ABB S800 I/O meet all automation and safety needs

ABB S800 I/O is a open comprehensive, distributed, process I/O system that communicates with controllers by direct connection or over industry-standard field buses. Thanks to its open connectivity it fits a ABB S800 PLC wide range of process controllers from ABB and others. And it bears the name ABB, the world leader in process automation.
By permitting installation in the field, close to sensors and actuators, S800 I/O reduces the installation cost by reducing the cost of cabling. And thanks to benefits such as:
flexibility,permittingavirtuallyinfinitenumberofinstallation ABB S800 PLC arrangements,smallorlarge,indoorsoroutdoors,wall mountingorfloorstanding,
modularity,permittingstep-by-stepexpansionwithout bottleneckseverdeveloping, cost-effectiveness,makingforsavingsonhardware, cabling,installationandmaintenance, reliabilitythankstofeaturessuchasautodiagnosticsand ABB S800 PLC redundancywithbumpless,automatic,change-over, ABB S800 PLC
it helps industrial operators get a ABB S800 PLC tighter grip on production and thereby improve profitability. ABB S800 PLC

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive:S800I/Oofferscosteffectivesolutionsto practicallyallneedsforfield-deviceinterfacing, ABB S800 PLC including basicanaloganddigitalI/O,aswellasintrinsic-safetyand high-integritysolutions.ABB S800
Structurallyflexible: ABB S800 PLC S800I/Oishighlymodularandoffers anumberofwaysinwhichthemodulescanbeintercon-nected.Consequently,S800I/Onetworkscanbebuiltin anear-infinitenumberofways,fromhighlycentralizedto highlydistributed.
Supportsindustry-standardfieldbusPROFIBUSDPwhich makesS800I/Ocompatiblealsowithnon-ABBcontrollers.
S800I/OsupportsalsoABB’sAdvantFieldbus100. ABB S800 PLC
Easytoconfigure:S800 I/Odevicesareconfiguredtrans-parentlyaspartoftheirparentcontrollers,likelocalI/O.No additionalknowledgeorskillsarerequired.
Reliable:Comprehensivediagnostics,hotswappingof ABB S800 PLC modulesandredundancysolutionsareavailable,ensuring thatboththeI/Osystemandtheproductionplantwill stayup. ABB S800 PLC

Comprehensive and flexible

Comprehensive:TheS800familyofI/Ocoversvirtuallyall conceivablesignaltypesandranges.FrombasicABB S800 PLC ana-loganddigitalinputsandoutputstopulsecountersand intrinsic-safetyI/O.

Flexible ABB S800 PLC configuration:S800I/Omaybesetupinavari-etyofways,fromdirectlyconnectedtothehostABB S800 PLC controller, tosubclustered(usingfiber-opticcables),toPROFIBUS-connected.Redundancysolutionsareavailableatalllevels including;powersupply,communicationinterfacesandI/O circuits. ABB S800 PLC
Flexible installation
Three mechanical designs are available:
Extended(pluginmoduleswithamplespaceforI/Ocable termination,fuses,jumperingandfieldpowerdistribution).
S800L(all-in-onemodulesandbaseswithdetachable screwterminalblocksforI/Osignals)forinstallationsnot requiringhot-swapcapability.
Easy to set up ABB S800 PLC
Once station numbers have been allocated and set, all other settings can be made from a network-connected engineering tool. A pass-through feature makes it possible to con.gure and examine all HART.-compliant .eld devices in a similar way.
Reliable ABB S800 PLC
S800 I/O offer availability-improving features such as: ABB S800 PLC
Input/OutputSetasPredefined(ISP/OSP).Eachinput/out-putcanbesetindividuallytodefaulttoapredefinedvalue orfreezeincaseofcommunicationloss.ABB S800

Hotswapofmodules.AfaultyI/Omodulecanbereplaced ABB S800 PLC live,i.e.withoutpoweringthestationdownandwithoutthe restofthestationbeingaffected.Ahardwarekeyensures thatonlymodulesoftherighttypecanbeinserted.
S800 I/O ABB S800 PLC
Hotconfigurationinrun(HCIR).AnS800I/Ostationcan bereconfiguredwhileinfullnormaloperation,i.e.without havingtoswitchitovertoconfigurationmode.
Redundancyoptionsinallareas:powersupply,fieldbus media,fieldbusinterfacesandI/Omodules.
ABB S800 PLC Towithstandharshenvironments,allS800modulesare complianttoG3severitylevelofISA-S71.04,Environ-mentalConditionsforProcessMeasurementandControl Systems.
S800 I/O modules can time-stamp events, i.e. input signal transitions, at the source with millisecond accuracy. Thereby providing the basis for meaningful sequence-of-events re-cording by the host system. In tightly interlocked processes this is essential to finding the root causes of production disturbances.
Analog inputs/outputs support HART routing for easy cali-bration checking and diagnosis with configurable access.
High Integrity I/O ABB S800 PLC
Within the S800 family, there are SIL3 certified modules that can be used for safety critical applications. ABB S800 PLC
These I/O modules include those for 4 -20 mA analog inputs, 24 Vdc normally closed digital inputs, and 24 Vdc digital outputs. The digital output module provides both Normally Energized (ESD) and Normally De-energized (F&G) outputs ABB S800 PLC.

