ABB DCS550 standard DC drives (20 A to 1000 A)

DCS550 standard DC drives

Flexibility for machine builders

This compact and feature packed DCS550 DC drive is designed to give machine builders the flexibility and features needed, either for new machine designs or to retrofit existing machines. They are designed with a wide range of built-in features including an integrated three phase filed exciter (up to 35 A), a wide selection of communication options, PID controls, and adaptive programming. All of these features help you integrate without DC drive control without having to add more and more components.


  • 20 to 1000A, 400 to 525 V
  • Compact size
  • Integrated field exciter
  • Built-in winding program
  • Extensive fieldbus communication options
  • PID controller
  • Adaptive programming
  • Startup assistants, easy commissioning
  • Large control panel
  • Rugged design
  • Worldwide service and support

Designed to meet the essential requirements of machinery manufacturers

The basic version of the DCS550 is already equipped with a large number of standard hardware interfaces like an encoder, an analog tachogenerator and four analog input devices.

Since the basic unit includes all important functions almost all applications are covered – options are not necessary.

The single-volume documentation provides comprehensive information on the unit, firmware and hardware. The guided start-up and complementary support functions reduce startup times to a minimum. The grouped structure of the parameters provides easy and clearly arranged navigation within the various features and functions. Error messages and help texts are displayed in plaintext in the user’s native language. The reduced need for training is an additional advantage created by the synergies and similarities with ABB’s DCS800 converter and ABB AC-drives.

Flexibility for different applications

DCS550 – Extensive applications
– Extruders
– Sugar centrifuges
– Wire drawing machines
– Coating lines
– Printing machines
– Presses
– Tools machines main drives
– Food processing machines
– Woodworking (wooden products and MDF industry)
– Retrofit of analog DC-technology

Modern DC-drives – More up-to-date than ever
Today, DC-drive technology is more up-to-date than ever. Their attractive cost-performance ratio and functional advantages such as high torque at low speed, light weight and low power loss, turn DC-drives into the preferred solution for many applications. As far as innovation is concerned ABB’s DCdrives match the same high standards as ABB’s AC-drives.

Easy upgrade of installed older converters
The machines are frequently still in very good condition, but spare parts and know-how for the installed power electronics are no longer available. With the DCS550, existing machines can be kept in operation by replacing the old drive. Short downtimes and low costs for the retrofit are additional advantages of an upgrade of existing machinery.

DCS550 DC drives Smart human-drive interface

All units are equipped with the DCS550 Control Panel. It can
be snapped into place on the power converter module or
installed in the switchgear cubicle door by means of a mounting

Control panel: high level of convenience included
The assistant control panel is part of the basic unit. It offers
a multi-language alphanumeric display (EN, DE, ES, FR, IT)
with a multilingual help function. The large graphic display
allows the user to freely select actual and set values. Another
additional advantage: the user can call up a list of all changed
parameters. The control panel can also store parameters as a
security backup or copy them for use in other converters.

– Startup Assistant
– Fault logger function
– Plain text for fault logger, faults and alarms
– Shows actual values in physical units
– Backup and Copy function for parameter
– Compare function for parameters
– Real time clock
– Help function
– Multilingual

Panel mounting kits
To attach the control panel to the outside of a larger enclosure,
two panel mounting kits are available. A simple and
cost-efficient installation is possible with the ACS/H-CP-EXT
kit, while the JPMP-01 kit provides a more user-friendly solution,
including a panel platform that enables the panel to be
removed in the same way as a drive-mounted panel. The
panel mounting kits include all hardware required, including
3 m extension cables and installation instructions.