Pro-face Industrial PC (IPC) PS5000 Series

The new Pro-face IPC is now available!

PS5000 Series is the highest performance industrial PC, offering flexible connectivity to a range of devices and design.
PS5000 Series

Pro-face Industrial PC PS5000 Features


Excellent performance in a comfortable package

A generous helping of the latest technology, even for an industrial computer, gives this industrial PC a surprising edge performance-wise.
This model delivers the necessary power to high-spec machine tools and other devices that require high-speed processing as well as significantly reduced OS and application start-up times.
*Compared with PS4000 Series

 Intuitively operable multi-touch display

Equipped with a multi-touch display that enables operation similar to that of a tablet or smartphone.
The intuitive gestures for such actions as zooming in or out on a device operation screen or swiping to switch screens make operation smooth and simple.
Choose between the electrostatic capacitive type or the pressure-sensitive type capable of being used with gloves.

High-visibility, high-resolution display

Equipped with a full HD (1920×1080) display offering approx. 1.6 times more display area than conventional models.
Even when used as an industrial panel computer to show a lot of information from monitoring applications all over the plant, the display shows numbers, letters, inspection images, and other information in a clear and legible manner.

Full lineup capable of meeting individual needs

Choose from a variety of screen sizes and interface options. Offering high-spec products to cost-sensitive products, our built-to-order lineup allows customers to choose the product that fits their equipment and factory.

Flexible installation

Product can be installed with VESA mounting arm, and an enclosed model with IP66 is also available.


A variety of options to fit the required interface

Choose from a variety of interface options such as Gigabit Ethernet, DIO, and serial for even more functions.

In addition to the wide variety of standard interfaces built-in, the additional interface options make this an ideal product for customers looking to expand connected equipment in order to broaden their product lineup.

Remote debugging for reduced labor at start-up

Device verification before shipment and debugging during start-up following installation or during maintenance can be done using a hand-held tablet.

The ability to perform operations with a tablet means a worker can continue with operation checks even when the operation panel for checking I/O and other operations is not near the check location, such as with large equipment or lengthy equipment that uses conveyors or the like.

Wide variety of drivers for program-less connections to control equipment

An extensive array of drivers is available for freely connecting to any manufacturer’s control equipment.
In order to ensure usability of a customer’s control equipment attached to a device, the available drivers allow communication and control without driver development and with no programming necessary.
Easily connect any control equipment to the internet, bringing it up-to-date via the Internet of Things (IoT).

Remote System Status Monitoring and Control

Use our system monitoring solution to monitor hardware status, CPU load percentage, and other information remotely from your computer. Power shutdown is also possible by remote control using KVM functions. Maintenance efficiency is greatly improved by reducing the need to go on-site.

No need for regular maintenance thanks to a fan-less designNo need for regular maintenance thanks to a fan-less design

Industrial computer fans for excessive heat can stop functioning due to dust, oil, or other factors from the manufacturing site.
By using a fan-less design, there’s no need to change the fan on a regular basis, thus reducing maintenance costs and management effort.

Environmental resistance that meets any situation

Thanks to IP66 compliance, you don’t have to worry about using this industrial PC even in harsh conditions with exposure to dust.

In addition, because this device can be cleaned with high-pressure water streams after equipment use, it can also be used in situations where maintaining a hygienic environment is necessary.

Compliant with overseas safety standards for worry-free exporting

This Pro-face industrial PC has acquired global safety standard certification in regions all over the world, including Europe, North America, and Asia.

In addition, customers can download various types of certifications from the Pro-face website for use when exporting equipment.

Stable, long-term supply of OS updates for a longer equipment life

When it comes to industrial equipment, customer demand requires a design that assumes the equipment will be used for a long time.

In recent years, innovations in the IT field have been fast-paced, making it difficult to establish a stable supply of OS updates over a long period of time. At Pro-face, our devices are built under a Microsoft® OEM Customer License Agreement for Embedded Systems.

This agreement means we can offer products with long-term support, giving customers peace of mind when attaching our products to existing equipment.

Worldwide support for worry-free global expansion

With Pro-face offices all over the world, customers can receive repairs when products that get broken as well as technical support during installation, ensuring peace of mind when exporting equipment to local factories.

Design Quality

Drastically slimmer profile with less wasted space

By paying close attention to shaving off every possible millimeter, we have achieved an ultra-thin design only about 40% as deep as conventional products.
With a thinner operation panel to deal with when designing equipment, customers can greatly reduce costs associated with purchasing operation panels.

High-quality glass face offering ease of use and visibility

The display is made of low-reflectivity glass. And with less glare and higher contrast, the display boasts improved visibility in any setting.
In addition, the smudge-resistant, slick surface makes gesture operations like swiping and pinching extremely smooth.

Simple, high-level enclosure design to match industrial applications

Being an industrial PC, this product adopts a minimalist design that does away with wasteful components.

The high-quality, attractive enclosure is simple and takes into account the waste heat efficiency required for industrial applications by offering such features as a heat sink integrated within the housing.

In addition, the fan-less design means the product is quiet, allowing it to also be used in quiet locations such as hospitals or in such locations as clean rooms.

Design- and maintenance-conscious interface layout

To make things easier for designers and maintenance personnel, the interfaces have all been gathered on the lower part of the unit.
The interface layout takes into consideration the position of connectors, allowing for easy cable design during equipment planning and smooth mounting and removal during maintenance.

Pro-face Industrial PC PS5000 Series Specifications

Modular Type Slim Type
Consisting of the Box and the Display module in a range of sizes from 15 to the ultra-large 22 inches. Flexibly change the functions and sizes.

Display Size:

22″ Wide  19″ Wide  15″ Wide  15″ Box


Core i7  Celeron
Panel-integrated type – drastically slimmer profile with less wasted space and high performance retained featuring optimized design for equipment that requires space-saving.

