ABB DCS800 DC Drive ,DCS800 (20 to 5200 A)


ABB DCS800 DC Drive

What is an DCS800 DC Drive?

The DCS800 DC Drive is simple to buy, install, confi gure
and use, saving considerable time.
* Precise delivery
* Quick installation
* Rapid startup
The drive has common user and process interface with
fi eldbus, common software tools for sizing, commissioning,
maintenance and common spare parts.

DCS800 DC Drive promises

The drive meet the requirement of all demanding drive
application like: • testrig • mine hoist • rolling mill
as well as none motoric applications like: electrolysis •
magnetics • battery charger …
Embedded software functions offer the upgrades of all
classic installations 12-pulse, shared motion, double
motor operation, fi eld reversal control.

Where can it be used?

DCS800 can be used in the wide range of all industrial
application of

* Metals                              * Vessels
* Pulp & Paper                  * Ski lifts
* Material handling         * Magnets
* Test rigs                          * Mining
* Food & Beverage          * Electrolysis
* Printing                          * Battery Chargers
* Plastic & Rubber           * and more


* Assistant control panel providing intuitive use of
the drive.
*  Excellent control performance up to highest dynamic
application in fi eld weakening operation.
*  All ACS800 PC tools (via DDCS) can be connected
*  Reduced installation and commissioning work.
*  Internal three phase fi eld exciter without additional
external hardware.
*  Prepared for addtional software function by adaptive
programming and IEC1131 programming.
*  Flexible fi eldbus system with built-in Modbus and
numerous internally mountable fi eldbus adapters.

What are its main features?

ABB DCS800 Power Converter Modules


The power converter modules DCS800-S0x have the protection class IP00 and are to be mounted in a cubicle or fi nger protected area. There are different sizes (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7), graduated in terms of current and voltage ranges.

All units are equipped with control panel DCS 800PAN. It can be snapped into place on the power converter module or installed in the switchgear cubicle door by means of a mounting kit.

Reference variables:

The voltage characteristics are shown in the table
beside. The DC voltage characteristics have been
calculated using the following assumptions:
• UVN = rated input terminal voltage, 3-phase
• Voltage tolerance ±10 %
• Internal voltage drop approx. 1%
• If a deviation or a voltage drop has to be taken
into consideration in compliance with IEC and
VDE standards, the output voltage or the output
current must be reduced by the actual factor
according to the table on the right.

Ratings, types and voltages

ABB DCS800 DC Drive Dimensioning/DriveSize

Quality dimensioning

DriveSize is a PC program for helping the user to select an optimal converter and options, especially in those cases where a straightforward selection from a catalogue is not possible. Documents about the dimensioning based on actual load.

The default values make DriveSize simple to use, but the user is provided with many options for drive selection. The shortcut keys make drive selection easy while still honouring the relatively complicated rules. A manual selection mode is also supported.
DriveSize is currently used by more than 1000 engineers globally.

DriveSize is for drive system components 

• DCS converter modules
• DCS enclosed converters
• Group drives (line-ups)
• Drive options

DriveSize features

• Select an drive unit, incoming unit
• Calculate duty load cycles for converters
• Supply dimensioning results in graphical and numerical format
• Print and save the results

DCS800 DC Drive Startup Assistant

Faster and easier commissioning
The Startup Assistant serves in DCS800 DC Drives. It guides you actively through the commissioning procedure either by the control panel or ABB PC tools. It is multilingual, requests data with clear and plain text messages, and sets the required parameters to your needs. It also comes with an online info system with step-by-step reference to printed manuals.

On-line info system
To make it easier and more informative, there is an online info system available at each step, helping to set the correct values for each parameter and troubleshoot the problems.

