Allen-Bradley PanelView 300 Micro Operator Interface

Space-saving, Lowest-cost, Feature-rich

Rockwell Automation now adds the smallest and lowest-cost operator interface to its family of Allen-Bradley PanelView Standard operator interface products — PanelView 300 Micro.

PanelView 300

About This Product

Just 5.2″ x 4.4″ (133x111mm) and only 1.5″ (48mm) deep, it is
ideal for customers who need a space-saving and low-cost yet
feature-rich solution.
Although designed for low-end graphical or
text-only operator interface applications, it has
many of the same features found in the rest of the
PanelView Standard family. It uses PanelBuilder32™
configuration software and firmware as all other
PanelView Standard terminals.
The 3.2″ diagonal monochrome display offers full
graphic capability, and 4 standard function keys
plus configurable arrow keys for a total of 8 function
keys. The liquid crystal LED back-lit display is ideal for both high
and low ambient light.
Other features include:
• Alarming
• Screen security
• Analog gauges
• DF1™ and DH-485 communication options, targeting
MicroLogix™ and SLC™ systems
• PanelBuilder32 provides the ability to create and reuse screens
or objects from any other PanelView Standard application
• Supports L files (32-bit) for use with MicroLogix controllers
• Easily switch between English, French, Italian, German,
and Spanish text

About PanelBuilder32
PanelView 300

Designed to operate on Microsoft® Windows® (including
Windows 2000) operating system, PanelBuilder32 features an
intuitive development environment to simplify application design,
reduce development time, maximize performance, and improve
productivity. This Micro uses the same PanelBuilder32 as the
rest of the PanelView Standard product family.
• Set defaults to reduce development time.
• Easy screen design using symbols, objects, graphics, and
imported bitmap images.
• Create analog gauges for more intuitive operation.
• Create application graphical screens with push buttons,
selectors, numeric and ASCII entry devices, diagnostic
indicators, message displays, embedded numeric and
ASCII variable displays, custom graphics, and more

Ordering Information for PanelView 300 Micro Catalog Number
24V dc Keypad Terminal with DH-485 (8-pin mini-DIN, RS232) communications2711-M3A19L1
24V dc Keypad Terminal with DF1 (8-pin mini-DIN, RS232) communications12711-M3A18L1
RS-232 Operating Cable (8-pin mini-DIN to 8-pin mini-DIN) 5 meters (16.4 ft.)2711-CBL-HM05
RS-232 Operating Cable (8-pin mini-DIN to 8-pin mini-DIN) 10 meters (32.7 ft.)2711-CBL-HM10
RS-232 Operating/Programming Cable (9-pin D-Shell to 8-pin mini-DIN) 5 meters (16.4 ft.)2711-CBL-PM05
RS-232 Operating/Programming Cable (9-pin D-Shell to 8-pin mini-DIN) 10 meters (32.7 ft.)2711-CBL-PM10
PanelBuilder32 Software for developing applications – Version 3.60 or later2711-ND3