Display Size:

19″ Wide  15″ Wide  10″ Wide


Core i3   Atom
Modular Type
Model CPU/RAM Rated Voltage/Expansion Slot OS Storage Media Projected Capacitive Resistive Film Box Type
22″ Wide 19″ Wide 15″ Wide 15″
(Single Touch)
Core i7 Core™ i7 – 4650U 1.7 GHz

8 GB / 16 GB

24 Vdc / 100 to 240 Vac

0/2 slots

Windows® 7 Ultimate (64 bits) MUI

Windows® Embedded Standard 7 Premium (64 bits) MUI

Windows® Embedded 8.1 Industry (64 bits) MUI

HDD (500GB/1TB)

SSD (80GB/180GB/240GB)

CFast Card (32GB)

Specifications Specifications Specifications Specifications Specifications
Celeron Celeron® 2980U 1.6 GHz

4 GB / 8 GB

Specifications Specifications Specifications Specifications Specifications
Slim Type
Model CPU/RAM Rated Voltage/Expansion Slot OS Storage Media Projected Capacitive
19″ Wide 15″ Wide 10″ Wide
Core i3 Core™ i3 – 4010U 1.7 GHz


24 Vdc / 100 to 240 Vac

0 slot

Windows® 7 Ultimate (64 bits) MUI

Windows® Embedded Standard 7 Premium (64 bits) MUI

Windows® Embedded 8.1 Industry (64 bits) MUI

HDD (500GB/1TB)

SSD (80GB/180GB/240GB)

CFast Card (32GB)

(Enclosed Model)
Atom Atom™ – E3827 1.75 GHz



Pro-face Industrial PC PS5000 Series Options

Accessory Options

Storage Media

Product Name Model No. Description Modular Type Slim Type
Core i3 Model Atom Model
CFast Card PFXZPECFA162 16 GB

Optional Card

Product Name Model No. Description Modular Type Slim Type
Core i3 Model Atom Model
Cellular Module PFXZPBPHMC2 Cellular module for EDGE / GPRS / GSM
Interface Card PFXZPBMPR42P2 RS-422 / 485 Isolated x 2
PFXZPBMPR44P2 RS-422 / 485 x 4
PFXZPBMPR22P2 RS-232C Isolated x 2
PFXZPBMPX16Y82 Digital input x 16 / Digital output x 8
PFXZPBMPCANM2 CANopen master x 2
PFXZPBMPPBM2 Profibus DP master x 1 with NVRAM 128KB
PFXZPBMPRE2 Gigabit Ethernet 10 / 100 / 1000 BASE-TX with IEEE1588 x 1
PFXZPBMPPE2 Gigabit Ethernet PoE x 2
PFXZPBPHAU2 Audio pin header (Line-IN, Line-OUT, MIC) x 1


Product Name Model No. Description Modular Type Slim Type
Core i3 Model Atom Model
DP-DP Cable PFXZPBCBDP52 Cable outputs video signal to a display (display port) with a display adapter (display port) from PS5000 Series box module or a commercial PC (display port). Active type.
DVI-DVI Cable FP-DV01-50 DVI-D cable used to receive the image signal from host. DVI 1.0 compliant (DVI-D 24-pin plug) (5 m)
DP-DVI Cable PFXZPBCBDPDV32 DP-DVI cable used to receive the image signal from host (3 m), active type
DP-DVI Converter PFXZPBADCVDPDV2 A connector converting DP to DVI
USB Cable FP-US00 Cable used for touch panel data transmission between a host (USB Type A) and this product (USB Type B) (5 m)
Front USB Cable CA5-USBEXT-01 Extension cable for attaching to USB port on front panel (1 m)
UPS Cable PFXZPBCBUP32 UPS conneciton cable between UPS interface board and UPS battery unit (3m)
Product Name Model No. Description Modular Type Slim Type
Core i3 Model Atom Model
Pro-face Remote HMI (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) V*.* PFXEXRHIOSV** Software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Pro-face Remote HMI
(Android) V*.*
PFXEXRHANDV** Software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on Android OS
Pro-face Remote HMI Free (Android) V*.* PFXEXRHANDTRV** Free software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on tablets or smartphones with Android OS
Pro-face Remote HMI Server PFXEXRHSLS Software to operate Windows programs via the Pro-face Remote HMI APP on any Android or iOS device, single license
GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.05 or later PFXEXEDV** Screen-creation software
GP-Pro EX Editor License PFXEXEDLSV** GP-Pro EX editor license
GP-Pro EX Editor Group License 10 licenses PFXEXGRPLS**10 GP-Pro EX editor group license
25 licenses PFXEXGRPLS**25
50 licenses PFXEXGRPLS**50
WinGP for IPC EX-WINGP-IPC Runtime license on Pro-face’s IPC, for using the screen data created with the screen editor GP-Pro EX
Pro-Server EX Developer PFXEXSDVV** Software that connects a PC to a GP4000 / 3000 via Ethernet and collects and transmits data
Pro-Server EX Developer License EX-SED-LICENSE Pro-Server EX developer license
Pro-Server EX Runtime License EX-SRT-LICENSE Pro-Server EX runtime license
MES Action License EX-MES-LICENSE-V** License key permitting Pro-Server EX to access a database
GP-Viewer EX 1 license EX-VIEWER-LICENSE License allowing PS5000 to access Pro-face HMI in remote mode.
10 licenses EX-VIEWER-LICENSE-10
30 licenses EX-VIEWER-LICENSE-30

Product manuals

# File Description Date added File size Downloads
1 pdf Pro-face PS5000 Series Product Leaflet Pro-face PS5000 Series Product Leaflet
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