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Allen-Bradley PLC 

Allen-Bradley is the brand-name of a line of Factory Automation Equipment manufactured by Rockwell allen-bradley plc all seriesAutomation (NYSE ROK). The company, with revenues of approximately US$4.5 billion in 2006, manufactures programmable logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces, sensors, safety components and systems, software, drives and drive systems, contactors, motor control centers, and systems made of these and similar products. Rockwell Automation also provides asset management services including repair and consulting. Rockwell Automation’s headquarters is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower is a Milwaukee landmark featuring the largest four-sided clock in the western hemisphere.

Allen-Bradley products from Rockwell Automation include integrated control and information platforms, intelligent motor control and industrial components.

Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PLC
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Widely regarded as the top selling PLC in the world, Allen-Bradley PLC products have been the central part of millions of successful control systems. From the Allen-Bradley PLC-5 to the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 to the new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC, Qualitrol International provides quality repair services and remanufactured products for each PLC platform.

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Allen-Bradley PLC control solutions set the standard — from the original programmable logic controller (PLC) invented in the 1970s to the technology embodied in the scalable, multi-disciplined and information-enabled programmable automation controller (PAC). Our safety-certified controllers support your SIL 2 and SIL 3 application needs. We offer multiple controller types and sizes to fit your specific needs.

Allen-Bradley Some stock item as below:

Part number 1Part number 2TypeParameter
1756-L611756L61Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 2 MB Memory Controller
1756-L61RMCN11756L61RMCN1Allen-Bradley PLCControlNet Redundancy Bundle
1756-L61RMEN11756L61RMEN1PLCAllen-Bradley PLCEthernet Redundancy Bundle
1756-L61S1756L61SAllen-Bradley PLCGuardLogix 2 MB Standard Mem Controller
1756-L621756L62Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 4 MB Memory Controller
1756-L62S1756L62SAllen-Bradley PLCGuardLogix 4 MB Standard Mem Controller
1756-L631756L63Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 MB Memory Controller
1756-L63S1756L63SAllen-Bradley PLCGuardLogix 8 MB Standard Mem Controller
1756-L63XT1756L63XTAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix XT 8 MB Memory Controller
1756-L641756L64Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 MB Memory Controller
1756-L651756L65Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 32 MB Memory Controller
1756-L711756L71Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 2 MB Controller
1756-L721756L72Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 4 MB Controller
1756-L72S1756L72SAllen-Bradley PLCLogix 5572S Automation Controller 4M/2M
1756-L731756L73Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 MB Controller
1756-L73S1756L73SAllen-Bradley PLCLogix 5573S Automation Controller 8M/4M
1756-L73SXT1756L73SXTAllen-Bradley PLCLogix 5573SXT Automation Controller 8/4M
1756-L73XT1756L73XTAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8MB Controller L7XT
1756-L741756L74Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 MB Controller
1756-L751756L75Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 32 MB Controller
1756-L7SP1756L7SPAllen-Bradley PLCLogix L7SP SIL 3 PLe Safety Partner
1756-L7SPXT1756L7SPXTAllen-Bradley PLCLogix L7SPXT SIL 3 PLe Safety Partner
1756-LSC8XIB8I1756LSC8XIB8IAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point Counter Input
1756-LSP1756LSPAllen-Bradley PLCGuardLogix Safety Partner
1756-M02AE1756M02AEAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Analog Motion Servo Module
1756-M02AS1756M02ASAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Analog SSI Motion Module
1756-M03SE1756M03SEAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Motion Module
1756-M08SE1756M08SEAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Motion Module
1756-M08SEG1756M08SEGAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Generic Motion Module
1756-M16SE1756M16SEAllen-Bradley PLC1756 16 AXIS SERCOS SERVO MODULE
1756-N21756N2Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Empty Slot Cover
1756-N2XT1756N2XTAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix XT Slot Filler
1756-OA161756OA16Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756-OA16I1756OA16IAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756-OA81756OA8Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756-OA8D1756OA8DAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756-OA8E1756OA8EAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756-OB16D1756OB16DAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756-OB16E1756OB16EAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756-OB16I1756OB16IAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756-OB16IEF1756OB16IEFAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 Point Digital Output
1756-OB16IS1756OB16ISAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756-OB321756OB32Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 32 Point D/O Module
1756-OB81756OB8Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756-OB8EI1756OB8EIAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756-OB8I1756OB8IAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756-OC81756OC8Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756-OF41756OF4Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 4 Point A/O I and V Module
1756-OF6CI1756OF6CIAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 6 Point A/O V Only Module
1756-OF6VI1756OF6VIAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 6 Point A/O Module
1756-OF81756OF8Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point A/O Module
1756-OF8H1756OF8HAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point A/O Module
1756-OG161756OG16Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756-OH8I1756OH8IAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756-ON81756ON8Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756-OV16E1756OV16EAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756-OV32E1756OV32EAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 32 Point D/O Module
1756-OW16I1756OW16IAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 16 Point D/O Module
1756-OX8I1756OX8IAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 8 Point D/O Module
1756-PA721756PA72Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix AC Power Supply
1756-PA751756PA75Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix AC Power Supply
1756-PA75R1756PA75RAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix AC Redundant Power Supply
1756-PAR21756PAR2Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Power Supply Bundle
1756-PAXT1756PAXTAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix XT Power Supply
1756-PB721756PB72Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix DC Power Supply
1756-PB751756PB75Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix DC Power Supply
1756-PB75R1756PB75RAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix DC Redundant Power Supply
1756-PBR21756PBR2Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Power Supply Bundle
1756-PBXT1756PBXTAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix XT Power Supply
1756-PC751756PC75Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix DC Power Supply
1756-PH751756PH75Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix DC Power Supply
1756-PLS1756PLSAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Programmable Limit Switch
1756-PSCA21756PSCA2Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Adaptor
1756-RIO1756RIOAllen-Bradley PLCRemote I/O Scanner/Adaptor Module
1756-RM1756RMAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Red. Module
1756-RMC11756RMC1Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix RM Module Fiber Optic Cable
1756-RMC101756RMC10Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix RM Module Fiber Optic Cable
1756-RMC31756RMC3Allen-Bradley PLCControlLogix RM Module Fiber Optic Cable
1756-RMXT1756RMXTAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix XT Redundancy Module
1756-SPESMNRM1756SPESMNRMAllen-Bradley PLCL7SP Energy Storage Module-Non Remove
1756-SPESMNRMXT1756SPESMNRMXTAllen-Bradley PLCL7SPXT Energy Storage Module-Non Remove
1756-SPESMNSE1756SPESMNSEAllen-Bradley PLCL7SP Energy Storage Module-No Energy
1756-SPESMNSEXT1756SPESMNSEXTAllen-Bradley PLCL7SPXT Energy Storage Module-No Energy
1756-TBCH1756TBCHAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 36 Pin Terminal Block
1756-TBE1756TBEAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix Deep Terminal Block Housing
1756-TBNH1756TBNHAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 20 Pin Screw Terminal Block
1756-TBS6H1756TBS6HAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 36 Pin Spring TB
1756-TBSH1756TBSHAllen-Bradley PLCControlLogix 20 Pin Spring TB

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