Allen-Bradley Programmable Controllers | PLC-5 System

The PLC-5® processor module in a 1771 platform provides a proven approach for industrial control. PLC-5 processors are high-speed, single-slot processors used for control and information processing. They are designed for larger sequential and regulatory control applications with specialized I/O requirements and/or the need to coordinate with other processors and devices.

PLC-5 processors are available in a range of I/O capacity and memory size, and can be connected in a variety of networks for distributed processing and distributed I/O. The 1771 I/O products offer a full range of digital and analog I/O (including intelligent I/O) in a rugged modular assembly.

PLC-5 System

PLC-5 System Benefits

  • Modularity — Modular I/O and communication interfaces provide a configurable and expandable system. A system should be configured for the required number of I/O and the communication networks. Later, when system expansion is necessary, I/O or communication interfaces can be added.
  • Speed — Fast delivery of messages between networks, between links within networks, and between modules across the backplane.
  • Toughness — Industrially-hardened hardware platform is designed to withstand the vibrations, thermal extremes, and electrical noise associated with harsh industrial environments.
  • Broad I/O options — A large selection of 1771 I/O modules available for use in the local I/O chassis, and an even larger selection of I/O available at locations remote from the processor, can be connected across ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, and Remote I/O links.

Allen-Bradley PLC-5 System Overview

PLC-5 processors are available in a range of forcible I/O (512 maximum through 3072 maximum) and maximum user memory (6K through 100K words). All are capable of controlling remotely located I/O. The maximum number of I/O locations remote from the processor ranges from 5 through 125. The processor can monitor/control these I/O across ControlNet, DeviceNet, and Remote I/O links.

The 1771 platform provides a rack-based modular assembly. The PLC-5 processors are single-slot modules that are placed into the left-most slot of a 1771 I/O chassis. For 1771 I/O in a location remote from the processor, the I/O adapter is a single-slot module that is placed into the left-most slot of a 1771 I/O chassis. Some 1771 I/O chassis are built for back-panel mounting and some are built for rack mounting. The 1771 I/O chassis is available in sizes of 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, or 16 I/O module slots. The 1771 I/O modules are available in densities of a maximum of 32 I/O per module. Mechanical keying of each I/O module to its backplane connector guards against inadvertently replacing a module with another module of a different type. Because external connections are terminated at a wiring arm that unplugs from the module, there is no need to disconnect wiring to replace an I/O module.

Power supply modules are available for installation in I/O module slots. Also stand-alone power supplies are available and can be mounted separately or directly on the left end of the 1771 I/O chassis.

Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Processors Overview

The PLC-5® processors are single-slot modules that are placed into the left-most slot of a 1771 I/O chassis. They are available in a range of I/O, memory, and communication capability.PLC-5 Processors

PLC-5 processors have ports configurable for either a Data Highway Plus messaging communication link or a Universal Remote I/O link. As a Universal Remote I/O port, it can be configured as either an I/O scanner port or an I/O adapter port. As an I/O scanner port, it monitors and controls the I/O on the link by communicating with the I/O adapters for those I/O. As an adapter port, it communicates only with the I/O scanner port on the link, passing a maximum of one I/O rack of input and output data between the two to provide distributed processing.

All PLC-5 processors have Data Highway Plus and RS-232-C/422-A/423-A communication ports. In addition to these ports, each Ethernet PLC-5 processor has an Ethernet communication port, and each ControlNet PLC-5 processor has a ControlNet communication port.

Although each Ethernet PLC-5 processor has on-board Ethernet ports; additional Ethernet ports can be added to any PLC-5 processor system with a 1785-ENET Ethernet Interface Module. PLC-5 processors do not have an on-board DeviceNet port. A DeviceNet port can be added to the system with a 1771-SDN scanner module.

