SIEMENS ES Software Standard engineering software

Standard engineering software Overview

The standard engineering software provides the basic functionality for configuration of SIMATIC PCS 7 plants with:

  • Automation systems
  • Process I/O
  • Field devices
  • Communication networks
  • Operator systems
  • Maintenance station
  • SIMATIC Route Control
  • SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl
  • SIMATIC PCS 7 PowerControl

Licensing of the standard engineering software depends on use of the engineering station as:

  • Classic, dedicated engineering station (not suitable for productive operation as an operator station)
  • Combined engineering/operator station for small applications (suitable for productive operation as an operator station)

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Standard engineering software Application

Classic, exclusive engineering station with unlimited number of process objects for engineering (Engineering unlimited POs)

Two software versions with unlimited engineering POs are available for the classical engineering station:

  • AS/OS – for engineering of automation systems (AS) and operator systems (OS)
  • AS – only for AS engineering

With the AS/OS software version, the OS configuration can be tested in an OS test mode limited to 2 hours. This OS test mode is not suitable for productive operation. After 2 hours, the engineering station automatically switches to demonstration mode.

Rental License

A 30-day or 50-hour rental license for AS engineering (unlimited POs) gives you a cost-effective alternative for short-term projects or short-term capacity bottlenecks.

The licenses for 30 days and 50 hours differ as follows with regard to runtime billing:

  • With the 30-day license, the uninterruptible timer starts at the time of first usage. Time billing is thus independent of usage.
  • With the 50-hour license, only the actual period of use is billed. The timer stops when the SIMATIC PCS 7 application is exited, and restarts when the application is opened again.
Combined engineering/operator station for small applications

The combined engineering/operator station is designed to support compact process control plants. This combines an unlimited AS/OS Engineering license (unlimited POs) with an AS/OS Runtime license for 250 POs. These licenses can only be used together on a station. It is not possible to separate the Engineering and Runtime licenses for use on different stations.

The runtime POs can be expanded with cumulative Runtime licenses:

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 AS Runtime license for 100, 1 000 or 10 000 POs, see “Automation systems”, “Modular AS 410‑5H and AS 410E systems”.
  • SIMATIC PCS 7 OS Runtime license for 100, 1 000 or 5 000 POs, see “Operator System”, “OS software” under “OS standard software for single station/server/client”.
Division of work during engineering

To enable engineering to be carried out in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to use resources optimally. The engineering system of the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system not only supports uniform engineering of the project on an engineering station but also provides various options for dividing the work.

Concurrent Engineering

With Concurrent Engineering multiple project engineers can work concurrently on one project in CFC and SFC, without having to split the project up into sub-projects beforehand. During commissioning, for example, charts can be used in the online (debug) mode and at the same time changes can be made to the project. The Graphics Designer supports parallel working on a project even when creating process displays.

The project is localized on one of the participating engineering stations, the “project server”. The engineering stations working as “project clients” can access the project data via LAN/WAN. A specific chart can be found very quickly using a cross-project search function.

CFC and SFC charts can be opened and viewed by several project engineers concurrently. However, the system rejects concurrent write accesses to the database. If the project engineer attempts to access a chart which is already being used, a corresponding warning is output in a dialog window.

Every engineering station in the network (project server/client) is able to download configuration data to a SIMATIC PCS 7 subsystem provided it has the required communication connections.

Standard engineering software Function

Essential tools of the standard engineering software and their functions:


SIMATIC Logon is a user administration and access control function integrated in the engineering system. Together with the detailed recording facilities provided by the change log, SIMATIC Logon offers plant owners exceptional system support when verifying changes.

Using SIMATIC Logon, the administrator can assign specific access privileges to groups of users, thus controlling the possibilities for data access. Access rights for stations of the process control system and operator privileges for blocks can both be set up. Configurable change logs permit the recording of all access operations to the engineering system as well as all online changes concerning the automation systems, operator systems, SIMATIC BATCH or SIMATIC Route Control.

If the modification reports are linked to the data of SIMATIC Logon during evaluation, it can be clearly proven who has carried out a specific modification and at what time. Such verifications are often the object of special sector-specific requirements, formulated, for example, in FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or GAMP.

The project engineer can recognize all changes since the last download by their color, and the current chart states by means of the corresponding symbols. The project engineer can make a specific choice in a dialog form for selective downloading. In association with the Version Trail, each download is automatically followed by archiving.

In the case of blocks being executed on the AS 410 automation system, it is even possible to change types during runtime by means of seamless copying (TCiR).

The SIMATIC Manager can also be used to organize the project data for engineering of the operator systems. All the relevant process tag data relevant to operation and monitoring is generated when the automation function is defined. A powerful Graphics Designer is available for generation of the process displays. The basis for generating process displays is provided by static symbols and dynamic block icons and faceplates that are organized in libraries and linked to the parameters of the function blocks.

Component view: hardware configuration in the SIMATIC Manager with HW-Config

Process tags in the process object view

More information

Regional product versions

All SIMATIC PCS 7 software products are designed for international use, in other words there is only one product version for worldwide use and this is offered in up to 6 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. However, the number of supported languages is not standard; it can vary from product to product.

In addition, a regional “ASIA” product version will also be offered for the SIMATIC PCS 7 Software Media Package and specific SIMATIC PCS 7 software products of the “Engineering System” and “Operator System” system components. The ASIA products are available in two languages: English and Chinese (simplified). They are explicitly identified in the name by the suffix “ASIA”.

If a product listed in this catalog does not have the suffix “ASIA” in its name, it can always be used globally. However, the following restriction applies: If a regional ASIA product is offered, the pendant for international use does not support the Asian languages (currently Chinese simplified) present in the ASIA product.

The products for international use, i.e. products without the suffix “ASIA”, are not intended as the basis for runtime systems with fonts in Asian languages.

The following special points must be observed as a result of the definition of separate products for installation software and licenses. The SIMATIC PCS 7 installation software is available in the form of two data medium packages:

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 Software Media Package
  • SIMATIC PCS 7 Software Media Package ASIA

The specific ASIA software licenses harmonize exclusively with the SIMATIC PCS 7 Software Media Package ASIA. SIMATIC PCS 7 software licenses for which there is no ASIA pendant can be used with both SIMATIC PCS 7 Software Media Packages.