The SINAMICS DC MASTER is the new generation of DC converters from Siemens. The name SINAMICS DC MASTER – briefly: SINAMICS DCM – embodies the strengths of this new generation. It combines the advantages of its predecessor – the SIMOREG DC-MASTER – with the advantages of the SINAMICS family.


SINAMICS DCM 6RA80 – The Innovative DC Converter

When it comes to quality, reliability and functionality, SINAMICS DC MASTER is second to none. In fact, precisely in the area of functions, it offers new features, and useful functions from its predecessor have been integrated as standard.
The SINAMICS DC MASTER is the new member of the SINAMICS family, which now makes many of the SINAMICS tools and components known from AC technology available for DC technology.
The series of SINAMICS DC MASTER converters sets itself apart as a scalable drive system – both for basic as well as for demanding and sophisticated applications. For the standard closed-loop control, the DC converter is equipped with a standard Control Unit for converters (standard CUD). For applications demanding a higher computational performance and interfaces, then the system can be expanded by an additional Control Unit for converters (Advanced CUD).
The DC converters belonging to the SINAMICS DC MASTER series combines the open-loop and closed-loop control and power units in one device and therefore especially set themselves apart as a result of their compact, space-saving design.
The AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel and the BOP20 numerical operator panel are available for commissioning and local operator control.
The interfaces of the CUD and the number of digital inputs and outputs can be supplemented using additional modules – such as the TM15 and TM31 Terminal Modules.


PROFIBUS as standard / PROFINET optional
Variance of the Control Units
Field power supply in-line with requirements in the field
24 V DC electronics power supply
Power unit is insulated with respect to ground
Free function blocks are integrated in the standard version and Drive Control Chart
Functionality can be expanded using SINAMICS components
Can be connected to single-phase line supplies
Coated modules and nickel-plated copper busbars
Wide temperature range


