Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 6 700, 1000, 1250, and 1500 Terminals

PanelView panel Features and Benefits
Application Performance PanelView Plus 6 provides an additional competitive edge for end users and OEMs by enabling increased machine performance. Expanded memory allows for greater flexibility in applications, while increased processor speed provides the
operator a better experience through faster terminal response and greater control. Both enhancements improve visibility to data and provide a platform to make better, faster decisions.PanelView panel

Development Enhancements
Machine builders and end-users are underconstant pressure to reduce design time,
increase flexibility and deliver more value– exactly what FactoryTalk View Machine
Edition 6.0 and Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture deliver. Rockwell Automation simplifies users’ enterprisewide process visualization by using a single
design environment, providing a platform to share information – even at the design
stage. These tools also offer a jump start to your application development, while
supplying troubleshooting tools to assist in commissioning. Application flexibility sometimes means being able to leverage 3rd party add-ons. With PanelView Plus 6 you can do just that – further simplifying your overall machine development.

PanelView Plus 6 Description

Over the years Rockwell Automation has earned a reputation for offering a wide range of scalable visualization solutions, available in multiple configurations and sizes. PanelView Plus is one of the most versatile operator interface options within that suite of visualization solutions. Now Rockwell Automation is enhancing this product line by adding more power and features like expanded memory, a faster processor and Microsoft
Windows CE 6 operating system.PanelView panel
New PanelView Plus 6 operator terminals are ideal for applications that require monitoring, controlling and displaying information in dynamic ways, where operators must quickly understand machine status and make better decisions.
Coupled with the latest, built-in FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition 6.0 and View Studio application development software, this solution extends the
performance and functionality of machine-level operator interface, while
retaining a common development environment and Integrated Architecture
from Rockwell Automation.
PanelView Plus 6 terminals are available in a variety of modular display sizes, enabling you to select exactly what is required for your application. This provides a standard base of modules and customizable features to use across multiple applications, reducing maintenance and inventory costs. To meet more stringent environmental conditions; high-bright, conformalcoated and marine certified displays modules are also available.

Performance To Meet Your Needs

Microsoft CE 6 operating system Similar to the original PanelView Plus family, CE 6 delivers added security and reduced corruption in a closed system which doesn’t
require a shut down procedure. In addition, this operating system allows for more demanding applications – with virtually no limitations on the PanelView screens necessary to support complex applications.

Increased memory
In addition to the operating system enhancements, a memory increase from 64MB to 512 MB supports graphic enhancements along with larger application runtime files – dramatically expanding the terminals’ capacity to handle demanding graphic-intensive, memory-consuming applications.

Rugged hardware
The modular design allows for easy upgrades and flexible parts replacement. SD memory provides a rugged solid state memory. These features provide the kind of robust performance that can improve uptime.

Faster processor
An increase from 650MHz to 1 GHz enables operators to get to the screens and data they need faster, avoiding errors improving their ability to respond.

One standard network for everyone – reducing overall machine cost and providing a platform for the future

PanelView Plus 6 logic modules can connect with existing PanelView Plus 700-1500 display

Protecting Your Investment
Enhance your machine by migrating your PanelView Standard to a PanelView Plus 6 –no need for a new enclosure, a PanelView Plus 6 can fit into the same cutout. If you are already using a PanelView Plus (700-1500),a new PanelView Plus 6 logic module will fit right on the existing display,providing an easy way to increase performance. FactoryTalk View ME 6.0 further supports your migration process by allowing you to import your PanelView Standard application and convert it automatically to PanelView Plus 6*.PanelView Plus applications developed on FactoryTalk ME 4.0, 5.0, and 5.1 will automatically port for ME 6.0**, helping you to manage your investment and increase performance.

Application Development Enhancements

Single tag database
When your controller and operator interface use the same tag database,you reduce your development, commissioning and troubleshooting time.

Tools to simplify development
Faceplates and add-on instructions (AOIs) provide a jump start to your application as well as reduce commissioning and troubleshooting time.

Enhanced graphics
Expanded vector-graphic symbol library enables you to create operator interfaces that more closely resemble your machines, providing operators with more intuitive, accurate graphics – helping them identify what is happening on the machine.

Global design and support
Design your machine for a worldwide market by supporting remote access using included ViewPoint software. ViewPoint enables secure access to a PanelView on a remote machine, with a web-browser. The included MS Arial Unicode font support means you can support up to 20 languages in a single runtime application, simplifying machine deployment around the world.

3rd party applications for your dedicated terminal
Microsoft CE 6 can be used to customize your applications with extended functionality to meet unique needs. This password protected feature can allow for applications such as terminal services, virtual network computing (VNC), video, Microsoft Office document viewers and many other applications. A built-in pdf viewer allows you to provide contextsensitive documentation that operators can access directly from application screens

FactoryTalk View Advantage

FactoryTalk View is a comprehensive visualization solution designed with
a common look and feel, and navigation to help speed HMI application
development and training time. Supporting the Rockwell Automation Integrated
Architecture, FactoryTalk View is part of the scalable and unified suite of
monitoring and control solutions designed to span stand-alone machine-level
applications up through supervisory-level HMI applications across a network.
This suite offers you a application reuse, and architecture so you can increase
productivity, reduce operation costs, and improve production quality

PanelView panel


2711P-T10C4D8 Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 6 Operator interface 2711PT10C4D8

2711P-T10C4D8 Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 6 Operator interface 2711PT10C4D8 1000 Terminal, with Touchscreen, Color display