ABB S900 I/O system – S900 remote I/O

The remote S900 I/O system can be installed directly in zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous areas.

S900 IO system

ABB S900 I/O communicates with the control system level using the Profibus standard.
The I/O system can be installed directly in the field, therefore the costs for marshalling and wiring are reduced.

The system is sturdy, error-tolerant and easy to service. Integrated disconnection mechanisms allow replacement during operation, meaning that there is no need to interrupt the primary voltage in order to exchange the power supply units.

S900 I/O features include:

  • Remote I/O system for hazardous areas
  • Redundancy for maximum availability
  • Hot-swap capability of all components during operation
  • Extended diagnostic functions to reduce maintenance efforts

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S900 remote I/O System Benefits

  • Value for your money: Integrated galvanic isolated barrier function reduces the need for additional barriers
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to auto-diagnostics and the availability of diagnostic data via the fieldbus or locally at the S900 I/O station
  • Easy configuration using FDT/DTM or GSD files

Technical Data

Digital I/O Modules
DX910S/B/NDigital input or output Input for dry contact or NAMUR initiator. Output for low power intrinsic safe valves. 8 I/O channels
DP910S/B/NFrequency input Input for dry contact or NAMUR initiator
DX910S/B/NDigital input or output Input for dry contact or NAMUR initiator. Output for low power intrinsic safe valves. 8 I/O channels
DO910S/B/NOutput for valves 4 channels
DO930NWith 4 normally-open contacts and 2 changeover contacts

Analog Input Modules
Analog input. 4 channels. Transmitter power supply, 4..20 mA
AI930S/B/NAnalog input, HART. 4 channels. Transmitter power supply, 4..20 mA
AI931S/B/NAnalog Input, HART. 4 channels. Passive input, 0/4..20 mA
AI950S/B/NTemperature. 4 channels. Pt100, Pt1000, Ni100 in 2-/3-/4-wire technique thermocouples type B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T
isolated inputs channel by channel

Analog Output Modules
AO910S/B/N4 channels. Output 0/4..20 mA.
AO920S/B/N4 channels. Output 0/4..20 mA. Isolated outputs channel by channel
AO930S/B/N4 channels. HART. Output 0/4..20 mA.
Compact Box
CB220NS900 remote I/O in compact form with up to 4 I/O

The S900 components

The S900 components are based on a passive backplane suitable for assembly in the control room or for fi eld assembly in an appropriate housing. The passive backplane contains all terminal units for fi eld circuits, communication, and the power supply. The
function modules are plugged into the backplane in the slots. The redundant backplane has two slots for power supply units, two slots for the bus couplers, and 16 slots for the various function modules. The digital function modules have up to 8 channels, while the analog function modules are designed with up to 4 channels. Using a redundant backplane, therefore, up to 128 digital or 64 analog channels can be connected per station.

Some of the special features are:
• Flexibility for a large number of different applications: assembly in various hazardous areas or standard non-hazardous areas, as well as various variants and solutions
• Good price/performance ratio because exter- nal barriers for the fi eld circuits have been
removed and costs are cut in terms of cabling, installation, hardware, and maintenance
• High availability thanks to redundancy
• Simplifi ed maintenance thanks to autodiag- nostics and the provision of diagnostic data via the fi eldbus as well as signaling through LEDs at the S900 station itself
• Easy confi guration either using FDT/DTM or by means of GSD fi les, allowing connection to practically all process control systems
• Easy handling thanks to the hot-swap capability of all components during operation

S900 remote I/O System

Description of the S900 system

S900 provides the input/output modules needed for the intrinsically safe connection of the fi eld signals. In the S900 modules, the fi eld signals are digitized and electrically isolated then made available using an internal bus. A bus coupler converts these signals to comply with the standardized Profi bus DP V1 fi eldbus protocol.

Higher-level process control systems, programmable logic controls, or SCADA systems use this fi eldbus, which is also intrinsically safe, to communicate with the bus coupler. One and the same fi eldbus network is used for the confi guration of the individual S900 stations, the cyclical data exchange, all acyclic services, and communication with HART fi eld devices. When it comes to installation and maintenance, all input/output modules can be exchanged speedily as the modules and the optionally redundant bus couplers can be
exchanged in all S900 series during operation. Integrated, encapsulated disconnection mechanisms also allow the power supply units to be exchanged without switching off the power supply.

As a result of its rugged, space-saving design, combined with protection against environmental infl uences, the S900 remote I/O system is the solution of choice for direct, cost-saving on-site deployment in Zone 1 or 2 hazardous areas as well as in non-hazardous areas.

Integration into the control system

The various S900 remote I/O stations can be confi gured
and parameterized directly from the engineering
tool integrated into the process control system. The
confi guration can be carried out using the standardized
FDT/DTM interface or, for example, using GSD files.

In addition to the control system’s engineering tool,
an independent device management tool such as
DSV4 (SMART VISION) can also be used for commissioning,
diagnosis, and maintenance. In addition, the HART
fi eld devices can be confi gured and parameterized.