Siemens DC Drive 6RA70 Converters for single-quadrant operation

SIMOREG DC-MASTER chassis converters 6RA70
for single-quadrant operation B6C

with an antiparallel circuit with two fully-controlled six-pulse bridge circuits

B6C (rated DC currents 15 A to 2000 A).

For the rated input voltages:

  • 3-ph. 400 V AC
  • 3-ph. 575 V AC
  • 3-ph. 690 V AC
  • 3-ph. 830 V AC
  • 3-ph. 950 V AC

Siemens DC Drive 6RA70 Converters Technical specifications

Type of cooling

Converters ≤ = 125 A rated armature current:
Permissible ambient air temperature during operation


0 °C to 45 °C

Converters ≥ = 210 A rated armature current:
permissible ambient temperature during operation

Enhanced air cooling with installed fan
0 °C to 40 °C

Permissible ambient temperature during storage and transport

-25 °C to +70 °C

Installation altitude

≤ 1000 m above sea level (100 % load rating)
> 1000 m to 5000 m above sea level

Control stability

Δn = 0.006 % of the rated motor speed, valid for pulse encoder operation and digital setpoint

Δn = 0.1 % of the rated motor speed valid for analog tacho and analog setpoint 2)

Humidity class

Relative air humidity ≤ = 95 %,
dewing not permissible 1)

Climate class

Class 3K3 acc. to DIN IEC 60 721-3-3


Pollution severity 2 acc. to DIN VDE 0110-1 (HD 625.1 S: 1996)
dewing not permissible

Overvoltage category

Category III acc. to
DIN VDE 0110-1 for power section and power supply
Category II acc. to
DIN VDE 0110-1 for electronics

Overvoltage resistance

Class 1 acc. to
DIN VDE 0160

Degree of protection

IP00 acc. to EN 60 529

Safety class

Class I acc. to
DIN VDE 0106, part 1

Shock hazard protection

Acc. to DIN VDE 0106
part 100 (VBG4) and
DIN VDE 0113 part 5

RI suppression

No RI suppression acc. to EN 61 800-3


> 200,000 h acc. to
SN 29500

Mechanical rigidity

Acc. to DIN IEC 60 068-2-6

For stationary use constant amplitude:

  • of acceleration

0.075 mm in frequency range 10 Hz to 58 Hz

  • of displacement

9.8 ms -2 (1 x g) in frequency range > 9 Hz to 500 Hz

For transport constant amplitude

  • of displacement

3.5 mm in frequency range
5 Hz to 9 Hz

  • of acceleration

9.8 ms -2(1 x g) in frequency range > 9 Hz to 500 Hz


UL/cUL 3)

UL-File-Nr.: E203250

Applicable standards

DIN VDE 0106 part 100

Arrangement of operator control elements in the vicinity of components/parts at hazardous voltage levels.

DIN VDE 0110 part 1

Insulation coordination for electrical equipment in low-voltage installations

EN 60 146-1-1 / DIN VDE 0558T11

Semiconductor converters
General requirements and line commutated converters

EN 50178 / DIN VDE 0160

Regulations for the equipment of electrical power installatons with electronic equipment.

EN 61800-3

Variable speed drives Part 3, EMC product standard including special test procedures

EN 60068-2-6 acc. to degree of severity 12
(SN29010 part 1)

Mechanical stress

1) 75 % at 17 % annual mean
95 % at 24 °C max.

2) Conditions:
The control stability (PI control) is referred to the rated motor speed and applies when the SIMOREG converter is warm. The following conditions are applicable:

    • Temperature changes of ±10 °K
    • Line voltage changes corresponding to +10 % / -5 % of the rated input voltage
    • Temperature coefficient of temperature-compensated tacho-generators 0.15 % per 10 °K (applies only to analog tacho-generator)
    • Constant setpoint (14-bit resolution)

3) Not for converters with 690 V and 950 V rated voltage

Popular Products Series


The DCS 500 takes advantage of ABB’s extensive experience in DC drives. High quality components together with the latest production technology guarantee reliable operation and customer satisfaction. Performance with flexibility for industrial or commercial applications.


The SINAMICS DC MASTER Control Module offers the optimum solution when retrofitting and modernizing existing DC drives. Contrary to the SINAMICS DC MASTER DC Converter, which comprises open-loop control, closed loop control and power unit, the Control Module is especially used if, as part of the modernization, the power unit of the existing plant or system should be kept. When it comes to quality, reliability and functionality, the SINAMICS DC MASTER Control Module is exactly the same as its predecessor – the SIMOREG CM; however, when it comes to functionality, it offers new features from the range of the SINAMICS DC MASTER.


SIMOREG DC Master 6RA70 Series – SIEMENS 6RA70 Conrol Module

SIMOREG 6RA70 converters are fully digital, compact units for connection to a three-phase AC supply. They in turn supply the armature and field of variable-speed DC drives. The range of rated DC currents extends from 15 A to 3000 A, but can be expanded by connecting SIMOREG converters in parallel.

Siemens DC Drive 6RA70 3-ph. AC 950 V

SIMOREG DC-MASTER chassis converters 6RA70, 3-ph. 950 V AC

Siemens DC Drive 6RA70 3-ph. AC 830 V

Siemens DC Drive 6RA70 3-ph. AC 690 V

SIMOREG DC-MASTER converter chassis 6RA70, for single-quadrant operation B6C, 3–ph. 690 V AC

Siemens DC Drive 6RA70 3-ph. AC 575 V

SIMOREG DC-MASTER Converter chassis 6RA70 for single-quadrant operation B6C 3–ph. 575 V AC
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