ABB DCS 500 Digital DC Drive 25 to 5150 A

Future Performance Now

-With a New Generation DC Drive


ABB’s DCS 500 Digital Drive is designed to be used in both simple and complex applications. Advanced Control panel operation and easy Application Block Programming make the drive flexible and user friendly.Advanced Technology

The DCS 500 takes advantage of ABB’s extensive experience in DC drives. High quality components together with the latest production technology guarantee reliable operation and customer satisfaction. Performance with flexibility for industrial or commercial applications.

Technical data

Converter Ratings:
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Rated Voltage:220…1000 V ±10% AC
Input Voltage Phase:3 Phase AC
Rated Frequency:50/ 60 Hz
Dynamic Frequency Range:45…65 Hz
DC current:25…5150 A
Short term Overload Capacity:150% for 1 minute
Operating Limits:
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Ambient temperature:+5… +40°C (+40…104°F)
Storage temperature:-40… +55°C (-40…130°F)
Relative humidity:95% non condensing
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Operational Features

  • Removable Control Panel
  • External Digital Field Supply
  • Interface to programmable Controllers and Automation Systems
  • WindowsTM based Programming Tool (GAD) and Commissioning and Maintenance Tool (CMT)
  • External Isolated I/O boards

DCS 500 removable Control panelWith removable Control Panel, several converters can be programmed with a single panel.(The technical data is valid at the time of printing. ABB reverses the right to subsequent alterations.)

Standard I/O Connections:

  • 8 Digital Inputs
  • >8 Digital Outputs
  • 4 Analog Inputs
  • 3 Analog Outputs
  • 1 Tachometer Input
  • 1 Encoder Input

Optional I/O-boards are available to provide more flexibility and tailored solutions.

Standard Features

  • Autotuning for Armature and Field Current
  • Two Adjustable Ramp Generators
  • EMF, Tachometer, or Encoder Feedback
  • Application Function Block Programming
  • Adjustable Torque Limitation
  • Torque Window Control
  • Brake Control


  • Speed Feedback Loss
  • Motor Overtemperature
  • Motor Overload
  • Motor Overspeed
  • Motor Stall
  • Armature Overcurrent and Current Ripple
  • Armature Overvoltage
  • Loss of Field Current
  • SCR Overtemperature
  • Main Supply Overvoltage
  • Auxiliary Supply Overvoltage
  • Incorrect Pahse Sequence

Flexible Operation

The DCS500 can be controlled and monitored from either a PC-based Commissioning and Maintenance Tool or from a Control Panel which can be moved from one drive to another.
Drive applications can easily be changed with programmable function blocks. Application programs allow the drive to be configured without additional hardware. Changes can easily be made via the Control Panel.

DCS 500 Control Board and I/O Connection


DC CurrentSupply Voltage
500 V
600 V
690 V
790 V
1000 V
DCS 50x-00252424star
DCS 50x-00504444starstar
DCS 50x-00757560star
DCS 50x-01008696star
DCS 50x-01108787star
DCS 50x-014095140star
DCS 50x-0200134149star
DCS 50x-0250159177star
DCS 50x-0270213213star
DCS 50x-0350240267star
DCS 50x-0450316352starstar
DCS 50x-0520360398star
DCS 50x-0700556556star
DCS 50x-0900684684starstarstar
DCS 50x-1200888888star
DCS 50x-150012001200starstarstar
DCS 50x-200014791479star
DCS 50x-205015021502starstarstarstar
DCS 50x-250024022402starstarstar
DCS 50x-265020582058star
DCS 50x-320025512551starstar
DCS 50x-330024162416starstarstar
DCS 50x-400029772977starstarstarstarstar
DCS 50x-475037343734starstarstar
DCS 50x-515037963796star
DCS 50x Converter Module (x=1 for 1Q drives, x=2 for 4Q)