ABB ACS160 Integral Drive – 0.55 kW – 2.2 kW Supply Voltage 380 – 480 V

Unique features
• Hard and tight aluminium IP 65 enclosureACS160
• Can be installed in any position on the wall or on the motor
• When on the motor, no room or cabinet space is required
• Unit has built-in EMC filter and brake chopper
• Simple positioning tasks with Positioning application macro

More value for money
• Robust and vibration tested tight IP 65 enclosure with varnished electronic boards
• With the fieldbus options, can be part of every major industrial and domestic control system
• Squared torque current raitings and PID control macro for HVAC systems and applications
• In addition to ABB motors, compatibility with other manufacturers’ motors

Motor mounting
An excellent choice when a compact integrated drive is needed. Using an ACS 160 it is easy to convert a fixed speed motor to regulated operation. Select the converter and motor mounting kit from the tables on page 30. To select an integrated drive and motor combination see pages 31-34.

Wall mounting
A robust IP 65 drive in ABB’s low voltage range of frequency converters. The control panel is included as standard.

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ABB ACS 160 Technical Specification

Mains connection
Power range: 0.55 – 2.2 kW
Voltage: 3-phase, 380 to 480 V ± 10% 1)
Frequency: 48 to 63 Hz
Power factor: 0.98
Motor connection
Voltage: 3-phase, from 0 to Usupply
Frequency: 0 to 250 Hz
Continuous loading capability (constant torque at
maximum ambient temperature of 40oC):
• Rated output current I2N
Overload capacity (at a max. ambient temperature
of 40oC):
• At constant torque: 1.5 · I2N for one minute every
10 minutes
• Starting torque: 1.8 · I2N for two seconds
Characteristic data for short time, intermittent and
periodic load cycles are available on request.
Switching frequency:
• Standard 4 kHz
• Low noise 8 kHz2)
Acceleration time: 0.1 to 1800 s
Deceleration time: 0.1 to 1800 s
Programmable control connections
Two analog inputs:
• Voltage signal: 0 (2) to 10 V, 200 kΩ single ended
• Current signal: 0 (4) to 20 mA, 500 Ω single ended
• Potentiometer reference: 10 V ± 2% max. 10 mA,
1 kΩ ≤ R ≤ 10 kΩ
• Response time: < 64 ms • Resolution: 0.1% • Accuracy: ± 1% One analogue output: 0 (4) to 20 mA, load < 500 Ω Auxiliary voltage: 24 V DC, max 180 mA Five digital inputs: 12-24 V DC with internal or external supply, PNP and NPN logic • Input impedance: 1.5 kΩ • Response time: < 5 ms Two relay outputs: • Switching voltage: 12 to 250 V AC or max. 30 V DC / 0.5 A • Max. continuous current: 10 mA to 2 A Built-in brake chopper Pulse encoder: Connected to digital inputs DI4 and DI5, max. 25 V DC / 100 mA, max. pulse frequency 200 kHz Serial communication for external control: • Modbus protocol as standard, other fieldbus options available: PROFIBUS-DP, InterBus-S, DeviceNet, CANOpen, LONWORKS® Programmable features2)
Nine application macros for easy configuration:
• Factory, ABB Standard, 3-Wire, Alternate, Motor
Potentiometer, Hand-Auto, PID-Control, Pre-magnetize,
Skip frequencies: Two bands
Start and stop: Flying start, Torque boosting,
Premagnetising function, DC hold function, DC injection

• Output current and frequency limit, Programmable
volts/herz ratio, IR compensation, Slip compensation,
PID-control with sleep function, Seven preset speeds,
Automatic fault reset, Two acceleration and two
deceleration ramps, Control for electromechanical brake

Protection Limits

• Overcurrent trip limit: 3.5 · I2N

• DC current regulation limit: 0.5…1.5 · I2N

• DC overvoltage trip limit: 875 V

• DC undervoltage trip limit: 333 V

• Power-loss ride-through: 500 ms

• Overtemperature limit: 105°C inside power module

Inverter protection:

• Output short circuit, Input phase loss, Inverter overload, Output earth-fault, Serial communication error, Loss of AI signal, I/O terminal short circuit, Auxiliary voltage short circuit, Brake resistor overload

Motor protection:

• Stall protection, Overtemperature protection by I2 t estimation; In motor mounting version also by PTC

Environmental limits

Ambient operating temperature3):

• Output current = I2 and fswitch = 4 kHz: -10 to 40°C

• Output current = 0.6 · I2 and fswitch = 4 kHz: 40 to 50°C

• Output current = 0.7 · I2 and fswitch = 8 kHz: -10 to 40°C • Refer to page 31 for more derating information

Installation altitude:

• Output current = I2 : 0 to 1000 m

• Output current reduced by 1% for every 100 m above 1000 m. Max altitude 2000 m.

Protection class: IP 65 Colour: NCS 1502-Y, RAL 9002, PMS 420 C

Contamination levels: According to IEC 721-3-3 Electromagnetic

Compatibility (EMC):

• Units with built-in filter: Fulfils EN61800-3 1st and 2nd Environment distribution limits

• Standard units: Fulfils EN61800-3 2nd Environment restricted distribution limits

• Units without filter: For floating networks and to EN61800-3 2nd Environment with EMC plan.

Harmonic emissions:

• Units with < 1 kW input power fulfil EN61000-3-2 • Units with > 1 kW input power are to be used only in professional applications

Product compliance

• Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC with amendments

• EMC Directive 89/336/EEC with amendments

• Quality Assurance systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

• CE, UL, cUL and C-Tick approvals 1) For ACS163-xKx-3-D units 380 to 500 V ±10% 2) Adjustable only with control panel. 3) Minimum ambient temperature for wall mounting version 0°C.

ABB ACS160 INVERTER DRIVES Product Selection

Part numberManufacturerDescription
ACS1631K6-3-EABBACS163 Variable Speed Drive
ACS1632K1-3-EABBACS163 Variable Speed Drive
ACS1632K7-3-EABBACS163 Variable Speed Drive
ACS1634K1-3-EABBACS163 Variable Speed Drive
ACS163K1-3-EABBACS163 Variable Speed Drive

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