ABB S800 I/O Features and Modules

Hide details for S800 I/O StationABB S800 PLC I/O Station
A S800 I/O Station can consist of a base cluster and up to 7 additional ABB S800 PLC I/O clusters. The base cluster consists of a Fieldbus Communication Interface and ABB S800up to 12 I/O modules.ABB S800 PLC I/O cluster 1 to 7 consist of an Optical ModuleBus modem and up to 12 I/O modules. A S800 I/O Station can have a maximum of 24 I/O modules. I/O cluster 1 to 7 is connected to the FCI module through an optical expansion of the ModuleBus.

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The Fieldbus Communication Interface module communicates with its ABB I/O modules over the ModuleBus. The ModuleBus can support up to 8 clusters, one base cluster and up to 7 I/O clusters. The base cluster consists of a communication interface module and ABB S800 PLC I/O modules. An I/O cluster consists of an Optical ModuleBus modem and ABB S800 PLC I/O modules. The Optical ModuleBus modems are connected via optical cables to an optional ModuleBus Optical port module on the communication interface module. The maximum length of the Optical ModuleBus expansion is dependent of the number of Optical ModuleBus modems. The maximum length between two clusters is 15 m (50 ft.) with plastic fiber and 200 m (667 ft.) with glass fiber. Factory made optical cables plastic fiber) are available in lengths of 1.5, 5 and 15 m (5, 16 or 49 ft.). The Optical ModuleBus expansion can be build up in two ways, a ring or a duplex communication.

Hide details for Fieldbus Communication Interface modulesFieldbus Communication Interface modules
The Fieldbus Communication Interface (FCI) modules have an input for one 24 V D.C. power. The FCI provides 24V D.C. (from the source) and isolated 5V D.C. power to the base cluster’s ABB S800 PLC I/O modules (12 maximum) by way of the ModuleBus connections. There are three types of FCI one for single Advant Fieldbus 100 configurations, one for redundant Advant Fieldbus 100 configurations and one for single PROFIBUS configurations. The power source can be the SD811/812 power supplies, battery, or other IEC664 Installation Category II power sources. Power status inputs, 2 x 24 V, to monitor 1:1 redundant mains are also provided.

Hide details for Module Termination UnitsModule Termination Units
Termination Units ABB S800 PLC are available as Compact MTU or Extended MTU. A compact MTU normally offers termination of one wire per channel for a 16-channel module. With compact MTU power distribution of field circuits must be made with external terminal blocks and current limiting components if required. Extended MTU with group-wise isolated interfaces allows for two or three wire termination of field circuits and provides group-wise or individually fuses, maximum 6.3A glass tube type, for powering field objects. Extended MTU, which offer two or three wire terminations, allows direct field object cable termination. The need for external marshalling is therefore drastically reduced or eliminated when extended MTU is used.

Hide details for Optical ModuleBus ExpansionOptical ModuleBus Expansion
Using a ModuleBus Optical port module on the Fieldbus can expand the ModuleBus Communication Interface module and communicates via an optical cable with the Optical ModuleBus modem in the ABB S800 PLC I/O cluster.

ABB S800 PLC I/O modules supported by the Advant Controller 400 Series


ABB S800 PLCL I/O Assortment
AI801Analog, 1*8 Inputs. 0…20mA, 4…20mA, 12 bit., 0.1%
AO801Analog, 1*8 Outputs, 0…20mA, 4…20mA, 12 bit.
DI801Digital, 1*16 Inputs, 24V D.C.
DO801Digital, 1*16 Outputs, 24V D.C., 0.5A short circuit proof
ABB S800 PLC I/O Assortment
AI810Analog, 1*8 Inputs 0(4) … 20mA, 0 … 10V
AI820Analog, 1*4 Inputs, bipolar differential
AI830Analog, 1*8 Inputs, Pt-100 (RTD)
AI835Analog, 1*8 Inputs, TC
AI890Analog, 1*8 Inputs. 0…20mA, 4…20mA, 12 bit, IS. interface
AO810Analog, 1*8 Outputs 0(4) … 20mA
AO820Analog, 4*1 Outputs, bipolar individually isolated
AO890Analog 1*8 Outputs. 0…20mA, 4…20mA, 12 bit, IS. interface
DI810Digital, 2*8 Inputs, 24V D.C.
DI811Digital, 2*8 Inputs, 48V D.C.
DI814Digital, 2*8 Inputs, 24V D.C., current source
DI820Digital, 8*1 Inputs, 120V A.C./110V D.C.
DI821Digital, 8*1 Inputs, 230V A.C./220V D.C.
DI830Digital, 2*8 Inputs, 24V D.C., SOE Handling
DI831Digital, 2*8 Inputs, 48V D.C., SOE Handling
DI885Digital, 1*8 Inputs, 24V/48V D.C., open circuit monitoring, SOE Handling
DI890Digital, 1*8 Inputs, IS. interface
DO810Digital, 2*8 Outputs 24V, 0.5A short circuit proof
DO814Digital, 2*8 Outputs 24V, 0.5A short circuit proof, current sink
DO815Digital, 2*4 Outputs 24V, 2A short circuit proof, current sink
DO820Digital, 8*1 Relay Outputs, 24-230 V A.C.
DO821Digital, 8*1 Relay Outputs, normally closed channels, 24-230 V A.C.
DO890Digital, 1*4 Outputs, 12V, 40mA, IS. interface
DP820Pulse Counter, 2 channels, Pulse Count and Frequency Measurement 1.5 MHz.











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