ABB 800xA DCS System

DCS automation systems company with the most preferred and the largest market share on top of the world in the last 9 years has  been ABB again. The flagship of ABB’s Automation Systems DCS system is 800x.

ABB is 800x for the PLC to the operating system, control system, compatible maintenance systems and ERP systems together and make it work in an integrated way and offers a unique package that makes it easy.

Extended Automation

Xa in the 800xa  “Extended Automation” that is used in the sense of Extended Automation fully redundant and trust is the basis of industrial IT environments.

800xa 2

800x system goes beyond energy efficiency of the conventional automation systems, the maximum efficiency of the investment, provide energy savings and operator efficiency.

Integration power

In today’s rapidly globalizing world, companies are flexible, in order to remain competitive, they need to have an integrated and in harmony with each other.

800xa 3

800xA System business centers and field environment offers a unique integration between systems. The decision by the system are implemented by real-time rendered the units handled properly. In this way, apply the right decisions without wasting time.

Lifetime support

ABB’s superior lifetime support policy, services and products is a guarantee of the highest safety and efficiency in the use of the framework of the lifelong investment.

ABB has more than 30 years, offers solutions and DCS serves equally strongly that the entire system of the first system ever produced.

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ABB AC 800M controller 800x family consists of the equipment. Hardware is the standard rail-type processor (CPU), communication modules, power supply and consists of various appliances.etc. Processor speed, processor modules have different characteristics according to the memory capacity and redundancy capabilities. Installation and implementation of the two Ethernet ports on each processor and has a flash memory card slot for storage.

800xa 4

AC 800M connection and expansion feature makes it uniquely open and scalable.