Schneider Electric Logic Controller Modicon M251

Modicon M251

Logic Controller – Modicon M251

For modular and distributed architectures

Increase flexibility, while saving space in your cabinet with the Modicon M251 logic controller for modular and distributed architectures.

Schneider Electric is currently showing its smart machine setups for packaging at Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas. Schneider Electric’s smart machine setups are built on its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled open and interoperable EcoStruxure system architecture and platform that deliver Innovation At Every Level, from connected products via edge control to applications, analytics and services. More after the jump.

Schneider Electric launched the Modicon M251 programmable logic controller, optimized for OPC Unified Architecture (UA) communication, which enhances intuitive machine programming with EcoStruxure Machine Expert, ready-to-use applications and function blocks. Embedding industrial network communication via both Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP, the Modicon M251 is suitable for modular and distributed architectures. With an integrated OPC UA server, the PLC offers users greater flexibility to design and build more effective machines at a lower cost.

  • Modicon M251 PLC offers greater flexibility to design and build effective machines at lower costs, helping users reach benchmark performance while increasing profitability
  • Expands Schneider Electric’s portfolio of best-in-class controllers with Ethernet-based technology
  • OPC Unified Architecture enables machine-to-machine communication and communication with SCADA, MES and ERP

The Modicon M251 is a suitable brick for communication in all directions: On the fieldbus level; horizontally for HMI communication; and for cross communication on the line level with Schneider PLCs and PACs or third-party PLCs.

By providing flexible and scalable machine control, the Modicon M251 is a key link in the chain for communication from the machine level to the control room and enterprise level — satisfying integration in communication architectures.

“Schneider Electric’s Modicon controllers are best-in-class controllers for today’s IIoT environment and are specifically designed to provide the intuitive features and functions that machine builders need to improve their bottom lines,” said Ashish Patwardhan, Packaging and Material Handling Segment Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric. “Our full portfolio of controllers maximizes value around operational efficiency and integrity by embedding Ethernet and cybersecurity capabilities at the core of these systems, safeguarding current and future operations.”

The Modicon M251 is the latest addition to a broad portfolio of products and setups that deliver enhanced safety, connectivity, flexibility and efficiency. Designed for a connected future, where industrial Ethernet networking technology connects machines and operations from shop floor to top floor, the Modicon M251 illustrates Schneider Electric’s ability to deliver Innovation At Every Level.

The Modicon M251 is part of EcoStruxure Machine, Schneider Electric’s machine-centric automation architecture that enables machine builders to design safe, better connected, more flexible and more efficient machines through advanced digital technologies and open standards. For more information, visit booth S-6167 at aotewell.

Schneider Modicon M251 Products

Modicon M251 logic controller- your choice for modular and distributed architectures, that connect everything!
The Modicon M251 with CANopen, Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP let you easily connect to SCADA, MES, ERP by standard Ethernet cables and even via Wi-Fi. Boost your machine’s performance with data transfer via SD Card, embedded web server and more. Get unlimited access to your machine via Ethernet – everywhere and any time and simplify maintenance with any mobile device through visualization pages designed directly inside EcoStruxure Machine Expert and stored in the PLC’s web server.

Get all the flexibility you need and save space in your cabinet:

  • Expansion bus Modicon TM3
  • Ultra compact format
  • Up to 14 fast expansion modules

Boost the performance of your machine with powerful data transfer via SD Card, embedded Web- & FTP Server and more:

  • Program Download
  • Firmware Update
  • 22µs by instruction
  • 64MB Ram and 128MB Flash

Integration & maintenance has never been easier – you are connected everywhere via

  • Serial line and USB port
  • CANopen, Modbus TCP, and EtherNet/IP
  • Embedded Ethernet switch with 2 ports
  • Up to 3 communication modules

Intuitive machine programming with EcoStruxure Machine Expert – the unique software for EcoStruxure Machine controllers

  • The right environment for every aspect of your machine: Standard and safe logic, motion design and HMI configuration.
  • Build your application intuitively as never before due to an organised screen design
  • Save engineering time by applying complete libraries or even a new machine module thanks to many predefined templates
  • Download your software project on all devices with just one click.
  • EcoStruxure Machine Expert is one of the most modern and powerful tool-based software concepts on the market!

The Modicon M251 logic controller is a EcoStruxure Machine controller. EcoStruxure Machine™ from Schneider Electric is an intuitive solution for machine automation with all the features and functions you need to build machines that will improve your bottom line. From design and development, to commissioning and maintenance, EcoStruxure Machine is a complete machine building solution with benefits all through the machine life cycle.