can be optimized. This can be achieved by integrating all aspects of the HMI into a single coherent system and designing the system based on your documented design concepts. Aotewell’s ABB HMI is your choice!

ABB PLC Automation

ABB NEW HMI 3BSE042236R2 PP865A "15"" TFT touch panel

ABB NEW HMI 3BSE042236R2  PP865A "15"" TFT touch panel PP865A…
ABB PLC Automation

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