  • Ladder-logic and structured-text programming
  • Advanced instruction set including file handling, sequencer, diagnostic, shift register, immediate I/O, and program control instructions
  • Multiple main control programs for segregation of control tasks
  • Processor input interrupts and global status flags
  • Programmable fault response for reacting to a fault before the system goes down
  • Timed interrupt routine for examining specific information at specific time intervals
  • Protected memory selectable by word on selected processors
  • 512 through 3072 maximum forcible I/O in any mix
  • Up to 50,176 maximum non-forcible I/O
  • Processor-resident local I/O (1771 I/O modules)
  • Extended-local I/O on selected processors (1771 I/O modules)
  • Universal Remote I/O (1746, 1771, and 1794 I/O modules and 1791 I/O blocks)
  • DeviceNet I/O (1794 I/O modules, 1792D I/O blocks)
  • ControlNet I/O on selected processors (1771, 1734, 1794, 1797 I/O modules)
  • Universal Remote I/O ports can be configured as either an I/O scanner port or an I/O adapter port

Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Programmable Controllers Ordering data

1771-A1BAllen Bradley PLC-5 Chassis 4 Slot Rack 1771A1B for Programmable Controllers
1771-A3B1Allen Bradley PLC 5 Rack 12 Slot Chassis A3B1 Rockwell Automation I/O Rack
1771-ACNR15AB Redun. Media ControlNet Interf. Module 1771AC 1771ACN 1771ACNR 1771ACNR1
1771-AFAllen Bradley Automation Fiber-Optic Converter Module for PLC-5 Automation
1771-AF1Allen Bradley PLC-5 FIber Optic Converter Module Stand Alone 1771-AF 1771-AF1/B
1771-ALAllen Bradley PLC-5 Local Input/Output Adapter Module, 1771A for PLC-5
1771-ALXAllen Bradley PLC-5 Local I/O Adapter Module, 1771A 1771AL for Rockwell Automation
1771-ARCAllen Bradley PLC5 Remote I/O Adapter Module 1771ARC for Rockwell PLC-5
1771-CT1771 I/O Chassis Cable For 1771-P4S, 6S Power Supply Allen Bradley Automation
1771-CX1PLC-5 Family Local I/O Bus Terminator Cable 1771-C 1771-CX
1771-CX2PLC-5 Local I/O Bus Terminator Cable Allen Bradley Automation 1771-CX2
1771-CX5Rockwell Automation PLC-5 Local I/O Bus Terminator Cable 1771-C 1771-CX 1771-CX5
1771-DCMAB Direct Communication Module 1771D 1771DC for PLC-5 Programmable Controllers
1771-DLCPLC5 Encoder Input Module 1771DLC Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation CN 1771-DLC
1771-DMCAB Control PLC-5 Module 1771-DM 1771-D 1771 Rockwell Automation PLC-5
1771-E1CPLC5 Input Analog Expander Module 1771E1C 1771EIC Allen Bradley PLC-5 Module
1771-HSAB PLC5 Main SERVO 32K Memory 1771HS Memory for PLC-5 Units Allen Bradley
1771-IADAB PLC-5 Digital Input Mod. 120Volts AC/DC, 16 Inputs 1771I 1771IA
1771-IBDAB PLC-5 Input Mod. 10-30V DC Sink/Source Load 16 Input 1771I 1771IB
1771-IBDKRockwell AB PLC-5 Input Mod. Conforormal Coat, 10-30VDC 16 Input 1771I 1771IB
1771-IBNAllen Bradley PLC-5 High-True Input Mod. 10-30V DC 32 Input 1771I 1771IB
