ACS800-01-0205-3 ABB ACS800 AC DRIVE 48/63Hz 160kW 290A ACS800-0102053

ACS800-01-0205-3 ACS800-0102053 ACS800-01-0205-3+P901

  • Enclosure Class:IP21
  • Frequency (f):48 … 63 Hz
  • Input Voltage (Uin):ACS800-01-0205-3 ABB ACS800 AC DRIVE 160kW 290A ACS800-0102053380 … 415 V
  • Mounting Type:Wall-mounting
  • Number of Phases:3
  • Output Current, Heavy-Duty Use:234 A
  • Output Current, Light-Overload Use:285 A
  • Output Current, Normal Use:290 A
  • Output Power, Heavy-Duty Use:132 kW
  • Output Power, Light-Overload Use:160 kW
  • Output Power, Normal Use:160 kW
  • Product Main Type:ACS800-01-0205-3
  • Product Name:Frequency Converter

       Product Series:ACS800-01

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