SIEMENS Asset data management

Asset data management comprises a portfolio of products and services merging different condition monitoring products to a comprehensive system. Independent from which monitoring product is used, central components bring all information together.

The result varies from compact- up to large central (enterprise) condition monitoring system ready for proper asset management according to the latest standards.

Asset Management is an integrative optimization process that enables asset owners
and/or operators to minimize the total life cycle cost of owning and operating infrastructure systems while continuously delivering service levels demanded by
the ultimate customers.
Siemens Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions, based on state of the art
condition and risk assessment techniques, guarantee the best trade-off between performance improvement, risk mitigation, and cost reductions.

SIEMENS Asset data management benefits

The results provided by our asset management support activities will enable you to:

  • Gain an insight into the correlation between technical decisions and their business implications (e.g., on network cost and service quality),
  • Build a sound approach for evaluating relevant aspects of your system expenditures program, with objective and documented decisions, and
  • Increase the efficiency of resource utilization while safeguarding required quality of service levels in the long run.

We provide Expertise you can rely on:

  • International company with local presence in 190 countries worldwide
  • Reliable and financially strong partner for more than 160 years
  • Dependable, efficient and cost effective Solutions
  • Wide range of value-added services
  • One-stop service throughout the entire business process
  • Unparalleled expert knowledge and worldwide experience
  • Successful history of long-term business relationships

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