Migration of a process control system based on APACS+/QUADLOG controllers with the innovative SIMATIC PCS 7 OS operator control and monitoring systems from Siemens provides the opportunity for retaining proven functions and for significantly increasing the functionality and performance at the same time through specific modernization. Existing operator and engineering systems can be modernized with SIMATIC PCS 7 while retaining the APACS+/QUADLOG controllers and the nested I/O levels. This enables customers to migrate their existing systems efficiently and economically without having to replace any controllers, I/O devices or their wiring, and without any loss of investment into the system configuration.

In addition, excellent alternatives are provided at the controller level by the SIMATIC PCS 7 AS 410 automation system, especially for plant expansions. These are supported by the controller-controller communication via Industrial Ethernet Modules (IEM) and by SIMATIC PCS 7/APACS+ operator systems which can communicate with both APACS+/QUADLOG controllers and AS 410 systems by dual channel.

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By migrating to SIMATIC PCS 7, APACS+ customers also profit from the numerous advantages provided by Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and the facilities already provided by the system for integration into the corporate information network. These include connection of the SIMATIC IT Manufacturing Execution System as well as monitoring via the World Wide Web or OPC data exchange with IT other applications.


In addition to the above-mentioned technical aspects, future compatibility is also an important argument in favor of APACS+/QUADLOG migration. This is achieved by Siemens investing in continuous product development and the long-term, global servicing for its range of SIMATIC products.


Converting OS user software

The modern Siemens DBA technology permits fast and secure implementation of your user software. Your investment in the configuration of the existing system is therefore safeguarded.

It goes without saying that we also offer this conversion as a service. But you can call upon the services of our experienced migration specialists not only for this reason, but also when generating new graphics. We would be pleased to provide you with an individual quotation.

For quotations and additional information, please contact your regional Siemens representative.


UPH:QLCDM024DCBANCritical Discrete Module 24V
UPH:QLCDM048DCBANCritical Discrete Module 48V
UPH:QLCDODCAANCritical Discrete Output Module
UPH:QLCAMAANCritical Analog Module
UPH:QLEAMBBNModule Enhanced Analog
UPH:QLIDM115ACBBNInput Discrete Module
UPH:QLRTMBANResistance Temperature Module
UPH:QLSAMBANStandard Analog Module
UPH:QLSDM024DCCBNStandard Discrete Module
UPH:QLVIMBCNVoltage Input Module
UPH:QLMBXNANModulbus Expander Module
UPH:PS032011V70APACS+ Control Engineering/Development Station V7.0 SP1 (4-mation V4.56, on Windows 7)
UPH:PS032303V70UAPACS+ V7.0 Control Update Kit (Update to 4-mation V4.56, on Windows 7) APACS+ Controllers