Pro-Face HMI GP4000H Series (Handy)

GP4000H Series
GP4000H Series

Pro-Face HMI GP4000H Series Options

Product name Product number Description
USB Transfer Cable (USB Type A/Type A) 2m CA3-USBCB-01 Downloads project data created with the screen editing software via the display unit’s USB I/F.
USB Transfer Cable (USB Type A/mini-B) 1.8 m ZC9USCBMB1 Cable for transferring screen data from a PC (USB Type A) to this product (USB mini-B).
USB Cable 5m FP-US00 Connects a USB printer. (TYPE-B)
Hard-type Direct-connect Cable 10m GP3000H-CBLH-10M Heavy-duty type interface cable for communication between this product and external equipment (e.g. host controller), equipped with common mode filter.
Soft-type Direct-connect Cable 3m GP3000H-CBLS-3M Standard type interface cable for communication between this product and external equipment (e.g. host controller), equipped with common mode filter.
5m GP3000H-CBLS-5M
10m GP3000H-CBLS-10M
Hard-type Direct-connect Cable (with connector) 10m GP3000H-CBLHD-10M Heavy-duty type cable between the Conversion Adapter and this product.
Soft-type Direct-connect Cable (with connector) 3m GP3000H-CBLSD-3M Standard type cable between the Conversion Adapter and this product.
5m GP3000H-CBLSD-5M
10m GP3000H-CBLSD-10M
Conversion Adapter AGP3000H-ADPCOM-01 Conversion Adapter for interfacing with a Cable Connector and External Output I/F output the following connectors;
Serial: D-Sub 9 pin (plug), Ethernet: modular jack (RJ-45), Others: terminal block.
SD Memory Card PFXZCBSD4GC41 SD Memory Card (4 GB, CLASS4)
Screen Protection Sheet PFXZCBDS61 Disposable, dirt-resistant sheet for the display (5 sheets/set)
UV Protection Sheet PFXZCFUV61 Sheet to protect the display from dirt and ultraviolet light.
Neck Strap GP2000H-STRAP11 Strap for wearing over the neck.
Wall Hanging Adapter GP3000H-WMA-01 Bracket for mounting this product to a commercially available arm or panel.
RS-232C Isolation Unit CA3-ISO232-01 Connects a host controller to this adapter with provides isolation. (RS-232C and RS-422 are switchable.)
Maintenance Accessories
Product name Product number Description
Touch Pen CA7-TPPEN/ALL-01 Touch pens for screen operation (5 peace).
Hand Strap GP3000H-HS-01 Strap for hand-held operation.
Stop Switch Guard GP3000H-EMGD-01 For preventing accidental operation.
Function Switch Sheet GP3000H-DUPS-01 For changing image of the function switches. 5 sheets/set (x 5)
Installation Gasket GP3000H-WPGADP-01 Provides dust and moisture resistance when Conversion Adapter is installed into a solid panel.
Product Name Model No. Description
GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.06 or later PFXEXEDV** HMI Screen editor & Logic Programming Software
GP-Pro EX Editor License PFXEXEDLS** GP-Pro EX editor license
GP-Pro EX Editor Group License 10 licenses PFXEXGRPLS**10 GP-Pro EX editor group license
25 licenses PFXEXGRPLS**25
50 licenses PFXEXGRPLS**50
Pro-Server EX Ver. 1.34 or later PFXEXSDVV** Software that connects a PC to a GP via Ethernet and collects and transmits data
Pro-Server EX Developer License EX-SED-LICENSE Pro-Server EX developer license
Pro-Server EX Runtime License EX-SRT-LICENSE Pro-Server EX Runtime license
GP-Viewer EX 1 licence EX-VIEWER-LICENSE License allowing a PC to access a GP4000 in remote mode.
10 licences EX-VIEWER-LICENSE-10
30 licences EX-VIEWER-LICENSE-30
Pro-face Remote HMI
(iPhone、iPad、iPod touch) Ver. 1.42 or later
PFXEXRHIOSV** Software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Pro-face Remote HMI
(Android) Ver. 1.42 or later
PFXEXRHANDV** Software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on Android OS
Pro-face Remote HMI Free
PFXEXRHANDTRV** Free software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on tablets or smartphones with Android OS
MES Action License EX-MES-LICENSE-V** License key permitting Pro-Server EX to access a database
RPA Client License Single License EX-RPA License to access a PC on the network in remote mode
10 Licenses EX-RPA-10
30 Licenses EX-RPA-30
(End of Sale: Dec. 18, 2017)

GP4000H Series Lineup / Specifications

Screen Size Product Name Touch Panel Type Application Memory Rated Voltage Details


GP-4311HT Resistive Film (Analog) FLASH EPROM 32 MB
(including a logic program area)
24Vdc Specification

Model Numbers

Model Description
PFXGP4311HTAD Without any stop switch and key switch
PFXGP4311HTADER With emergency stop switch (red), without key switch
PFXGP4311HTADERK With emergency stop switch (red) and key switch
PFXGP4311HTADEYK With stop switch (yellow) and key switch
PFXGP4311HTADEGK With stop switch (gray) and key switch

Pro-Face HMI GP4000H Series Features

Enhanced Safety

Emergency Stop Switch / Stop Switch

Switches are available in red, yellow or gray.

3-Position Enable Switch

A forced contact opening function is also equipped.

Key Switch

It allows you to move GP4000H Series unit without triggering the emergency stop.

Extremely Light

Without key switch

Clear Visibility

Excellent visibility with high definition and wide viewing angles. Equipped with a 65,536 color TFT LCD.

Simple Replacement from GP3000H Series

  • Compatible Accessories
  • Support for Monochrome
  • Display Resolution Converter

Product manuals

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