Pro-face Industrial PC /IPC PE4000B Series

Highly compact IPC empowering your applications
PE4000B Series is highly compact with about 60% reduction in volume ratio and 38% in weight ratio comparing with PS4000. The PE4000B Series industrial PC’s wide connectivity allows data collection from a range of devices.
PE4000B Series

Pro-face PE4000B Series Specifications

Display SizeProduct NameCPURAMOS /Storage MediaNo. of Expansion SlotsRated VoltageDetails

Box Type

PE-4000BAtom™ N26004GBWES7  / SSD(80GB)Mini PCIe (Full Size) x 112 to 24VdcSpecifications
WES7 / CFast(16GB)Specifications
2GBWES2009 / CF(8GB)Specifications

Box Type

Atom™ N2702GBWES2009 / CF(8GB)Mini PCIe (Half Size) x 19 to 36VdcSpecifications

Pro-face Industrial PC (IPC) PE4000B Series Options

Accessory Options

Product nameModel No.Description
Storage mediaSSD unit 80GBPFXZPESSD81SSD unit 80GB
SSD unit 160GBPFXZPESSD161SSD unit 160GB
CFast Card 8GBPFXZPECFA82CFast Card 8GB
CFast Card 16GBPFXZPECFA162CFast Card 16GB
DIN rail Adaptor for
PE-4000B Atom N270
PFXZPEAFDR1DIN rail Adaptor for PE-4000B Atom N270
PFXZPEAFDR2DIN rail Adaptor for PE-4000B Atom N2600
HDMI-DVI connectorPFXZPECNHDDV1A connector converting HDMI to DVI
SoftwareGP-Pro EX Ver.*.*PFXEXEDV**Screen-creation software
WinGP for IPCEX-WINGP-IPCRuntime license on Pro-face’s IPC, for using the screen data created with the screen editor GP-Pro EX
Pro-Server EX Ver. *.*PFXEXSDVV**Software that connects a PC to most Pro-face HMIs via Ethernet for data collection and transmission
Pro-face Remote HMI
(iPhone、iPad、iPod touch) V*.*
PFXEXRHIOSV**Software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Pro-face Remote HMI
(Android) V*.*
PFXEXRHANDV**Software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on Android OS
Pro-face Remote HMI ServerPFXEXRHSLSSoftware to operate Windows programs via the Pro-face Remote HMI APP on any Android or iOS device, single license
EZ SeriesEZ Tower Light tube mounting with fixing platePFXZCETWHA1USB Connection Type Monolithic EZ Tower Light tube mounting with fixing plate
EZ Tower Light with base mountingXVGU3SWGUSB Connection Type Monolithic EZ Tower with base mounting
EZ Illuminated SwitchPFXZCCEUSG1USB accessory with 5 illumination switches to be used together with WinGP
EZ NumpadPFXZCCEUKB1USB accessory with tactile feeedback for data input or function keys to be used together with WinGP
EZ Fingerprint Recognition UnitPFXZCCEUSS1A unit of fingerprint identification easily connected with HMI via USB

Maintenance Options

Product NameModel No.Description
DC power supply connectorPFXZPECNDC1DC power supply connector for N270 (5 pcs)
PFXZPECNDC2DC power supply connector for N2600 (5 pcs)
DIO ConnectorPFXZPECNDIO1DIO Connector (5pcs)

Pro-face PC PE4000B Series Features

Easy Selection

Straight forward line up without confusing options or types. Simple selection and short lead time, no BTO sheets

Various Interfaces

COM×6 (max.), Ethernet×3 (max.), USB×5 (max.), 8 points (selectable I/O). Connect to multiple devices at a time.

Global Certificates

All of the most common safety standards are acquired, so products can be trusted when exporting and importing.