Build your I/O system freely ABB S800 PLC
PROFIBUS DP or Advant Fieldbus 100 ABB S800 PLC
S800 I/O support both PROFIBUS DP and Advant Fieldbus 100 and make thereby the I/O system compatible with a wide range of process control systems from ABB and oth-ers, including System 800xA with AC 800M, Advant ABB S800 PLC Master, Advant MOD, Freelance, Melody / AC 870P, Harmony, and DCI System Six ABB S800 PLC.
Single or redundant solutions
S800 I/O offer redundancy options for I/O channels, power supply and all host-connection modes: direct, fiberoptic, and field bus. And it follows through with redundancy options for all downstream links: internal bus and I/O channels. Meaning that all weak links can be eliminated and availability maxi-mized.
Analog or digital I/O
Digital process interfacing modules typically provide 16 chan-nels while analog modules offer 8. Since an S800 I/O station can accommodate 12 I/O modules, this means up to 192 digitals or 96 analogs per station or any mix between the two extremes.
With optional Modulebus expansion, up to 24 I/O modules can be accommodated, thus doubling the above-mentioned I/O capacity.
The I/O modules of a station can all be mounted on a single rail or be distributed across several, in the latter case using plug-in interconnecting cables.
These alternatives make S800 I/O fit a wide range of standard wall-mounting and floor-standing enclosures. A fiber-optic Modulebus even makes it possible to break up S800 I/O sta-tions into clusters installed hundreds of meters apart. A cost-effective and noise-immune way of implementing distributed control.
There are inputs and outputs for industry-standard d.c. and
a.c. signal levels and devices, including resistance-temper-ature sensors and thermocouples. There are even pulse and frequency counters as well as intrinsic safety-and HART.-supporting modules. So just about all the process devices we can think of can be wired up to S800 I/O stations with a minimum of field cabling and intermediate signal conditioning. ABB S800 PLC

PROFIBUS DP or Full redundant S800 I/O-station Advant Fieldbus 100
Economical S800 I/O when tasks are ABB S800 PLC
A minimal S800 I/O station
Fieldbus Fieldbus
Optical extension cable
with two S800L ABB S800 PLC modules.

…or demanding

1 S800 I/O supports ABB S800 PLC both PROFIBUS DP and Advant Fieldbus 100, ABB S800 PLC making the I/O system ABB S800 PLC compatible with a wide range ABB S800 PLC of industrial controllers.
2 From left to right, redundant pairs of fieldbus interfaces, process inputs and process outputs.
3 ABB S800 PLC Subordinated I/O clusters can be connected as far as 200 m away by ABB S800 PLC fiber-optic extension cable (Modulebus). Ideal for electrically noisy environments
and sprawling equipment setsABB S800 PLC.
4 The S800 I/O family supports cost-effective solutions from minimal I/O-stations with few signals to demanding I/O-stations including mix of
redundancy and I/O types ABB S800 PLC.

Efficient engineering and maintenance
Transparent configuration ABB S800 PLC
S800 I/O ABB S800 PLC stations are configured as part of the parent control-ler like local I/O, which means that no additional knowledge or skills are required. Configurations defined in this way are downloaded automatically on start-up. Similarly, the I/O system supports the FDT/ DTM standard and offers HART. pass-through. That is, a consistent, easy-to use interface toward fieldbusconnected devices. Thanks to it all, such devices can be managed in the same easy way, regardless of type or make.
Ample means for keeping production up ABB S800 PLC
Plenty of features are built into S800 I/O to make it reliable, fault tolerant and autodiagnosing, e.g. ABB S800 PLC:
DiagnosticLEDsonallmodules ABB S800 PLC,
ABB S800 PLC Highdatacommunicationsecurityforzeroerrors,
ABB S800 PLC Optionaldualredundancyineverythingfrompowersupply, throughfieldbuscommunication,toI/Ochannels,
ABB S800 PLC Eachinputandoutputcanbesetindividuallytotakeona predefinedvalueorfreezeincaseofcommunicationfailure,
ABB S800 PLC S800I/Omodulescanbewithdrawnandreinsertedlive withoutdisturbingtherestofthestation.Hardwareand softwarekeysensurethatonlymodulesoftherighttype canbeinsertedandadoptedbythesystem.
HotConfigurationInRun.EachI/Ocircuitcanberecon-figuredfromthehostsystemwhileinfulluninterrupted service.
ABB S800 PLC These and other features, improve reliability, boost availability and shorten downtimes.
ABB S800 PLC Industrialized hardware
Reliability and ruggedness confirmed
S800 I/O has passed tough type tests by leading maritime inspection and classification societies, confirming that the equipment is able to operate reliably and durably even under the most extreme conditions. G3 compliant to ISA-S71.04 standard, adds even more environmental immunity to the system.
Safe or hazardous areas ABB S800 PLC
S800 I/O includes intrinsic safety I/O modules, facilitating installation of I/O stations in safe or potentially hazardous areas and connection ABB S800 PLC to field devices in hazardous areas by means of modules with built-in barriers. Consequently, S800 I/O can be used throughout the plant, standardization that all involved will benefit from ABB S800 PLC.
Investment protection ABB S800 PLC
Thanks to S800 I/O’s wide-ranging compatibility with different kinds of control systems, it is the perfect choice for safe-guarding the investments made in field cabling when upgrad-ing to newer control systems.
Environment-friendly ABB S800 PLC
The S800 I/O family is designed and manufactured according to the environmental protection standard ISO 14001, thereby offering a clear conscience as a bonus.

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