PanelView 1000e, 1200e, and 1400e terminals provide a fast, easy, flexible, and low-cost operator interface for a PLC system. PanelView 1000e, 1200e, and 1400e terminals are pre-assembled and ready to install in a control panel cutout or 19-inch rack with the adapter kit. They connect directly to any Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, Data Highway Plus (DH+), or optionally, ControlNet link. They are ideal replacements for traditional control panel.

Panelview 2711E
Panelview 2711E

Allen-Bradley PanelView 2711E Product Selection

Panelview 2711EDescription
2711E-K10C151000e Keypad terminal
2711E-K10C61000e Keypad terminal
2711E-K10C71000e Keypad terminal
2711E-K12C61200e Keypad terminal
2711E-K12C6L21200e Keypad Stainless Steel terminal
2711E-K14C151400e Keypad terminal
2711E-K14C61400e Keypad terminal
2711E-K14C71400e Keypad terminal
2711E-T10C151000e Touch Screen terminal
2711E-T10C61000e Touch Screen terminal
2711E-T10C71000e Touch Screen terminal
2711E-T12C41200e Touch Screen terminal
2711E-T12C61200e Touch Screen terminal
2711E-T14C151400e Touch Screen terminal
2711E-T14C61400e Touch Screen terminal
2711E-T14C71400e Touch Screen terminal

Troubleshooting PanelView Terminals

This section will describe how to diagnose and solve operational problems of a Panelview 1000E, 1200E, or 1400E terminal. To solve PanelBuilder software problems, refer to the appropriate Allen-Bradley manuals.

If the screen on your PanelView 1000 terminal has become darkened, either the screen saver has been switched on or the backlight has been switched off. If you note uneven intensity, the backlight may need to be replaced. The backlight should be checked for replacement every 10,000 hours of operation. For the procedure of replacement, see the Installation Data Sheet that is included in the Backlight Replacement Kit (A-B Catalog Number 6189-NL2). To prolong the life of the backlight, use the screensaver and turn down the backlight intensity. After changing the backlight, reset the hours for the backlight time. You can also check the amount of hours taht the terminal has been in iperation by selecting Terminal Diagnostics from the Terminal Configuration screen. Then select the Hours Logged tab.

Verifying Configuration Settings

To view the terminal network settings, press the Terminal Network Setup button on the Terminal Configuration screen. The settings displayed for RIO, DH+, and ControlNet are those of the current application.

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