Schneider Modicon Quantum 140CPU43412AC Cpu Module



Processor 80486 Modicon Quantum – 1 Modbus plus, 2 Modbus RS232

Manufacturer:Modicon Quantum
Series:Quantum CPUs
Product or component type:Processor
Software name:ProWORX 32
Processor name:80486
Mathematical coprocessor:With
Clock frequency:66 MHz
Memory description:Internal RAM 896 kB
Exact time for 1 Kinstruction:0.1…0.5 ms LL984
Watchdog timer:250 ms
Clock drift:+/-8 s/day at 32…140 °F (0…60 °C)
I/O words:30 I/32 O distributed
64 I/64 O max local
64 I/64 O remote
I/O words/network:500 I/500 O distributed
Drops/Network:63 distributed
Number of drops:31 remote
Number of network:2 remote
3 distributed
Battery type:Lithium 7 µA 210 µA
Battery capacity:1.2 Ah
Battery life:10 yr
Number of port:1 Modbus Plus
2 Modbus RS232
Communication module processor:6 NOM, NOE, CR, NMS
Switch function:Key switch
Bus current requirement:1250 mA
Module format:Standard

Schneider 140CPU43412AC Technical FAQs

1、What is the replacement for the 140CPU43412AC?

Modicon Quantum 140 CPU 43412 AC

2、Can I create a Quantum Hot Standby configuration running one 140CPU53414A PLC with Unity firmware and one with NxT firmware?

No. When using an NxT configuration in hot standby, both PLCs must have NxT firmware. When using a Unity Quantum hot standby configuration, only specific hot standby controllers can be used. The 140 CPU 43412 A and 140 CPU 53414A PLCs are not supported in Unity Hot Standby configurations

3、Which Quantum PLCs allow the use of an Aux task in Unity?

The 140 CPU 65150, 140 CPU 65160, and 140 CPU 67160 allow the … 3. The 140 CPU 31110, 140 CPU 43412 A, and 140 CPU 53414A will …

4、Which Quantum controllers support Concept IEC Hot Standby?

The following Quantum controllers support Concept IEC HSBY:

5、Which Quantum PLCs are supported in Unity Software?

The following PLCs are supported:
*These two controllers require a new Exec file to function with Unity

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