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Rosemount Instrument Manifolds – Rosemount 304, 305, 306 use for Rosemount Transmitter 3051/ 3095/ 2088 transmitter.


The Rosemount manifold is specially engineered for 2, 3, and 5-valve configurations. They make use of the traditional or coplanar flange for attaching to a transmitter. Some variants also allow you to attach them to the transmitters without the need of flange. This Rosemount manifold is factory-assembled to transmitters. You can avail these manifolds in the wafer, or traditional styles, depending on your requirement. Before attaching to the transmitters, they are calibrated, and leak-tested, which helps in quick installation. These manifolds from Rosemount are specifically designed for multivariable, differential, as well as static pressure transmitters. Some of their best features include their capability to provide:

  • Instrument isolation
  • Controlled venting
  • Protection from leaking

These features help ensure measurement integrity of the equipment.

At the Transmitter Shop, you can choose from a wide range of Rosemount manifold valves for your instrumentation requirements.

Beneficial Features

Beneficial Features of Rosemount Instrument Manifolds

The instrument manifolds from Rosemount that we provide are popular among our clients. The reason being their several below-mentioned beneficial features:

  • These valves are capable to direct-mount.
  • They are calibrated, leak-tested, and factory assembled.
  • A wide range of valve offerings including in-line, integral, and conventional.
  • The valves have a compact design, which helps reduce their size and make them lightweight.
  • Integral design of the valves allows the “flangeless” connection to the instrument.
  • The valves are available in the construction materials that comply with NACE® standards.
  • Valve configurations include block and bleed, 2-, 3-, and 5-valve.
  • They can be installed easily, and allow easy maintenance.
  • They are designed in a way to be suitable for static pressure, and differential pressure applications.
  • The valves have lesser number of potential leak points.
Instrument Connections

Instrument Connections

Model Connections
Rosemount 304 Conventional
Mounted to traditional transmitter flange, 2 1/8 in. (54 mm) center-to-center connection per IEC 61518, Type B shut-off device (without spigot)
Rosemount 305 Integral Manifold Mounted directly to coplanar sensor module of the transmitter, 1.3-in. (287 mm) center-to-center process isolators
Rosemount 306 In-line Manifold ½ -14 male NPT for In-line transmitters 1/2-14 female NPT for Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge

Rosemount Manifolds Selection guide

Rosemount 305 Integral Manifold

Rosemount 304 Conventional Manifold - Emerson Assembles directly to transmitter, eliminating need for flange
 2-, 3-, and 5-valve configuration
 Available with vertical or horizontal process connections
 Compact, lightweight assembly
 Factory assembled, seal-tested, and calibrated
 50 percent fewer leak points than conventional transmitter to flange to manifold interface
 Female NPT process connections

Rosemount 304 Conventional Manifold

 Attaches to transmitter flange
 2-, 3-, and 5-valve configurations
 Traditional (Flange Flange, Flange NPT) and wafer styles
 Factory assembled, seal-tested, and calibrated

Rosemount 306 In-line Manifold

Rosemount 306 In-Line Manifold Assembled directly to in-line pressure transmitters or Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge
 Block-and-bleed and 2-valve configurations
 Male or female threaded NPT process connection

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Ordering information

Rosemount Manifolds can be ordered as a stand-alone product or as an integrated assembly attached to a transmitter.
Stand-alone manifold
Specify a completed model number by referencing the applicable ordering table for the selected manifold type:
 Rosemount 305 Integral Manifold.
 Rosemount 306 In-line Manifold.
 Rosemount 304 Conventional Manifold.
Transmitter/manifold assembly
1. Specify a completed Rosemount transmitter model number by referencing the applicable product data sheet.
2. Specify a completed manifold model number by referencing the applicable ordering table for the selected manifold type:
 Rosemount 305 Integral Manifold.
 Rosemount 306 In-line Manifold
 Rosemount 304 Conventional Manifold.
3. Verify the transmitter model number contains the correct “Process Connection” code or “Manifold Option” code for the desired transmitter manifold assembly.