ABB DC Drives – DCS 400 Digital DC Converter 20 to 1000A DC

ABB DCS 400 drive

ABB has developed a user-friendly drive system package (DCS 400, DMI Motor) to meet the demands of machine builders.Our aim is to offer the best combination of reliable products at the most affordable price, backed by on-time delivery, good partnership and fast response to inquiries. At the heart of the drive package is the DCS 400 – a new generation of DC drives specifically designed to meet the ever-changing needs of machine builders.”Total ease of use” was the foundation of this drive’s development. The result is a drive that is:

  • as easy to handle as an analog drive yet incorporates all of the features of a digital drive.
  • easy to design into machine equipment, with just the right amount of features.
  • easy to install and set-up, even by those without special drives experience.

Small Design

The DCS 400’s compact design brings substantial space savings to machine builders, allowing them to integrate more accessories within the same space.

  • Existing DC drives are easily replaced with the DCS 400.
  • At only 103.4 in (270 mm) wide, and with all the power cabling located at the base of the drive rather than the side, two DCS 400 units can be installed inside the same 233.4 in (600 mm) cabinet.
  • The field supply, including the fuse and choke, are integrated into the DCS 400, further contributing to its small size and simplicity of design.
  • No need for a field voltage adaptation transformer to match the line supply voltage with that of the motor. The DCS 400 uses fewer components, leading to both smaller size and greater reliability.
DCS 400

Technical Features

  • Digital 6-pulse converter
  • 10 – 600 Hp (10 – 448 kW)
  • 20 to 1000 A DC
  • Input Voltage from 230 to 500 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Nonregenerative & regenerative drives available
  • IGBT – field supply for field weakening is included
Supply Voltages

Power and Field:

230 – 500 VAC, 3-phase

Input Frequency:50 – 60 Hz
Converter Fan:115/230 VAC, single-phase
Control Power:115/230 VAC, single-phase
Control I/O

Digital Inputs:

Eight (8), 24 VDC

Digital Outputs:Four (4), 24 VDC
One (1) relay
Analog Inputs:Two (2), ±10 VDC, 12 bit
Analog Outputs:Two (2), ±10 VDC, 12 bit

Power Spectrum, 2Q, Non-Regenerative

Armature Current Range (A)Field Current (A)kWHP
A120, 45, 65, 90, 1250.1 to 612 to 7310 to 75
A2180, 2300.3 to 12104 to 133100 to 125
A3315, 405, 5000.3 to 14183 to 290175 to 300
A4610, 740, 9000.3 to 20354 to 402350 to 539

Power Spectrum, 4Q, Regenerative

Armature Current Range (A)Field Current (A)kWHP
A125, 50, 75, 100, 1400.1 to 613 to 7310 to 75
A2200, 2600.3 to 12104 to 135100 to 150
A3350, 450, 5500.3 to 14182 to 290200 to 300
A4680, 820, 10000.3 to 20354 to 448400 to 600

The total integrated package for machine builders

Fieldbus Adapters
Multiple serial communication options allow integration with higher level control systems.

DC Converters
DCS 400 6-pulse converters offer accurate torque and speed control in the low power range. Simplicity of operation is a hallmark of the drive.

DC Motors
ABB’s family of DC motors offer a compact, modular design, combined with low vibration and noise levels as well as high output and energy efficiency.

Speed Feedback
A variety of speed feedback devices can be used with PowerPack and are standard features of the DCS 400.

The user is guided through the commissioning procedure by following simple steps that are outlined by the alpha-numeric control panel.

ABB DCS400 DC Drive Alpha-Numeric Keypad.

ABB DCS400 DC Drive Alpha-Numeric Keypad.

An alternative to the control panel is ABB’s PC-based program, DriveWindow Light, used for guided on-line commissioning, including:

  • Parameter setting
  • Reference display and feedback values
  • Trending
  • On-line help files
ABB's PC-basec program, DriveWindow Light, used for guided on-line commissioning.

ABB’s PC-basec program, DriveWindow Light, used for guided on-line commissioning.

Start-Up is typically 15 Minutes.

Start-Up is typically 15 Minutes.

The easiest drive to install…

Reduced Wiring

By fully integrating the field supply, ABB’s engineers have been able to patent a design with three wires in and four wires out, reducing wiring and requiring less installation time.

The easirst to install... Reduced Wiring.

The easiest to install… Reduced Wiring.

Fast and Easy Installation

ABB’s DCS 400 cuts costs and installation time by incorporating the following features:

  • A simple, step-by-step installation guide
  • Bottom plate cable entry, providing rapid and easy access to power terminals
  • Easy to access I/O connection points via bottom cover plate
  • The drive’s ability to operate directly on any worldwide voltage from 230 – 500 V, 50/60 Hz main, 115 – 230 V aux.

The fastest drive to commission…

Commissioning Wizard

The DCS 400 is the first digital drive which can be commissioned without special knowledge of drives. More importantly, the commissioning and start-up time is dramatically faster than that of other DC drives.

  • The wizard uses either the drive’s control panel or ABB’s commissioning tool, DriveWindow Light, which is based on RS232 communications using a standard plug (see illustration above).
  • Once the motor and process data have been entered into the drive, the user is guided through commissioning using the self-tuning functions for armature current, speed, flux and field current.
  • No additional documentation or hardware is needed to commission the DCS 400.
  • Application macros that require setting only a few user-selectable parameters make the commissioning of specific applications easier compared to the several hundred parameters that must be set with other DC drives.
in (mm)
in (mm)
in (mm)
A112-1/2 (310)8 (200)10-3/4 (270)
A212-1/2 (310)10-3/4 (270)10-3/4 (270)
A315-3/4 (400)12-1/2 (310)10-3/4 (270)
A423 (580)13-3/4 (345)10-3/4 (270)

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