1771-IBNKAB PLC-5 High-True 32-Input Mod. Confm. Coat 10-30VDC 1771I 1771IB 1771IBN
1771-IDCAB 1771-IDC Isolated Input Module for PLC-5 1771-ID 1771-I Allen Bradley
1771-IEAnalog Input Module AB PLC5 1771IE 1771-I Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley
1771-IE04PLC5 Controller Analog Input 8 Bit Module 1771 IE04 For Allen Bradley
1771-IECAB Input Analog Module PLC5 Series Allen Bradley 8 Bit Rockwell Automation
1771-IF1771-IF Input Analog Module 1771IF AB PLC5 Allen Bradley Automation
1771-IFCAnalog Input Module 12 Bit – AB PLC-5 1771-I PLC-5 Automation Rockwell
1771-IFEAB PLC-5 Analog Input Module, 12 Bit, 1771I 1771IF 1771IFE Rockwell Automation
1771-IFEKAB PLC-5 Analog Input Module, 1771I 1771IF 1771IFE 1771IFEK Allen Bradley Controller
1771-INDPLC-5 Systems AB INPUT Mod. 24V AC, 16 INPUT 1771I 1771IN Allen Bradley Systems
1771-IRKAB PLC-5 Conformally Coated RTD Input Mod. 3-Wire RTD 1771I 1771IR Automation Rockwell
1771-IVNAB PLC-5 Low-True Input Mod. 10-30V DC, 32 Input 1771I 1771IV Allen Bradley PLC-5
1771-IXEAB PLC-5 Thermocouple/Millivolt Input Mod. 1771I 1771IX Automation Systems
1771-IYCAB Thermocouple Expander Module PLC-5 1771IYC Allen Bradley
1771-KEAllen Bradley AB Data Hwy RS-232C Intfce. Mod. 1771K Rockwell Systems for PLC-5
1771-KFAB Data Hwy RS-232C Intfce. Mod. (Stand Alone) 1771K Allen Bradley PLC-5
1771-NC6Allen Bradley Automation High Resolution Isolated Analog Series Cable PLC-5
1771-NISAllen Bradley AB High Resolution Isolated Analog Module 1771N 1771NI PLC-5
1771-NIVTPLC-5 Systems AB PLC-5 High Res. Iso. Anlg. Mod. 1771N 1771NI 1771NIV
1771-NT1Rockwell Automation AB PLC-5 High Res. Iso. Anlg. Mod. 8 Inputs, 1771N 1771NT
1771-OADAllen Bradley AB PLC-5 Digital Output Mod. 120V AC, 16 Outputs 1771O 1771OA
1771-OADKAB PLC-5 Digital Output Mod. 16 Outputs, Conformal Coat 1771O 1771OA 1771OAD
1771-OBNAB PLC-5 10-30V DC High-True Output Mod. 32 Outputs, 1771O 1771OB PLC Systems
1771-ODCAllen Bradley AB Output Module Isolated PLC-5 1771-ODC 1771-OD 1771-O 1771 ODC
1771-OFE2Allen Bradley AB PLC-5 Analog Output Module 4 Outputs 1771O 1771OF 1771OFE
1771-OFE2KRockwell AB PLC-5 Analog Output Mod. 4 Outputs 1771O 1771OF 1771OFE 1771OFE2
1771-OFE3Automation AB PLC-5 Analog Output Mod. 4 Diff. 1771O 1771OF 1771OFE Rockwell AB
1771-OGCAllen Bradley AB PLC-5 Output Module 1771-OGC 1771-OG 1771-O 1771 OGC PLC-5
1771-ONAllen Bradley PLC-5 AB 24V AC OUTPUT MODULE, 8 OUTPUTS 1771O Automation
1771-OWAllen Bradley PLC-5 AB CONTACT OUTPUT Mod. 1771O Catalog Number 1771-OW
1771-OW16Allen Bradley AB PLC-5 Chan. Iso. Contact Output Mod. 16 Outputs 1771O 1771OW 1771OW1
1771-OW16KAB PLC-5 16 Output Mod. Conformally Coated 1771O 1771OW 1771OW1 1771OW16
1771-OYAllen Bradley AB PLC-5 Output Module Reelay 1771-OY 1771-O 1771OY Rockwell Automation
1771-OYCRockwell Automation for PLC-5 Module Output Allen Bradley Systems 1771-OYC
1771-P4AB Power Supply Module for PLC5 1771P4 Rockwell Automation Systems for PLC-5
