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Unity processor Modicon Quantum – 768 kB – 166 MHz

The 140CPU65150 is a Unity processor in Schneider Electric’s Modicon Quantum series. It is one of the newer models in the series of processor modules. It joins together the standard functions of the PLC and the diagnostic possibilities of a web server. It communicates using an RJ-45 connection. The module is in a double-width standard Quantum housing which requires two sequential slots in a Quantum rack. Because its web server functions are diagnostic only, software must be used to configure its services.

It has a clock frequency of 166 Mhz and has two local racks. It has 63 distributed I/O stations, 1 rack, and 3 distributed networks. It has 8000 discrete inputs and outputs of discrete in a distributed network, and 31744 discrete inputs and inputs in a remote system.  As far as application specific I/O, it can be used for time stamping, as a counter, for high-speed interrupt inputs, and as a serial link.

There are 6 optional modules that can be used with the 140CPU65150. These include, Ethernet, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP, and Sy/Max. In a local AS interface, the module has an unlimited maximum number of connections. It also has 4 integrated connection types – Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus, Modbus Plus, and USB. It has an expandable 8 MB of file storage, 7168 kB or expandable programming, and 768 kB of RAM. The 140CPU65150 uses a key switch memory port for on/off functionality.

The 140CPU65150 has a data rate of 10/100 Mbps. For a medium, a user should used a shielded twisted pair cable. The module has a number of services, including standard web service, Modbus TCP messaging, I/O scanning services, global data, FDR client, SNMP management, and SMTP services (email). It is compatible only with the Unity Pro software.

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140CPU65150 Product Specification

Product Details
ManufacturerSquare D by Schneider Electric
Shipping Information
Ships Ground. Eligible for expedited shippingYes
Other Information
EU RoHS IndicatorY
Country of OriginFR
Catalog Number140CPU65150
Catalog DescriptionProgrammable Logic Controller Processor (CPU) (Modicon Quantum), 512Kb, 166MHz, (1) RS 232/485 Modbus/ASCII – (1) Modbus Plus – (1) Ethernet TCP/IP – (1) USB port
Program Memory512Kb
Invoice Description EnglishQUANTUM PROCESSOR- UNITY W/ 1024/7168K
Gross Weight3.200
TypeProcessor (CPU)
Sub BrandModicon Quantum
Special Features(1) RS 232/485 Modbus/ASCII – (1) Modbus Plus – (1) Ethernet TCP/IP – (1) USB port

Schneider Modicon Quantum 140CPU65150 Characteristics

range of product
Modicon Quantum automation platform
product or component type
Unity processor

Schneider Electric Modicon 140CPU65150 Technical FAQs

1、Which Quantum PLCs allow the use of an Aux task in Unity?

The 140CPU65150, 140CPU65160, and 140CPU67160 allow the use of Aux tasks numbered 0 thru 3. The 140CPU31110, 140CPU43412A, and 140CPU53414A will only allow the use of a Fast and a Mast task.

2、I/O Scanner Offset Inconsistent Issue Across Different PLC Platforms

Master device: Quantum 140 CPU65150

3、Which Quantum PLCs are supported in Unity Software?

The following PLCs are supported:
*These two controllers require a new Exec file to function with Unity

4、Which Quantum PLCs have the Factory Mutual (FM) Class 1 Div. 2 rating?

140CPU53414B 140CPU65150

5、RS-485 2-Wire connection to a Quantum 140CPU65150 processor

Goals and Symptoms: RS-485 2-Wire connection to a Quantum 140CPU65150 processor