The ACH550 is an variable frequency AC drive designed specifically for the HVAC market that achieves the ultimate in flexible motor control performance. Offering two modes of motor control: Scalar (V/Hz) and Sensorless Vector, the ACH550 provides
accurate speed control for any standard squirrel cage motor.
With drives ranging from 1 to 550 HP, the ACH550 series features an ‘intuitively obvious’ multi-lingual, graphic display panel that also provides an assistant to aid users in start-up. The control panel can be mounted on the cover of the drive, or remotely, and
can upload, store, and download parameters.
The ACH550 comes equipped with an extensive library of preprogrammed HVAC application macros that, at the touch of a button, allow rapid configuration of inputs, outputs, and parameters for specific HVAC applications to maximize convenience and
minimize start-up time.

The ACH550 can be used for the simplest to the most demanding HVAC applications. Two internal option slots can be configured with additional relay outputs as well as a host of different communication bus adapters.

The ACH550 has a 110% short term overload rating for one (1) minute out of ten (10) and is capable of >130% short-term overload rating for 2 seconds out of each minute. This provides the torque you need to start high inertia fan(s).

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ABB drives for HVAC applications ACH550, 1 to 550 Hp

User Friendly Operator Control Panel
The ACH550 includes an operator control panel that is as easy to understand and use as a cell phone. The standard display mode can be user-configured to show the operating status information that you want to see. The panel is mounted on the front face of the drive and can be hand held or mounted remotely.
Designed specifically for HVAC applications, the operator panel includes HAND, OFF, AUTO and speed INCREASE and DECREASE keys are provided for manual operation. Two multi-function Soft Keys are provided for navigating through the menus and setting parameters. A HELP key pulls up a brief description of the displayed or highlighted item.


Backlit, Multilingual, Text/Graphics Display
The liquid crystal display (LCD) is backlit and provided with a contrast adjustment for optimum legibility under a range of viewing conditions.
Graphical Display
Parameter values can be displayed in bar graph meter format.
Plain English
The ACH550 presents information in “plain” English (no codes).
User-selected Languages
In addition to US English, ten other languages are available including French, Spanish, German, Italian,Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Portuguese, Dutch and international English.

Standard Display Mode
When the operator panel is in the standard display mode as shown above, the top line of the display always shows the drive operating status, HAND, OFF or AUTO, the direction of motor rotation and the speed command setting.
The center three lines show the values of three user-selected parameters in large numbers with user-selected units of measurement.
The bottom line shows the functions assigned to the Soft Keys for that particular display. In the menus, the function of the Soft Key on the left is generally EXIT or CANCEL.
Repeatedly pressing the EXIT or CANCEL key brings the display back to the standard display mode.
The local time is displayed in the center of the bottom line of the standard display (12 or 24 hour format).

ABB  ACH550 Introduction
The ABB ACH550 AC drive combines a sophisticated microprocessor with an advanced IGBT power switching technology to deliver a full featured drive in an extremely
compact design. The ACH550 is a highly efficient and dependable (PWM) drive designed specifically for the HVAC industry

ACH550 ABB INVERTER DRIVES Product Selection

ACH550-01-012A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 5.5KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-08A8-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 4KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-05A4-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 2.2KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-06A9-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 3KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-06A9-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 3KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-038A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 18.5KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-02A4-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 0.75KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-015A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 7.5KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-180A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 90KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-02-245A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 132KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-072A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 37KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-072A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 37KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-087A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 45KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-087A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 45KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-08A8-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 4KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-02-195A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 110KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-125A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 55KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-125A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 55KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-02-195A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 110KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-157A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 75KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-157A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 75KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-180A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 90KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-012A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 5.5KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-05A4-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 2.2KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-015A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 7.5KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-023A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 11KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-023A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 11KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-02A4-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 0.75KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-031A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 15KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-031A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 15KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-038A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 18.5KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-03A3-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 1.1KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-03A3-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 1.1KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-045A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 22KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-045A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 22KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-04A1-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 1.5KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-04A1-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 1.5KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-059A-4ABBACH550 Three phase IP21 HVAC 30KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-01-059A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 30KW Variable Speed Drive
ACH550-02-245A-4B055ABBACH550 Three phase IP54 HVAC 132KW Variable Speed Drive

Popular Products Series


SINAMICS G130 chassis units have been designed for variable-speed drives in machine building and plant construction.
They have been specially tuned to the requirements of drives with quadratic or constant load characteristics with medium performance requirements without regenerative feedback.

Mitsubishi F740 Series Frequency Inverter

The FR-F700 Series was launched in 2004 as the successor to the FR-F500 Series VFD. With growing market demands for energy saving inverters in building automation, water processing and HVAC industries, the FR-F700 was able to exceed power-saving expectations in fan and pump applications by incorporating “OEC” (optimum excitation control) which combined maximum drive utilization with minimal power consumption.


We provide the assembled version of 6RM80 product, and all the accessories are from the official Siemens, which are 100% tested and strictly tested before delivery.
Please consult our sales department for price.

ACS800-104/-104LC – inverter module

These 3-phase inverter modules have the flexibility to fit into your own cabinets. They can be parallel connected to produce higher powers. Built-in redundancy allows you to run the drive at partial load, even when one of the modules is not operating. The inverter modules include capacitors that smooth the voltage of the DC busbars in multidrive configurations. Available as air and liquid-cooled variants.

ACS800-04 – single drive modules

The single drive modules variant ACS800-04M offers more possibilities. Including normal bookshelf mounting and flat (sideways) mounting. This improves installation into cabinets with a shallow inner depth. Frame size R7 also offers a variant with motor connections available from the bottom of the module. Giving you the possibility of a narrower cabinet for relevant installations.

Siemens SIMOVERT MasterDrive Rectifier Regenerative Unit

Allen-Bradley Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives | Ultra3000 Servo Drives

Bulletin 2098 Ultra™ 3000 Digital Servo Drives support simple standalone indexing as well as multi-axis integrated motion. All power sizes are available with indexing, SERCOS interface and DeviceNet™ networking options. Integrate this drive with the ControlLogix™ or SoftLogix™ platform via SERCOS interface for integrated motion.


The PH450 pH analyzer provides the best accuracy in the industry, featuring an advanced temperature compensation functionality, preloaded calibration standards, stability checks, and online sensor and analyzer diagnostics to provide verifiable results.
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