SIEMENS EXM 448-2 universal communication expansion module

SIEMENS EXM 448-2 Overview

  • Optional plug-in expansion module for the FM 458-1 DP basic module
  • For high-speed communication over up to 2 SIMOLINK interfaces
  • For coupling several FM 458-1 DP application modules in synchronism with the sampling time


The optionally implementable communications expansion EXM 448-2 supports high-speed communication of the FM 458-1 DP-basic module with drives on the basis of the SIMOLINK protocol.


  • 2 SIMOLINK interfaces (master and/or slave) for connecting drive units (MASTERDRIVES) quickly and synchronized; operation as SIMOLINK master, dispatcher or slave (transceiver).
  • Vacant slot for a MASTERDRIVES option module, e.g., for:
    • SBM2 for connection of a high-resolution multiturn encoder (sin/cos encoder)
    • CBP2 for PROFIBUS DP slave.

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SIMATIC S7-400, EXM 448-2 communication expansion with 2 SIMOLINK Interfaces


Mode of operation

Coupling to FM 458-1 DP

The EXM 448-2 is connected directly to the FM 458-1 DP basic module via the internal bus. Only the power supply is provided via the backplane bus of the SIMATIC rack, there is no data transfer. Access to the I/O is via configurable function blocks.


Configuration instead of programming with CFC

The FM 458-1 DP is configured using the well-known software tools STEP 7 and CFC (Continuous Function Chart), which are also used to program the SIMATIC S7-400.

CFC is an intuitive Windows-based program that is easy to learn. The CFC has been expanded to include the function blocks and the optimized operating system using the D7-SYS add-on software package.

Data is exchanged with the connected drives via the SIMOLINK function blocks contained in the D7-SYS.

Technical specifications

Article number



Supply voltage

Rated value (DC)

  • ● 5 V DC


Input current

Current consumption, typ.

0.6 A

Hardware configuration


  • ● required slots



Weight, approx.

0.9 kg