3-ph. 400 V AC 60 A 6RA8025-6DS22-0AA0 D485/60 Mre-GeE6S22 485 V
90 A 6RA8028-6DS22-0AA0 D485/90 Mre-GeE6S22 485 V
125 A 6RA8031-6DS22-0AA0 D485/125 Mre-GeE6S22 485 V
210 A 6RA8075-6DS22-0AA0 D485/210 Mre-GeEF6S22 485 V
280 A 6RA8078-6DS22-0AA0 D485/280 Mre-GeEF6S22 485 V
400 A 6RA8081-6DS22-0AA0 D485/400 Mre-GeEF6S22 485 V
600 A 6RA8085-6DS22-0AA0 D485/600 Mre-GeEF6S22 485 V
850 A 6RA8087-6DS22-0AA0 D485/850 Mre-GeEF6S22 485 V
1200 A 6RA8091-6DS22-0AA0 D485/1200 Mre-GeEF6S22 485 V
1600 A 6RA8093-4DS22-0AA0 D485/1600 Mre-GeEF4S22 485 V
2000 A 6RA8095-4DS22-0AA0 D485/2000 Mre-GeEF4S22 485 V
3000 A 6RA8098-4DS22-0AA0 D485/3000 Mre-GeEF4S22 485 V
3-ph. 480 V AC 60 A 6RA8025-6FS22-0AA0 D575/60 Mre-GeE6S22 550 V
90 A 6RA8028-6FS22-0AA0 D575/90 Mre-GeE6S22 550 V
125 A 6RA8031-6FS22-0AA0 D575/125 Mre-GeE6S22 550 V
210 A 6RA8075-6FS22-0AA0 D575/210 Mre-GeEF6S22 550 V
280 A 6RA8078-6FS22-0AA0 D575/280 Mre-GeEF6S22 550 V
450 A 6RA8082-6FS22-0AA0 D575/450 Mre-GeEF6S22 550 V
600 A 6RA8085-6FS22-0AA0 D575/600 Mre-GeEF6S22 550 V
850 A 6RA8087-6FS22-0AA0 D575/850 Mre-GeEF6S22 550 V
1200 A 6RA8091-6FS22-0AA0 D575/1200 Mre-GeEF6S22 550 V
3-ph. 575 V AC 60 A
125 A 6RA8025-6GS22-0AA0 D690/60 Mre-GeE6S22 690 V
210 A 6RA8031-6GS22-0AA0 D690/125 Mre-GeE6S22 690 V
400 A 6RA8075-6GS22-0AA0 D690/210 Mre-GeEF6S22 690 V
600 A 6RA8081-6GS22-0AA0 D690/400 Mre-GeEF6S22 690 V
800 A 6RA8085-6GS22-0AA0 D690/600 Mre-GeEF6S22 690 V
1100 A 6RA8087-6GS22-0AA0 D690/800 Mre-GeEF6S22 690 V
1600 A 6RA8090-6GS22-0AA0 D690/1100 Mre-GeEF6S22 690 V
2000 A 6RA8093-4GS22-0AA0 D690/1600 Mre-GeEF4S22 690 V
2200 A 6RA8095-4GS22-0AA0 D690/2000 Mre-GeEF4S22 690 V
2800 A 6RA8096-4GS22-0AA0 D690/2200 Mre-GeEF4S22 690 V
3-ph. 690 V AC 720 A 6RA8086-6KS22-0AA0 D830/720 Mre-GeEF6S22 830 V
1000 A 6RA8090-6KS22-0AA0 D830/1000 Mre-GeEF6S22 830 V
1500 A 6RA8093-4KS22-0AA0 D830/1500 Mre-GeEF4S22 830 V
2000 A 6RA8095-4KS22-0AA0 D830/2000 Mre-GeEF4S22 830 V
2600 A 6RA8097-4KS22-0AA0 D830/2600 Mre-GeEF4S22 830 V
3-ph. 830 V AC 950 A 6RA8088-6LS22-0AA0 D1000/950 Mre-GeEF6S22 1000 V
1500 A 6RA8093-4LS22-0AA0 D1000/1500 Mre-GeEF4S22 1000 V
1900 A 6RA8095-4LS22-0AA0 D1000/1900 Mre-GeEF4S22 1000 V
4Q units
3-ph. 400 V AC 15 A 6RA8013-6DV62-0AA0 D420/15 Mreq-GeG6V62 420 V
30 A 6RA8018-6DV62-0AA0 D420/30 Mreq-GeG6V62 420 V
60 A 6RA8025-6DV62-0AA0 D420/60 Mreq-GeG6V62 420 V
90 A 6RA8028-6DV62-0AA0 D420/90 Mreq-GeG6V62 420 V
125 A 6RA8031-6DV62-0AA0 D420/125 Mreq-GeG6V62 420 V
210 A 6RA8075-6DV62-0AA0 D420/210 Mreq-GeGF6V62 420 V
280 A 6RA8078-6DV62-0AA0 D420/280 Mreq-GeGF6V62 420 V
400 A 6RA8081-6DV62-0AA0 D420/400 Mreq-GeGF6V62 420 V
600 A 6RA8085-6DV62-0AA0 D420/600 Mreq-GeGF6V62 420 V
850 A 6RA8087-6DV62-0AA0 D420/850 Mreq-GeGF6V62 420 V
1200 A 6RA8091-6DV62-0AA0 D420/1200 Mreq-GeGF6V62 420 V
1600 A 6RA8093-4DV62-0AA0 D420/1600 Mreq-GeGF4V62 420 V
2000 A 6RA8095-4DV62-0AA0 D420/2000 Mreq-GeGF4V62 420 V
3000 A 6RA8098-4DV62-0AA0 D420/3000 Mreq-GeGF4V62 420 V
3-ph. 480 V AC 15 A 6RA8013-6FV62-0AA0 D500/15 Mreq-GeG6V62 500 V
30 A 6RA8018-6FV62-0AA0 D500/30 Mreq-GeG6V62 500 V
60 A 6RA8025-6FV62-0AA0 D500/60 Mreq-GeG6V62 500 V
90 A 6RA8028-6FV62-0AA0 D500/90 Mreq-GeG6V62 500 V
125 A 6RA8031-6FV62-0AA0 D500/125 Mreq-GeG6V62 500 V
210 A 6RA8075-6FV62-0AA0 D500/210 Mreq-GeGF6V62 500 V
280 A 6RA8078-6FV62-0AA0 D500/280 Mreq-GeGF6V62 500 V
450 A 6RA8082-6FV62-0AA0 D500/450 Mreq-GeGF6V62 500 V
600 A 6RA8085-6FV62-0AA0 D500/600 Mreq-GeGF6V62 500 V
850 A 6RA8087-6FV62-0AA0 D500/850 Mreq-GeGF6V6 500 V
1200 A 6RA8091-6FV62-0AA0 D500/1200 Mreq-GeGF6V62 500 V
3-ph. 575 V AC 60 A 6RA8025-6GV62-0AA0 D600/60 Mreq-GeG6V62 600 V
125 A 6RA8031-6GV62-0AA0 D600/125 Mreq-GeG6V62 600 V
210 A 6RA8075-6GV62-0AA0 D600/210 Mreq GeGF6V62 600 V
400 A 6RA8081-6GV62-0AA0 D600/400 Mreq-GeGF6V62 600 V
600 A 6RA8085-6GV62-0AA0 D600/600 Mreq-GeGF6V62 600 V
850 A 6RA8087-6GV62-0AA0 D600/850 Mreq-GeGF6V62 600 V
1100 A 6RA8090-6GV62-0AA0 D600/1100 Mreq-GeGF6V62 600 V
1600 A 6RA8093-4GV62-0AA0 D600/1600 Mreq-GeGF4V62 600 V
2000 A 6RA8095-4GV62-0AA0 D600/2000 Mreq-GeGF4V62 600 V
2200 A 6RA8096-4GV62-0AA0 D600/2200 Mreq-GeGF4V62 600 V
2800 A 6RA8097-4GV62-0AA0 D600/2800 Mreq-GeGF4V62 600 V
3-ph. 690 V AC 760 A 6RA8086-6KV62-0AA0 D725/760 Mreq-GeGF6V62 725 V
1000 A 6RA8090-6KV62-0AA0 D725/1000 Mreq-GeGF6V62 725 V
1500 A 6RA8093-4KV62-0AA0 D725/1500 Mreq-GeGF4V62 725 V
2000 A 6RA8095-4KV62-0AA0 D725/2000 Mreq-GeGF4V62 725 V
2600 A 6RA8097-4KV62-0AA0 D725/2600 Mreq-GeGF4V62 725 V
3-ph. 830 V AC 950 A 6RA8088-6LV62-0AA0 D875/950 Mreq-GeGF6V62 875 V
1500 A 6RA8093-4LV62-0AA0 D875/1500 Mreq-GeGF4V62 875 V
1900 A 6RA8095-4LV62-0AA0 D875/1900 Mreq-GeGF4V62 875 V