SIEMENS CP51M1 communications module


The CP51M1 communications module is an Industrial Ethernet interface for the SIMATIC TDC automation system.

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SIMATIC TDC Communication module CP 51M1 for Industrial Ethernet with TCP/IP and/or UDP

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The CP51M1 communications module essentially has the following applications:

  • High performance interface to other automation systems, e.g. SIMATIC S7, ensuring high quantity structures at the same time.
  • Visualization of process variables and messages to SIMATIC HMI systems, e.g. WinCC
  • System-wide time synchronization
  • Central configuration, commissioning and diagnosis with the SIMATIC engineering system


The CP51M1 communications module interface is based on Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP.
It supports the following application protocols:

  • PG/OP communication for programming, commissioning and diagnostics through STEP 7/CFC/SFC
  • PG/OP communication for interfacing to HMI
  • Communication through TCP/IP or UDP for communication with other systems


The following functions can be realized with the CP51M1 communications module:

  • Exchange of process data with
    • other CP51M1s
    • other SIMATIC Industrial Ethernet modules
    • PC-based host computers
  • Configuration, commissioning and diagnosis of SIMATIC TDC using the SIMATIC engineering system
  • Visualization of process data using WinCC (without additional software on the WinCC side)
  • Visualization of messages using WinCC (without additional software on the WinCC side being needed)
  • Time synchronization using the standardized NTP protocol

Technical specifications

Up-to-date technical specifications can be taken from the user documentation provided at the start of delivery

Required space / width

1 slot


Connection for Industrial Ethernet



TCP/IP and/or UDP

Message frame lengths

also larger than 2 KB

Modes of transfer

Refresh, Handshake, Multiple and Select


for 10 Mbit or 100 Mbit network

Default router