SIEMENS Electronic Signatures in SIMATIC WinCC V7.4 SP1

 SIEMENS Electronic Signatures in SIMATIC WinCC V7.4 SP1

Depending on the requirement, an action complying with the two-man rule may be necessary. This means that the operation has to be authorized by at least two different people. The approval will be acquired with the help of an electronic signature and saved in a long-term archive for later traceability. The archive entries must be suitable to identify which operations have been performed by whom and when, including the date and time of their acknowledgement.

In order to be able to carry out a critical operator action on the WinCC system, one or several users have to provide an electronic signature. The authentication of individual users is polled via an input dialog and is carried out with the help of SIMATIC Logon. The persons with electronic signature authorization are defined in the different user groups. When all required signatures are available, the critical operation will be executed. The data of the signatures performed (time, user, operator action, operator station) is written in the WinCC message archive as audit trail.

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 SIEMENS Electronic Signatures

The software operator dialog (OPD) simplifies the interaction between operating personnel and process control system. As a powerful operator tool, it facilitates control of the process and provides complete proof of all manual operations, which is essential for a validated batch system.

The OPD software, which can be executed in a SIMATIC PCS 7 / SIMATIC BATCH system environment, is based on the Microsoft SQL server software. It uses the SIMATIC logon for user verification and electronic signatures. It therefore complies with the validation requirements according to 21 CFR Part 11 and other statutory directives. As a result of the flexible design, the OPD functionality can easily be adapted to any SIMATIC PCS 7 project.



Operator interaction in an SFC phase

An OPD can be used in an SFC phase. The simplest interaction is a request to the operator to confirm an OPD message before progressing to the next step of the phase. A second application example is a request to the operator to select one of two storage tanks. Electronic signatures may be necessary in both cases.

Operator interaction between two SFC phases

At the batch level, OPD can also be used for operator interaction between two separate SFC phases. For example, the operator can be requested to select between different technical equipment which require separate subsystem assignments.

Operator interaction for event-based actions

OPD can also be used for event-based actions. An example is the request to an operator to acknowledge an OPD message before opening a valve or closing a pump.

Audit Trail

The entire operator interaction is stored in the form of WinCC messages and can be easily incorporated into SIMATIC BATCH standard reports. In addition, they can be transferred to any MES system that supports long-term archiving of SIMATIC PCS 7 process data.

Further features
  • Redundant database server
  • Multi-client capability
  • Secure identifier (SID)
  • Support of SIMATIC PCS 7 Web functionality
  • Language support based on Unicode