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Schneider Electric component 140CPU65150C: Unity processor Modicon Quantum – 768 kB – 166 MHz – coated

Schneider Modicon Quantum 140CPU65150C prduct description


range of product
Modicon Quantum automation platform
product or component type
Unity processor


clock frequency
166 MHz
number of slots
number of racks
2 – local rack(s)
number of distributed I/O station
63 station(s) – 1 rack(s) – 3 Modbus Plus network(s)
number of remote I/O station
31 – 2 S908 remote I/O rack(s)
31 – 2 ethernet Quantum remote I/O rack(s)
16 – 2 ethernet X80 remote I/O rack(s)
discrete I/O number
Unlimited (31 drops of 28 slots max) – ethernet remote I/O
8000 inputs, 8000 outputs – distributed – per network Modbus Plus
Unlimited (26 slots max) – local
31744 inputs, 31744 outputs – remote
analogue I/O number
Unlimited (26 slots max) – local
1984 inputs,1984 outputs – S908 remote I/O
Unlimited (31 drops of 28 slots max) – ethernet remote I/O
500 inputs, 500 outputs – distributed – per network Modbus Plus
application specific I/O
Serial link
Accurate time stamping
High-speed interrupt inputs
communication service
Ethernet router
number of optional modules
6 ( Ethernet, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP, Sy/Max)
maximum number of connections
1 ( USB)
2 ( AS-Interface) – distributed
4 ( AS-Interface) – remote
6 ( Ethernet TCP/IP) – local
6 ( Modbus Plus) – local
6 ( Profibus DP) – local
1 ( Modbus) – RS232/485 Modbus/ASCII
integrated connection type
1 Modbus Plus with
1 Ethernet TCP/IP with
1 Modbus with
1 USB with
Process control
memory description
Expandable 7168 kB – program with PCMCIA card
Expandable 8 MB – file storage with PCMCIA card
Internal RAM 768 kB
switch function
Key switch memory port on/off
application structure
1 cyclic/periodic master task –
1 periodic fast task –
128 I/O interrupt tasks –
128 interrupt tasks –
32 timer interrupt tasks –
4 auxiliary tasks –
number of instructions per ms
10.28 Kinst/ms if 100 % Boolean
10.07 Kinst/ms if 65 % Boolean and 35 % numerical
system overhead
1 ms – master task
0.2 ms – fast task
bus current requirement
2160 mA
local signalling
1 LED green for Ethernet activity (COM)
1 LED red for Ethernet collision
electrical connection
1 connector, connector type: RJ45 for connecting Ethernet network
1 connector, connector type: RJ45 for connecting Modbus bus
1 female connector, connector type: SUB-D 9 for connecting to the Modbus Plus network


protective treatment
Conformal coating Humiseal 1A33
product certifications
ATEX zone 2
Misc (Marine)

Offer Sustainability

Sustainable offer status
Green Premium product
RoHS (date code: YYWW)
Compliant  – since  1009  –  Schneider Electric declaration of conformity Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
Reference not containing SVHC above the threshold
Product environmental profile
AvailableEnd of life manual
Product end of life instructions

Contractual warranty

Warranty period
18 months

Modicon Quantum 140CPU65150C Technical FAQs

1、What is the replacement for the 140CPU43412A?

Modicon Quantum 140 CPU 43412A

2、RS-485 2-Wire connection to a Quantum 140CPU65150 processor…

Goals and Symptoms: RS-485 2-Wire connection to a Quantum 140 CPU 65150 processor

3、Is the RRTC_DT_MS function block available for the Quantum 140CPU43412U processor.

function block available in the Unity Pro Libset > System> SysClock> picklist is the Quantum 140 CPU 65150

4、Which Quantum PLCs allow the use of an Aux task in Unity?

The 140CPU65150, 140CPU65160, and 140CPU67160 allow the use of Aux tasks numbered 0 thru 3. The 140CPU31110, 140CPU43412A, and 140CPU53414A will only allow the use of a Fast and a Mast task.


Schneider Quantum Series 140PLC

Schneider Quantum Series 140PLC

140CPU11302 Quantum CPU256K

140CPU11302C Quantum CPU256K
140CPU11303 Quantum CPU512K
140CPU11303C Quantum CPU512K
140CPU31110 Quantum Unity Quantum 31110 CPU
140CPU31110C Quantum Unity Quantum 31110 CPU
140CPU43412A Quantum CPU 486,2M
140CPU43412AC Quantum CPU 486,2M
140CPU43412U Quantum Unity Quantum 43412 CPU
140CPU43412UC Quantum Unity Quantum 43412 CPU
140CPU53414B Quantum Quantum 534 PLC CONTROLLER
140CPU53414BC Quantum Quantum 534 PLC CONTROLLER CC
140CPU65150 Quantum Unity Quantum CPU with Ethernet,w 512/71
140CPU65160 Quantum Unity CPU 266MHz, 2M, 2048/7168K
140CPU67160 Quantum Unity Quantum 67160 CPU
140CPU65260 Quantum Unity CPU 266MHz, 4M, 4096/7168K
140CPU65260C Quantum Unity Quantum 65260 CPU
140CPU65150C Quantum CC QUANTUM PROCESS- UNITY W/ 1024/7
140CPU65160C Quantum CC QUANTUM PROCESS- UNITY W/ 2048/7