1771-P4SRockwell Automation AB PLC-5 Power Supply, 1-Slot, 8A, 120V AC 1771P 1771P4
1771-P4S1Automation AB PLC-5 Power Supply, 1-Slot, 8A, 100V AC 1771P 1771P4 1771P4S Rockwell
1771-P4SKAutomation AB PLC-5 Conform. Coat., Power Sply., 8A, 120V AC,1771P 1771P4 1771P4S
1771-P5Allen Bradley PLC-5 AB Power Sply., 8A, 24V DC 1771P for Rockwell Automation
1771-P6RAllen Bradley PLC-5 AB Power Supply ,Renund., Slot, 8A, 220V AC 1771P 1771P6
1771-PSCCAllen Bradley PLC-5 AB POWER CABLE, 1771 I/O RACK TO 1771-PS7, 1771-PSC Rockwell
1771-QDAllen Bradley PLC-5 Plastic Injection Control Module Rockwell Automation
1771-RTP1Automation PLC-5 AB High Res. Isolated Analog Ser. 1771R 1771RT 1771RTP 1771RTP1
1771-RTP4PLC-5 AB High Res. Isolated Analog Ser. 1771R 1771RT 1771RTP 1771RTP4 Rockwell
1771-SDNAutomation AB PLC-5 DeviceNet Scanner Module, 2-Channel 1771S 1771SD PLC-5
1771-SNPLC-5 AB SUB I/O SCANNER MODULE 1771S Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation Systems
1771-SPIPLC-5 AB SPI PROTOCOL INTERFACE MODULE 1771S 1771SP Automation Allen Bradley
1771-TCMPLC-5 Automation AB TEMPERATURE CONTROL MODULE 1771T 1771TC Rockwell Systems
1771-WBRockwell Automation PLC-5 Field Wiring Arm, 12 Terminals, Gold Plated
1771-WCPLC-5 Systems Field Wiring Arm, 10 Terminals, Gold Plated Programmable
1771-WDWiring PLC-5 Field Wiring Arm, 12 Terminals, Tin Plated Allen Bradley Systems
1771-WEAllen Bradley PLC-5 Thermocouple Wiring Arm For IX/IY Rockwell Automation
1785-L40CRockwell Automation AB PLC-5/40C Cntrlr. for ControlNet 1785L 1785L4 1785L40
1785-L40C15AUtomation AB PLC-5/40C Procsr. w/ControlNet 48K SRAM 1785L 1785L4 1785L40 1785L40C1
1785-L40EAllen Bradley AB PLC-5/40E EtherNet/IP Cntrlr. 48K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L4 1785L40
1785-L40LRockwell AB PLC-5/40L Procsr., Extd. Local I/O, 48K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L4 1785L40
1785-L46BRockwell AB PLC-5/40 Protected Cntrlr. 48K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L4 1785L46
1785-L46C15Protected ControlNet PLC-5/40 Controller, 48K Word Rockwell Automation
1785-L60BAllen Bradley AB PLC-5/60 Cntrlr. 64K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L6 1785L60 Rockwell
1785-L60LRockwell Automation AB Extnd. Local PLC-5/60L Cntrlr. 64K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L6
1785-L80BRockwell AB PLC-5/80 Cntrlr. 100K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L8 1785L80 PLC-5 Systems
1785-L80CAutomation AB PLC-5/80C Cntrlr. for ControlNet Phase 1.25 1785L 1785L8 1785L80
1785-L80C15Allen AB PLC-5/80C Cntrlr. for ControlNet 1.5 1785L 1785L8 1785L80 1785L80C 1785L80C1
1785-L80EAllen Bradley AB EtherNet/IP PLC-5/80E Cntrlr. 100K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L8 1785L80
1785-L86BProtected PLC-5/80 Controller, 100K Word SRAM Rockwell Automation Systems
1785-LTAllen Bradley AB PLC-5 Processor Module 1785-LT 1785-L 1785LT PLC-5 Systems
1785-LT2Allen Bradley PLC-5 Systems 1785 CPU Module PLC-5 Memory Rockwell Automation
