ALLEN-BRADLEY PowerFlex 750 Series AC Drives

PowerFlex 750-Series AC Drives

Designed for Ease of Use, Integration and Application Flexibility

With a complete power range of 0.75 to 1500 kW (1 to 2000 Hp) and 400/480 and 600/690 volt availability, the PowerFlex 750-Series is a comprehensive drive family providing productivity-enhancing benefi ts to a wide range of global applications.

The PowerFlex 750-Series of AC drives was designed with your needs in mind. Your need for fl exibility, productivity and ease of use has been considered in every detail of these drives. The result is a family of AC drives that provides an exceptional user
experience, from initial programming through operation.

This robust family of AC drives off ers high performance for a wide variety of industrial applications. The PowerFlex 753 provides general purpose control for applications ranging up to 350 Hp/250 kW while the PowerFlex 755 provides maximum fl exibility and performance up to 2000 Hp/1500 kW.

PowerFlex 750-Series AC Drives
PowerFlex 750-Series AC Drives

PowerFlex 750-Series AC Drives,The Power and Control You Need

The PowerFlex 753 and 755 AC drives off er more selection for control,
communications, safety and supporting hardware options than anyother drives in their class.

Consider these key features of the PowerFlex 750-Series drives and how they can help you maximize your productivity:

Simplifi ed Integration with Logix – The PowerFlex 753 and 755 off er seamless integration into the Logix environment for simplifi ed and enhanced confi guration, programming,commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance. Using either
Add-on Profi les or embedded instructions*, you’ll be able to reduce engineering time – and related costs – while improving the confi guration, control and collection of data.

Communications – The PowerFlex 750-Series supports a comprehensive range of network protocols to ease integration into your architecture. The PowerFlex 755 features an embedded EtherNet/IP™ port, allowing you to easily manage drive data
over EtherNet/IP networks. In addition, a dual-port EtherNet/IP option module for the PowerFlex 750-Series provides fl exible and cost-eff ective ways to apply EtherNet/IP, including Device Level Ring functionality.

Safe Torque-off and Safe Speed Monitor – Help protect personnel and equipment while reducing machine downtime with safety solutions up to and including PLe/SIL, Cat 3 and Cat 4. These safety options provide a choice for safety levels depending
on your application requirements.

DeviceLogix – Controls outputs and manages status information locally within the drive, allowing you to operate the drive independently or complementary to supervisory control.

Confi gure for Your Application – Each drive has a slot-based hardware architecture that reduces unnecessary add-on sand gives you the fl exibility to select option cards to suit your application and expand your drive for future needs. Supported hardware control options are common for the series to help reduce your inventory and spare parts requirements.

Predictive Diagnostics – Prevent unplanned downtime with predictive diagnostics and built-in protection features to help guard your investment. These settings allow the PowerFlex 750-Series to keep track of information that aff ects the life of the drive components. PowerFlex 755 drives 250 kW/350 Hpand larger have additional diagnostic features including built-in protection devices.

Application-matched Packaging – Gain additional fl exibility with packaging options that address a range of application and environmental protection requirements.

Feedback – Options include Universal, Encoder and Dual Encoder feedback options. The Universal Feedback option includes multiple feedback interfaces to support a wide range of applications. Interfaces supported are Incremental, EnDat and Hiperface for Stegmann and Heidenhain high resolution feedback, SSI and BiSS for rotary and linear applications. The drives also provide automatic feedback loss switchover.

PowerFlex 753 AC Drive

The PowerFlex 753 is ideal for general purpose applications requiring speed or torque control up to 250 kW/350 Hp. Embedded I/O along with three option slots for safety, feedback, communications,24V power or additional I/O make the drive a flexible, cost-eff ective solution.

PowerFlex 755 AC Drive

PowerFlex 755 is ideal for applications requiring positioning, speed or torque control up to  1500 kW/2000 Hp. The PowerFlex 755 is easily integrated with the embedded Ethernet port and has fi ve option slots to support additional options for feedback, I/O, safety, communications, and auxiliary 24V DC control power.

The PowerFlex 755 AC drive can be integrated with a ControlLogix® or CompactLogix™
Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) via drive instructions that are actually embedded in the PAC. This level of integration is specifi c to PowerFlex 755 drives on EtherNet/IP.

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