ABB ACS601 AC Drives for speed and torque control of 3 to 4000 HP

The ACS 601 series provides a selection of readymade application macros and a wide range of fully programmable inputs and outputs. Should your application require distributed or high resolution control signals, analog and digital extension modules can be added. Optional modules mount on standard DIN rails and connect via a high speed fiber optic link. Fieldbus adapter modules are available for all the common fieldbus standards including Modbus, Modbus Plus, DeviceNet, Profibus, ABB MasterField
Bus, Interbus-S and others.


No challenge too simple or too demanding

ACS 600 AC Drives meet the needs of any application – from the simplest to the most critical and highly demanding.
● Pumps – centrifugal, positive displacement, metering.
● Fans – forced draft, induced draft,centrifugal, axial.
● Mixers.
● Conveyors, bottling lines, palletizers and other materials handling applications.
● Lifts, elevators, cranes, hoists.
● Winders – films, paper, wire.
● Centrifuges.
● Extruders – melt pumps, pelletizers

Technical data

Input Power
Voltage 3 phase, 380to 690 V ±10 % permitted tolerance
Frequency 48 to 63 Hz
Output Power
Voltage 3 phase, from 0 to applied incoming supply voltage
Frequency 0 to 3.2*fFWP
Environmental limits
Ambient temperature 0 to 40 ºC
Enclosure classes
Chassis (IP 00), NEMA 1 (IP 21) and NEMA 12 (IP 54)
Standard control connections
● 3 programmable differential analog inputs (1 voltage signal, 2 current signals)
● 6 programmable digital inputs
● 2 programmable analog outputs (current signals)
● 3 programmable digital outputs (form C relays) Optional analog and digital extension modules can be added as well as a wide range of fieldbus adapters.
Overcurrent, short circuit, ground fault, input phase loss, output phase loss, motor overload ( I 2t ), overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, motor stall.
Application macros
The ACS 600 features a selection of built-in, pre-programmed application macros for configuration of inputs, outputs and parameters as well as signal processing. These include:
● FACTORY SETTING for basic industrial applications
● HAND/AUTO CONTROL for local and remote operation
● PID CONTROL for closed loop processes
● TORQUE CONTROL for processes where torque control is required
● SEQUENCE CONTROL for repetitive cycles
● USER MACRO 1 & 2 for user’s own parameter settings
● OPTIONAL Lead – Follower for load sharing

ABB ACS601 industrial drives Product Selection

ACS60100063000C1200001ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0040-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0005-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0060-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0040-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0060-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0050-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0011-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0006-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0030-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0020-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0016-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0050-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0100-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS60100203000C1200000ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0060-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0050-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS60101203000C1200001ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0040-3-000F1200000ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0060-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0070-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0070-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0070-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS60100603000C1200000ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS60100403000F11200001ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0100-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS60100203000 F1200000ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS60100115S00C1200901ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS60100203S00C1200901ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0140-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0120-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0120-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS60100303000-F1200001ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0120-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0100-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0100-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0120-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0050-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0020-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0016-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0016-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0016-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0011-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0011-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0011-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0009-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0009-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0006-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0006-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0020-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0020-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0040-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0009-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0040-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0030-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0030-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0030-4ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0030-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0025-6ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0025-5ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0025-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0025-3ABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive
ACS601-0005-3-000FABBACS601 Variable Speed Drive

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