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ABB Freelance 800F

With the compact control system Freelance 800F, which unites traditional process control
technology with company management, ABB has taken a further step forward. Freelance 800F provides powerful automation that is not only cost-effective in terms of hardware and
software, but is also very easy to use. The advanced design of Freelance 800F therefore makes the system ideal for numerous applications in power, process or environmental technology plants.

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ABB’s Freelance 800F control system combines easy engineering with an open, modern system architecture. In detail, this means:
• Only one tool for engineering, commissioning and diagnosis
• Field devices completely integrated into control system engineering
• Central access to all field information
• Potential savings in engineering, commissioning, testing, service and maintenance
• Assembly close to the field and thus reduction of field wiring and space requirements

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AC 700F – the controller to enhance scalability
AC 700F is a process station with direct S700 I/O modules in a small footprint.
It is suitable for very small applications from 16 to 256 I/Os and thereby widens the Freelance 800F application area ranging from very small to midsize projects with several thousands of signals.

AC 700F provides superior functionality and ease of use, with the option to expand the
system size. Like AC 800F, AC 700F offers powerful engineering options and convenient
visualization capabilities. The engineering tool is the same as for AC 800F including the advantage of ease-of-operation with DigiVis, preengineered visualization components such as faceplates, module diagnosis, extended troubleshooting capabilities, ready-made system communication, event list, alarm line, trend displays or automatically generated sequence diagrams.
These components can be used straight out of the box, eliminating time-consuming, manual configuration.

AC 800F – process station with fieldbus management
The AC 800F controller handles process and diagnostic data from up to four fieldbus gateways.
If required, it can also work with various fieldbus types – in addition to the usual tasks
performed by a “conventional” process station.
Thanks to its compact and sturdy design, the AC 800F is suitable both for installation in the control room and for use in junction boxes directly in the field.

The engineering
Freelance 800F allows you to enjoy consistent configuration, commissioning and diagnosis – from graphics to the field device – using just one engineering tool. All five programming languages specified in IEC 61131-3 are available.
Users especially appreciate how quickly they are able to familiarize themselves with the tool.
Supported by a uniform data basis throughout the system as well as extensive reference functions, the Control Builder F enables you to conduct the entire configuration quickly and easily – including:
• Configuring and parameterizing the field devices and I/Os
• Setting the bus topology and parameters such as transmission rates and addresses

The structure of the field level
For the field level, ABB offers an extensive selection of devices that are fine-tuned to meet the needs of the relevant area of use. Thanks to established communication standards, integration into the process level is quite simple.
Using Profibus connected with the AC 800F controller, it is also possible to implement
remote I/Os. In the form of its S800 and S900 I/O systems, ABB provides the ideal means of connecting a large number of sensors and actuators.

The choice of fieldbus type
In accordance with the concept of plug & produce, exchangeable fieldbus modules make it easier to implement quick adjustments. Freelance 800F allows the integration of all important fieldbuses – leaving the user free to choose. The following are supported:
• HART via remote I/O
• MODBUS Master and Slave
• CAN for Freelance Rack I/O
• Telecontrol protocol IEC870-5-101