Schneider Magelis STO & STU Small panels

The new Magelis STO and STU boost the Magelis Small Panels range: more flexibility, more communication, easy and fast revolutionary mounting system… Powered by Vijeo Designer, EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert, they bring a cost-effective solution to all machine builders.

Magelis STO & STU

Our Main Business on :Magelis GTO ; Magelis GTU ; Magelis STO & STU ; Magelis GK ; Magelis XBT GT Magelis XBT GH ; Magelis XBT N, R, RT…All the Schneider Small and Advanced Panels we sell Made in France! 100% Original!

Schneider Magelis STO & STU  Features

Magelis STO & STU terminals adapt to your needs by integrating the latest technology innovations to enhance the productivity of your machines:

  • Unique software configuration
  • Power supply 24 VDC
  • Serial ports RJ45 RS485/232 multiprotocol
  • Mini-USB port, Memory Stick, USB keyboard

Magelis STO

  • Touch screen 3.4’’, 200 x 80 pixels, 2 versions 3 colours (green, orange, red) or (white, pink, red)
  • Tool free mounting with Magelis Spring Clips

Possible communication :

  • Serial port
  • Zelio link
  • Ethernet

Magelis STU

  • High definition colour screen TFT QVGA 3.5’’ and 5.7”
  • Tool free mounting, using  the Schneider Electric « push button system diam. 22 »
  • Ethernet port RJ45 10/100 Base T

Magelis STO & STU  Applications

  • Simple Machines
  • Infrastructures

Schneider Magelis STO & STU Benefits

A new generation of  Small Panels

  • Revolutionary mounting
    with Magelis Spring clips for the STO and a “push button” system for the STU
  • Communicative
    Equipped to communicate with the Schneider Electric as well as third-party products.
  • Cost-effective
    Both, fast mounting system and unique software, contribute to cut down the global cost of your installation

Schneider Magelis STO & STU Product Selection

  • HMISTO705

    4.3″ wide screen touch panel, RS-232 terminal block

  • HMISTO715

    4.3″ wide screen touch panel, RS-232/485 RJ45

  • HMISTO735

    4.3″ wide screen touch panel, Ethernet

  • HMISTU655W

    touch panel screen 3”5 Color without Schneider logo

  • HMISTU855W

    touch panel screen 5”7 Color without Schneider logo

  • HMISTO501

    touch panel screen 3”4 Monochrome W/P/R for Zelio

  • HMISTO511

    touch panel screen 3’’4 monochrome G/O/R

  • HMISTO512

    touch panel screen 3”4 Monochrome W/P/R

  • HMISTO531

    touch panel screen 3”4 Monochrome Ethernet G/O/R

  • HMISTO532

    touch panel screen 3”4 Monochrome Ethernet W/P/R