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Options for SIMATIC Panels, SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Advanced and SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Professional


  • Creates user administration on a central computer to which one or more WinCC stations can be connected over Ethernet.
  • With each user logon/logoff on one of the connected stations, SIMATIC Logon checks whether a user password has been created and that the required privileges exist.
  • SIMATIC Logon supports the user in combination with the Audit option in meeting requirements in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU178.
Options for SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Advanced and SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Professional


  • Logging of messages and process values
  • Online evaluation of process value logs and alarm logs
  • Evaluation of process value and alarm logs using standard MS tools such as Excel


  • Generation and management of data records for machine or production data
  • Display or entry of data records via a configurable screen object or via process pictures distributed within the project
  • Transmission of data records from or to the PLC
  • Import/export of data records for further processing with other tools (e.g. MS Excel)
Options for SIMATIC Panels and SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Advanced


  • Recording of operator actions in an audit trail
  • Electronic signature for important user actions relevant to production
  • Audit supports users in meeting special quality requirements, e.g.
    • Production plants requiring validation according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11
    • In respect of traceability according to EU 175/2002 (EU directive)

SIMATIC WinCC [email protected]

  • Flexible solution for location-independent access to HMI systems
  • Remote maintenance of machines and plants via the Internet/intranet
  • Reduced downtimes for machines and plants due to direct remote access
  • Flexible solution for location-independent access to machines and plants
Options for SIMATIC WinCC Runtime ProfessionalSIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) options

SIMATIC WinCC DataMonitor

  • Display and analysis of current process states and historical data on office PCs with standard tools.
  • Information can be individually compiled online during runtime via the Internet/intranet.

WinCC IndustrialDataBridge for WinCC Runtime Professional (V13 SP1 or higher)

Using the SIMATIC WinCC IndustrialDataBridge, communication links between different data sources and data targets can be created by means of simple configuration/programming. The IndustrialDataBridge can either be integrated into WinCC or used as a stand-alone application (not in conjunction with WinCC).

SIMATIC Information Server 2014

The SIMATIC Information Server 2014 is an open, Web-based reporting system for interactive areas. Reports can be used in Internet Explorer, for Excel, Word or PowerPoint, as well as for Adobe Reader (pdf). The SIMATIC Information Server has access to archived process values and messages, and can be used either directly in conjunction with WinCC / WinCC/RT Professional / PCS7 OS as well as with SIMATIC Process Historian 2014.

For more detailed information on the SIMATIC Information Server and article numbers, see SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC.

SIMATIC Process Historian 2014

The SIMATIC Process Historian 2014 is a powerful, long-term archive server solution that stores the WinCC process values and messages in a central database. The system offers full scalability for performance and scope. It records and stores data from one or more WinCC, WinCC/RT Professional and PCS 7 projects. The number of connected single stations, servers, or redundant server pairs is unrestricted. SIMATIC Process Historian is designed for use throughout your plant, and is positioned below the corporate management level (ERP, MES).

For more detailed information on the SIMATIC Process Historian and article numbers, see SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC.

SIMATIC WinCC Redundancy

For configuring a high-performance, fail-safe, client-server system. One WinCC/Redundancy package is required for each redundant pair of servers.

SIMATIC WinCC Server and SIMATIC WinCC Client

For setting up a high-performance client-server system

  • A number of coordinated HMI stations can be operated in a single group with networked automation systems
  • Client/server solution:
    • One server supplies up to 32 connected clients with process and archive data, messages, screens and reports.

SIMATIC WinCC WebNavigator

  • Operator control and monitoring of plants via the Internet or the in-house intranet/LAN
  • Web Client permits the operator control and monitoring of a current WinCC Runtime Professional project via an Internet browser with ActiveX support


  • Mobile operator control and monitoring via the Internet or the in-house intranet/LAN, using commercially available mobile devices.
  • Platform and browser can be used independently on HTML5-capable and SVG-capable data terminal equipment without installation on the client.
Options for SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Advanced

SIMATIC WinCC ControlDevelopment

  • Expansion of the basic functionality with proprietary controls
  • Development of proprietary or C# Controls for integration in WinCC Runtime Advanced
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