Quantum Power Supply
140CPS11100 Quantum
140CPS11100C Quantum
140CPS11420 Quantum 115/230 VAC,  8A
140CPS11420C Quantum 115/230 VAC,  8A, CC
140CPS12420 Quantum 115/230 VAC, 8A
140CPS12420C Quantum LMS AC PS 115/230V RED CC
140CPS21100 Quantum 24 VDC, , 3A
140CPS21100C Quantum 24 VDC, , 3A, CC
140CPS21400 Quantum 24 VDC,  8A
140CPS21400C Quantum 24 VDC,  8A, CC
140CPS22400 Quantum 24 VDC, 8A
140CPS22400C Quantum 24 VDC,  8A, CC
140CPS41400 Quantum 48/60 VDC, 8A
140CPS41400C Quantum 48/60 VDC, 8A, CC
140CPS42400 Quantum 48/60 VDC, 8A
140CPS42400C Quantum 48/60 VDC,8A, CC
140CPS51100 Quantum 125 VDC,  3A
140CPS51100C Quantum 125 VDC 3A, CC
140CPS52400 Quantum 125 VDC, 8A
140CPS52400C Quantum 125 VDC, 8A, CC

Quantum Digital Input Module
140DAI34000 Quantum AC 16, 24 VAC,
140DAI34000C Quantum AC , 16, 24 VAC, CC
140DAI35300 QuantuAC,32,24VAC,
140DAI35300C Quantum
140DAI44000 Quantum
140DAI44000C Quantum
140DAI45300 Quantum
140DAI45300C Quantum
140DAI54000 Quantum
140DAI54000C Quantum
140DAI54300 Quantum
140DAI54300C Quantum
140DAI55300 Quantum
140DAI55300C Quantum
140DAI74000 Quantum
140DAI74000C Quantum
140DAI75300 Quantum
140DAI75300C Quantum
140DDI15310 Quantum
140DDI15310C Quantum
140DDI35300 Quantum
140DDI35300C Quantum
140DDI35310 Quantum
140DDI35310C Quantum
140DDI36400 Quantum
140DDI36400C Quantum
140DDI67300 Quantum
140DDI67300C Quantum
140DDI84100 Quantum
140DDI84100C Quantum
140DDI85300 Quantum
140DDI85300C Quantum
140DII33000 Quantum
140DII33000C Quantum
140DSI35300 Quantum
140DSI35300C Quantum

Quantum Digital Output Module
140DAO84220C Quantum
140DAO85300C Quantum
140DDO15310 Quantum
140DDO15310C Quantum
140DDO35300 Quantum
140DDO35300C Quantum
140DDO35301 Quantum
140DDO35301C Quantum
140DDO35310 Quantum
140DDO35310C Quantum
140DDO36400 Quantum
140DDO84300 Quantum
140DDO84300C Quantum
140DDO88500 Quantum
140DDO88500C Quantum
140DIO33000 Quantum
140DIO33000C Quantum
140DRA84000 Quantum
140DRA84000C Quantum
140DRC83000 Quantum
140DRC83000C Quantum
140DVO85300 Quantum
140DVO85300C Quantum

Quantum Digital Mixed Module
140DAM59000 Quantum
140DAM59000C Quantum
140DDM39000 Quantum
140DDM39000C Quantum
140DDM69000 Quantum

Quantum Analog Input Module
140ACI03000 Quantum
140ACI03000C Quantum
140ACI04000 Quantum
140ACI04000C Quantum
140AII33000 Quantum RTD/TC
140AII33000C Quantum RTD/TC
140AII33010 Quantum
140AII33010C Quantum
140ARI03010 Quantum RTD
140ARI03010C Quantum RTD
140ATI03000 Quantum TC
140ATI03000C Quantum TC
140AVI03000 Quantum
140AVI03000C Quantum

Quantum Analog Output Module
140ACO02000 Quantum
140ACO02000C Quantum
140ACO13000C Quantum
140AIO33000 Quantum
140AIO33000C Quantum
140AVO02000 Quantum
140AVO02000C Quantum

Quantum Analog Mixed Module
140AMM09000 Quantum
140AMM09000C Quantum
140CRA93101 Quantum LMS RIO
140CRA93101C Quantum LMS RIO
140CRA93200C Quantum RIO
140CRP93100C Quantum RIO
140CRP93200C Quantum RIO