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ALLEN BRADLEY 6181 Integrated Display Computers

Allen-Bradley (IPC) Integrated Display Computers combine cutting-edge field technology and state-of-the-art hardware for an enhanced user experience. The performance and advanced models offer a powerful open computing platform with plenty of horsepower to run most software architectures including our FactoryTalk® View visualization software.

The Integrated Display computers feature 12.1, 15, and 17-inch displays with a resistive touch screen option. When panel space is limited, the 12.1 inch model provides product information within a small space. For operations where it is important to view every aspect of a process, the 15 and 17-inch displays provide the necessary detail.
These panel-mounted computers combine an industrially hardened monitor and computer in a single machine, providing computing power for visual interface, maintenance, and basic information applications. Because there are no external monitor cables or separate component mounting requirements, system integration is simplified. The computers provide serial and Ethernet communication ports.


Series Name: ALLEN BRADLEY 6181P
6181 Integrated Display Computers
Product Keywords: ALLEN BRADLEY 6181P

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6181 Integrated Display Computers

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