SIEMENS BRAUMAT process control system


BRAUMAT process control system

Recipe-controlled processes play an important role in the brewing and beverage industry. A comprehensive solution is required in order to control them effectively. BRAUMAT gives you a state-of-the-art process control system that delivers full performance with maximum flexibility.

Systematic processes

BRAUMAT gives you a competitive edge thanks to innovative technology, a wide range of forward-looking upgrade options and global distribution.

BRAUMAT can be connected to SIMATIC IT MES so that all production-relevant data, including the data from the bottling lines and auxiliary plants, can be evaluated together. By integrating BRAUMAT in the SIMATIC IT Unilab lab management system, you can react much faster to real-life production in the lab – and feed the analysis results back into the process control system.

The state-of-the-art process control system assists you throughout the entire process and offers numerous advantages with its many special features.

SIEMENS BRAUMAT process control system

BRAUMAT kann an SIMATIC IT MES angebunden werden. Damit lassen sich alle produktionsrelevanten Daten, also auch die der Verpackungslinien und Nebenbetriebe, gemeinsam auswerten. Durch Integration mit dem Labormanagementsystem SIMATIC IT Unilab sind Sie zudem in der Lage, im Labor wesentlich schneller auf die reale Produktion zu reagieren – und die Ergebnisse der Analysen auch wieder an das Prozessleitsystem zurückzugeben.

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Mfr Part #
6FD7680-0…0. Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0…0. BRAUMAT classic
6FD7680-0AA06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0AA06 BRAUMAT, RT-Module Server Red V6.0
6FD7680-0AC06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0AC06 BRAUMAT, RT-Module Client V6.0
6FD7680-0AD06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0AD06 BRAUMAT, ENGIN-Mod., Serv U. CLIE V6.0
6FD7680-0AU06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0AU06 BRAUMAT, Library Blocks Syst-SW V6.0
6FD7680-0AW06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0AW06 BRAUMAT, LIBR.Blocks WAEGE U.DOS V6.0
6FD7680-0GA06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0GA06 BRAUMAT, Order System Server V6.0
6FD7680-0GB06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0GB06 BRAUMAT, Order System Client V6.0
6FD7680-0GH06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0GH06 BRAUMAT, Comp.ADMIN. Server V6.0
6FD7680-0GJ06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0GJ06 BRAUMAT, Comp.ADMIN. Client V6.0
6FD7680-0GM06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0GM06 BRAUMAT, Batch CURVE Server V6.0
6FD7680-0GN06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0GN06 BRAUMAT, Batch CURVE Client V6.0
6FD7680-0GP06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0GP06 BRAUMAT, RCS Server V6.0
6FD7680-0GQ06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0GQ06 BRAUMAT, RCS Client V6.0
6FD7680-0GR06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0GR06 BRAUMAT, RCS ENGIN. SER U.Client V6.0
6FD7680-0GX06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0GX06 BRAUMAT, Library Blocks RCS V6.0
6FD7680-0PD06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0PD06 BRAUMAT, SOFTCP F.IND. Ethernet V6.0
6FD7680-0RA06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0RA06 BRAUMAT, UG 2.13-3.22 to V6.0
6FD7680-0RB06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0RB06 BRAUMAT, UG 3.52-4.50 to V6.0
6FD7680-0RC06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0RC06 BRAUMAT, UG 4.XX MIXED OP. V6.0
6FD7680-0RD06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0RD06 BRAUMAT, UG 4.60 MIXED OP V6.0
6FD7680-0RE06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0RE06 BRAUMAT, UG 2.13-3.22 to V6.0 MIXED OP
6FD7680-0RF06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0RF06 BRAUMAT, UG 3.52-4.50 to V.0 MIXED OP
6FD7680-0RG06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0RG06 BRAUMAT, UG 4.XX MIXED OP. V6.0
6FD7680-0RH06 Siemens BPN Siemens 6FD7680-0RH06 BRAUMAT, UG 4.60 MIXED OP. V6.0