Startup Assistant Features
• Easy and fast commissioning procedure
• Intelligent guide to assist you through the
• Your own language
• On-line info system always available
• Auto detection of connected hardware
The DCS800 DC Drive offers you all this as standard

More ABB DCS800 DC Drive… …   

DCS800-EPx Panel DC Drive

The DCS800-EPx Panel Drive is a DCS800 power module and associated system components that are mounted and wired on a sub-panel, ready to be installed into an industrial enclosure. System components include AC input fuses, DC output fuses (regen only), control transformer, AC or DC contactor, plus optional components. The drive is designed to easily replace a Reliance Electric FlexPak 3000 drive.

  • 460 Vac, factory or field convertible to 230 Vac
  • 10 to 500 HP with heavy duty overload ratings (150 pct for 60 sec.)
  • 600 HP with normal duty ratings (110 pct for 60 sec.)
  • Integral ABB AC contactor up to 300 HP; ABB DC contactor 400 to 600 HP
  • UL Listed with 65 kA SCCR
ABB DCS800-EP Panel DC Inverters (20-1000 Amps) Distributors
DCS800-EP1 & DCS800-EP2
If you are looking for ABB DCS800 Drives, please call us on (+86)755.8660.6182  or email us at [email protected] we will do our best to help you find the ABB DCS800 Industrial Inverters that you are looking for at competitive prices. If you are searching for ABB DCS800 VFD Drive technical information (data-sheets) please use the datasheets or product selection guide page links.
DCS800 Power Converter Modules

The DCS800-S0x power converter module carries a NEMA TYPE OPEN (IP00) rating and must be mounted in a protective enclosure. There are seven different frame sizes, D1 through D7, graduated in terms of current and voltage.

Non-regenerative (2-Q) power converter modules are used when motor torque is always in the same direction or when significant stopping power is not required. It is not possible for a 2-Q drive to slow down an inertial load. The load will stop only due to friction, windage, or another form of load resistance.

Regenerative (4-Q) power converter modules are used when motor torque can occur in either direction. A 4-Q drive is able to start and stop an inertial load in both forward and reverse directions.

ABB DCS800 Regenerative & Non-Regenerative Power Converter Modules Distributor
DCS800 Power Converter Modules
DCS800 Enclosed Converters

The DCS800-A enclosed converters are drive modules and supporting hardware that is mounted in an enclosure, intended to power and control DC industrial machines.

DCS800-A enclosed converters are available with regenerative (4-quadrant) and non-regenerative (2-quadrant) drives in standard 6-pulse or 12-pulse configurations. The cabinets have a continuous current rating which ranges from 18 Amps up to 9800 Amps. (19,600 Amps possible with parallel units.) Supply voltage ranges from 230 to 1200 Vac.

ABB DCS800-A DC 18A to 9800/19600A Enclosed Converters Distributors
DCS800 Enclosed Converters
DCS800 Rebuild & Upgrade Kits

The DCS800-R Rebuild or Upgrade Kit from ABB allows you to update the controls on your existing DC drive and continue to utilize the existing power section. The DCS800-R Upgrade Kit is specifically designed to upgrade the controls of existing DCS500 drives.

  • For frame sizes A5, A6, A7, C2b, C3, & C4
  • For drives approx. 350 HP and above
  • Replaces existing door, control tray and keypad
ABB DCS800 Rebuild & Upgrade Kits Distributor
DCS800 Rebuild & Upgrade Kits
R-Series Fieldbus Adapter Modules

The R-series fieldbus adapter modules are flexible plug-in adapters that provide fast and simple universal connectivity to all major controllers. Universal connectivity means ABB low voltage drives connect to virtually all controller brands and communication networks, allowing users to choose the best network to meet their needs.

Network connectivity of products provides simplified interface for control and management of drives; improving quality, productivity, flexibility and scalability. Fieldbus networks also offer a cost reduction in wiring costs, compared to traditional I/O connections.

ABB’s complete product portfolio of drives and fieldbus adapters make ABB drives ideal for many different industrial applications in industries such as; water & wastewater, pumps & fans, alternative energy, pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, and oil and gas.

ABB RDNA-01 (+K451) DeviceNet Fieldbus Adapter Modules Distributors
Fieldbus Adapter Modules