Schneider Modicon Quantum – Quantum CPUs 140CPU31110C




Unity processor Modicon Quantum – 548 kB – 66 MHz – coated


range of product
Modicon Quantum automation platform
product or component type
Unity processor


clock frequency
66 MHz
number of slots
number of racks
2 – local rack(s)
number of distributed I/O station
63 station(s) – 1 rack(s) – 3 Modbus Plus network(s)
number of remote I/O station
31 – 2 S908 remote I/O rack(s)
0 – 0 ethernet remote I/O rack(s)
discrete I/O number
8000 inputs, 8000 outputs – distributed – per network Modbus Plus
31744 inputs, 31744 outputs – remote
Unlimited (27 slots max) – local
analogue I/O number
Unlimited (27 slots max) – local
1984 inputs,1984 outputs – S908 remote I/O
500 inputs, 500 outputs – distributed – per network Modbus Plus
application specific I/O
Accurate time stamping
High-speed interrupt inputs
Serial link
number of optional modules
2 ( Ethernet, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus DP, Sy/Max)
maximum number of connections
1 ( USB)
2 ( AS-Interface) – distributed
2 ( Ethernet TCP/IP) – local
2 ( Modbus Plus) – local
2 ( Modbus) – RS232/485 Modbus/ASCII
2 ( Profibus DP) – local
4 ( AS-Interface) – remote
integrated connection type
1 Modbus Plus with
2 Modbus with
Process control
memory description
Internal RAM 548 kB
switch function
Slide switch memory port/off
Slide switch communication port : ASCII/RTU/Memory
application structure
1 cyclic/periodic master task –
1 periodic fast task –
16 timer interrupt tasks –
64 I/O interrupt tasks –
64 interrupt tasks –
No auxiliary task –
execution time per instruction
0.1…0.27 µs floating points
0.1…0.27 µs on fixed-point arithmetic
0.12…0.585 µs Boolean
0.12…0.585 µs on word
number of instructions per ms
1.86 Kinst/ms if 100 % Boolean
2.49 Kinst/ms if 65 % Boolean and 35 % numerical
system overhead
1 ms – master task
0.2 ms – fast task
bus current requirement
1800 mA
local signalling
1 LED green communications are active on the Modbus Plus port (Modbus Plus)
1 LED green communications are active on the Modbus port (Modbus)
1 LED green CPU has been started and is solving logic (RUN)
1 LED green CPU has passed the power-up diagnostic tests (READY)
1 LED orange write-protected memory (memory port)
1 LED red battery needs replacing or is not present (BAT LOW)
1 LED red communications error on the Modbus Plus port (ERROR A)
electrical connection
1 female connector, connector type: SUB-D 9 for connecting to the Modbus Plus network
2 female connectors, connector type: SUB-D 9 for connecting to the Modbus bus


protective treatment
Conformal coating Humiseal 1A33
product certifications

Ordering and shipping details

Discount Schedule
Nbr. of units in pkg.
Package weight(Lbs)
Country of origin

Offer Sustainability

Sustainable offer status
Green Premium product
RoHS (date code: YYWW)
Compliant  – since  0948  –  Schneider Electric declaration of conformity Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
Reference not containing SVHC above the threshold
Product environmental profile
Product end of life instructions

Contractual warranty

Warranty period
18 months

Schneider CPUs 140CPU31110C Technical FAQs

1、Which Quantum PLCs allow the use of an Aux task in Unity?

The 140CPU65150, 140CPU65160, and 140CPU67160 allow the use of Aux tasks numbered 0 thru 3. The 140CPU31110, 140CPU43412A, and 140CPU53414A will only allow the use of a Fast and a Mast task.

2、Which Quantum PLCs are supported in Unity Software?

The following PLCs are supported:
*These two controllers require a new Exec file to function with Unity

3、What do the Memory Protect slide switch settings signify in the 140CPU31110?

Mem Prt Off – allows run/stop CPU and application changes.
Not Used – should not be used as it can lead to undefined operation. Produces “Error while trying to run the project;
mode cannot be changed (ex: an I/O forces the PLC to STOP)” when the user tries to run/stop CPU or
modifiy application.
Mem Prt On – prohibits run/stop CPU or modification of applications.

4、Can I create a Quantum Hot Standby configuration running one 140CPU53414A PLC with Unity firmware and one with NxT firmware?

No. When using an NxT configuration in hot standby, both PLCs must have NxT firmware. When using a Unity Quantum hot standby configuration, only specific hot standby controllers can be used. The 140CPU43412A and 140CPU53414A PLCs are not supported in Unity Hot Standby configurations.

5、What does “basic OS loader invalid checksum” displayed on a Unity Quantum 140CPU6XXXX indicate?

This error can be seen if there was an interruption to the Executive Flash process. Sometimes the PLC is recoverable and sometimes it is not. To recover, some of the actions listed below can be attempted. Remove any PC cards installed in the PLC and any cards other than the PLC and PS from the back plane. If available, try a different power supply and back plane.

  • Power cycle.
  • Power off, press and hold the ESC key through power up.
  • Press the Restart button next to the battery.
  • Use the OS Loader to connect to the PLC using either Modbus or MB+, set to address 1 and attempt to flash firmware.
  • Power off, remove battery, remove from back plane, let sit 120 minutes and power on.

If after the above actions the PLC does not recover, it must be returned for repair/ exchange.

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