1785-LT3Allen Bradley Systems Processor PLC5 Module AB 1785-LT Rockwell Automation
1785-LT4PLC-5 Programmable Controller Module Processor Memory Rockwell Automation
1785-M100Allen Bradley AB PLC-5 EEPROM Mem. Cart., 100K Words 1785M 1785M1 1785M10
1785-ME16Rockwell Automation AB PLC-5/11, 5/20 EEPROM Mem. Cart. 1785M 1785ME 1785ME1
1785-ME32Rockwell Automation AB PLC-5/30 EEPROM Mem. Cart. 1785M 1785ME 1785ME3
1785-ME64Automation AB PLC-5/60 EEPROM Mem. Cart., 64K Words, Ser. A 1785M 1785ME 1785ME6
1785-MJAllen Bradley Automation AB PLC-5 EEPROM Cart. 1785M Rockwell Systems Robotics
1785-O5GPLC5 Interface Module 1785o5g 1785-05G Allen Bradley PLC-5 1785-05 CN
1785-RCRockwell Automation AB PLC-5 Relay Cartridge with EditT/Force Monitoring 1785R
1785-V30BAllen Bradley PLC-5/V30 Controller 32K Max User Memory Words 1785-V30 1785-V3 1785-V
1785-V40LAllen Bradley PLC-5/V40L Processor 48K 1785-V40 1785-V4 1785-V Rockwell Automation
1785-V80BAllen Bradley PLC-5/V80 Processor Module 100K Max User Memory Words 1785-V80 1785-V8
PLC-5-11PLC-5/11 AB 1785-L11B Cntrlr. 8K Word SRAM PLC511 Programmable Controller Rockwell
PLC-5-12Processor PLC-5/12 Module AB PLC512 Programmable Controller Automation Allen Bradley
PLC-5-15PLC-5/15 AB 1785-LT Processor Module Allen Bradley 1785LT 1785 LT Automation
PLC-5-20PLC-5/20 AB 1785-L20B Cntrlr. 16K Word SRAM Allen Bradley Programmable Automation
PLC-5-20CPLC-5/20C AB 1785-L20C ControlNet 1.25 Cntrlr. 16K Allen Bradley PLC 520C Rockwell
PLC-5-20EPLC-5/20 Controller, 16K Word SRAM Allen Bradley Programmable Processor Automation
PLC-5-25PLC-5/25 CPU Module PLC-5 Memory Programmable Controller Allen Bradley Rockwell
PLC-5-26PLC-5/26 AB 1785-L26B Procsr. 16K Word SRAM PLC526 Allen Bradley Programmable
PLC-5-30PLC-5/30 AB 1785-L30B Stnd. Cntrlr. 32K Word SRAM Processor PLC 530 1785L30B
PLC-5-40PLC-5/40 AB 1785-L40B 4xDH+/RIO Cntrlr. 48K Word SRAM 1785L40B Programmable
PLC-5-40CPLC-5/40C AB 1785-L40C Cntrlr. for ControlNet Programmable Allen Bradley PLC 540C
PLC-5-40EPLC-5/40E AB 1785-L40E EtherNet/IP Cntrlr. 48K Word SRAM Allen Bradley 1785-L40 CPU
PLC-5-40LPLC-5/40L AB 1785-L40L Procsr., Extd. Local I/O, 48K Word SRAM Allen Bradley
PLC-5-46PLC-5/46 AB 1785-L46B Protected Cntrlr. 48K Word SRAM Programmable PLC 546 Controller
PLC-5-46CProtected ControlNet PLC-5/40 Controller, 48K Word PLC-5/46C Allen Bradley CPU
PLC-5-60PLC-5/60 AB 1785-L60B Cntrlr. 64K Word SRAM Allen Bradley Programmable Processor L60B
PLC-5-60LPLC-5/60L AB Extnd. Local 1785-L60L Cntrlr. 64K Word SRAM Processor CPU Allen Bradley PLC
PLC-5-80PLC-5/80 AB 1785-L80B Cntrlr. 100K Word SRAM Allen Bradley Processor PLC 580 1785 L80B
PLC-5-80CPLC-5/80C AB 1785-L80C Cntrlr. for ControlNet Phase 1.25 Programmable PLC 580C
PLC-5-80EPLC-5/80E AB EtherNet/IP 1785-L80E Cntrlr. 100K Word SRAM Logic Controller Allen Bradley
PLC-5-86Protected PLC-5/80 Controller, 100K Word SRAM Processor CPU 1785-L86B PLC 580