Foxboro 200 Series Standard I/O

Standard I/O efficiency
Drive energy and volume savings across your entire installation. Foxboro Evo™ Compact 200 Series I/O modules and baseplates increase I/O density per cabinet and reduce the overall amount of I/O infrastructure and equipment.
The compact product line is the latest addition to Foxboro’s Standard I/O subsystem known for its industry-leading reliability and proven performance.
The Compact 200 Series I/O subsystem consists of high performance 200 Series Fieldbus Modules (FBMs) to provide full support for analog measurement, digital sensing, and analog or discrete control capabilities.

High performance. Small footprint.

Save on footprint, volume,

weight and ultimately total cost of ownership

The FBMs are especially valuable for new implementations in confined spaces, such as offshore platforms, and for adding capacity to existing installations without incurring the trouble and cost of facility expansion. Higher-density baseplates and optional cabinets contribute further to footprint reduction, which also drives significant savings in weight, energy consumption and inventory over traditional I/O offerings.

High performance, ultra reliability

Optionally redundant and per-channel isolation for highest availability and uptime, the Compact 200 Series FBMs offer a best-in-class reliability rate. In addition, the Compact 200 Series FBMs may execute programs for Ladder Logic, 1 ms Sequence of Events (SOE), Transient Data Recorder and Analyzer for high speed post trip analysis.

Preserve your existing investment
with Future-Proof technology

The Compact FBMs are rugged, high performance distributed process I/O modules designed for all process control tasks. Operating in conjunction with the Foxboro control processors, these FBMs provide for process management and control of continuous, batch and discrete control schemes. The Compact 200 Series I/O subsystem is fully compatible with existing Foxboro systems with 200 Series Standard I/O equipment and/or legacy 100 Series I/O equipment.

Standard I/O


Rugged, reliable input/output (I/O) fits your distributed control system (DCS) operational needs. Durable design permits installation in harsh environments and allows plant engineers to cut wiring and installation costs.


  • Fit-for-purpose I/O solutions — remote, local, universal, intrinsically safe I/O modules
  • Ultra-high module reliability and quality with reduced component counts
  • Hot-swappable modules
  • Plantwide data integration
  • Distributed local and/or remote
  • I/O power distribution security

  • Benefits

    • Decreased field wiring expenses
    • Better process quality
    • Tight control
    • Fast updates
    • High performance
    • Excellent accuracy
    • Environmental ruggedness
  • Harsh-condition contamination protection (Class G3 — ISAS71.04)


    • Refining and petrochemicals
    • Upstream and midstream oil and gas
    • Chemicals and specialty chemicals
    • Power generation
    • Life sciences and pharmaceuticals
    • Metals, mining and minerals
    • Water and wastewater
    • Food and beverage
    • Pharmaceutical